What should I do if my body is easy to get angry?Eat these more foods every day, clear heat and get hot and delicious

The operation of the meridian of the human body has the characteristics of harmony of yin and yang. If the yang is strong and the yang is too strong, it may induce fire performance. From the perspective of clinical experience, the mucosal ulcer, gum pain, throat discomfort, insomnia, and insomnia that appears in the body is moreDreams and poor bowel movements may be related to this.

In the modern medical system, the fire is actually a manifestation of poor internal organs, especially friends with metabolism and detoxification organs such as liver and kidneys. Such uncomfortable symptoms often show more obvious.

So, what should I do if my body always gets angry?These 4 kinds of fire -reducing foods eat a little every day, or can drive away the "fire" in the body.

1. mung bean products

Mung bean is a kind of bean -based plant. It is rich in plant protein and dietary fiber components. It can not only supplement the energy material required by the body, but also assist gastrointestinal motility, promote digestion and metabolism.

According to the traditional medical classics, mung bean is cold and has the effect of eliminating liver and spleen evil fire. Eating properly every day can also help prevent gum swelling and pain, gastrointestinal ulcer and other diseases.

When eating mung beans daily, you may wish to peel the water and cook with rock sugar. After cooling, it is a refreshing mung bean soup. You can also make the mung beans fully and make pastry to eat, which can both belly and appetite.

2. Strawberry

According to the traditional "color supplement" theory, red food -strawberry has a significant effect in terms of blood gas treatment and cardiopulmonary health.From the perspective of nutrition, the vitamin C and plant alkali content in strawberries are very rich, and vitamin C, as a natural antioxidant, can speed up the clearance efficiency of free radicals and metabolic waste in the body, and then protect the health of the internal organs.

At the same time, the combination of vitamin groups and plant alkali can also play the effect of anti -inflammatory bacteriostatic. This is a very good eating choice for friends with chronic inflammation.If you have gastrointestinal ulcers or spleen and stomach discomfort, you may wish to eat more strawberry products.

3. Loom

Loofah has the effects of eliminating heartfire and stomach fire. For friends who often appear in these two places, after peeling loofah, stir -fry less oil and saltRest, or you can gradually restore your body and mind.

In addition, loofah can also be used to prepare tea products. People with tea drinking habits can cut the loofah and soak in water after drying and dried.

4. Sydney

The crispy Sydney can be regarded as one of the biggest fire fruits of "famous".From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine theory, Sydney is cool, can neutralize the fire in the body, and then improve physical discomfort caused by internal fire.

From the perspective of nutrition, Sydney not only is rich in vitamins and cellulose, but also its citrate, carotene, and flavonoids are not low. These ingredients are great in terms of nourishing the health of the internal organs.Therefore, you can eat more daily fires.

All in all, the physical discomfort brought by the virtual fire in the body may be reflected in all aspects of life. If you don’t want to be annoyed repeatedly, try to eat more of the above medicinal materials. At the same time, maintain adequate sleep and moderate exercise, and even moreIt is conducive to health recovery.

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