What should I do if my husband hides private money?

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Author: Lin Gongzi

Friends Mao Mao, last week, she was almost angry and fell a cup in the group.

She and her friend were hit by a diamond jewelry when they were shopping.

When I got home, my husband was also hit- "Buy this kind of useless thing! What are you thinking about?!" "Do you know the tuition of the child in 3 months?"What?"

A stomach of Mao Mao’s stomach bombed instantly, "Who knows what you do outside all day?"

Her husband has been working frequently this year, and often goes to the company on weekends.The most crazy time, I arrived home at 9 o’clock in the evening, and the mobile phone rang at 9:30. I didn’t say a few words to go out and asked him where to go. The answer is always: Go to the company, where can I go?

And, for a long time to "pay" 10,000 yuan per month for Mao Mao, she recently learned that her husband increased by 20%last year (not telling her, naturally he didn’t give her more money). To the familySearch for search, borrowed 120,000 friends in a sigh of breath, not even borrowed.

"I really don’t know how much private house money he has hidden. Men’s money has deteriorated by more than one more. Who can stand so insecure?" Mao Mao sent one by one, and was anxious.


As far as you are, the so -called "lack of security" in marriage is almost indispensable for the tear of money.

Data show that 60%of the reasons for quarrels between couples are linked to money.

Looking back, Mao Mao became a housewife after pregnancy, and her family income was almost borne by her husband.Even if the family is recognized by the value of the housewives, the value of the housewives, but she is old that her concerns are not groundless.

The number of quarrels and daily increases, some trivial things have become thunderous areas at any time.You think I am earning too little, I think you spend too much, you suspect that I am stealing and cheating, and I complain that you do n’t know how to be considerate … Psychologists have studied that when men contribute more than 70%of the family economy, the derailment rate is with it.The proportion increased.

So, when you find that there is a problem with the relationship between the husband and wife, don’t rush to say that the personality is inconsistent, the three views are inconsistent, and the constellations are not in line. First, see if the money problem is wiped out.


Frankly speaking, in my eyes, the sense of security is not given by others, but it is earned by myself.

Screenshots of couples in a forum attracted a lot of netizens to watch.

Simple summary:

The girl hopes that the boy will add his own name to the real estate certificate before marriage. She repay the loan after marriage, and the boy is unwilling.So the woman directly rejected Cai Li and proposed three pre -marital agreements.

I want to say that there is nothing to argue or wrong caused by this contradiction caused by different concepts.

First, write names on the real estate certificate 证 sense of security

The Marriage Law clearly states that the couple signed a real estate trading contract before marriage, paid the down payment with personal property and loan in the bank.The two parties agree.If an agreement cannot be reached in accordance with the previous paragraph, the people’s court may determine that the real estate’s return to property rights registration, and the not yet returned loan is the personal debt of the property registration party.After the marriage, the payable parts paid by the two parties and the appreciation part of their corresponding property shall be compensated by one party to the other party in accordance with the principles specified in Article 39, paragraph 1, paragraph 1 of the Marriage Law."

Take a step back, even if someone’s real estate certificate writes your name, it is also called "gift".

What is a gift?

Article 186 of my country’s "Contract Law" stipulates that the gift of the gift to enjoy arbitrarily withdrawn, that is, the gift of the gift may be revoked before the right to the property of the property.If you don’t think you are in the image, please search for classic cases — 6 marriage experiences and use this clause to be peak -to -peak.

Not only did the unlucky stewardess go back to the two houses of "gifts", but also made her pay 9 million …

Second, why are you embarrassed to talk about money between husband and wife?

I noticed a sentence in the screenshot, "I don’t accept borrowing money, because I’m sorry to call you back."

Why are you embarrassed?Even if you are embarrassed, how can you talk about feelings?

I fancy a house after my marriage and had the ability to buy it independently. My husband was limited at the time of cash. After discussing it, he decided to get half of each person.The part of my husband returned to me by equivalent principal and interest every month.The entire communication process is super happy, and it is hot to the EXECL and crackling with a calculator.

There is no way, who makes us the money of both money exactly!


Therefore, when talking about money, it is to determine the high power of the husband and wife’s feelings.

After all, by independence, it is only guaranteed that their spring light is brilliant. Marriage and love are rivals. If both people are holding different scripts, and asking the other party to go according to their own script, they cannot continue.

In addition to the topic of money just now, there are the following tricks:

1. Personal finance is open -minded

The frankness in the marriage not only tells you a few predecessors, but before the two of them romanticly enter the temple Say yes, make deposits, liabilities, assets … all you have all the notifications.

Knowing the roots, wishful thinking.

2. Start with common goals

Buying a car, investing, buying a house, doing business, etc., otherwise, establish a public account, specifically for family goals.In the first time, the money resources in one direction are quite helpful for "husband and wife, and their advantages to disconnect".

Second, how do you understand each other?How to take a shot?Only in discussing, I have the opportunity to understand why she wants LV, why do you want to take a family to Australia for vacation, and the real needs behind it.

As for private money, follow!Stupid!Ah!

My husband and I are outside the public account. I consume myself to save money by myself. I even taught my husband how to take care of his private money.

There is a paragraph in "Divorce Lawyer":

I do a serious person and work hard in order to be standing beside the person I love. Whether he is rich or without any, I can open my hands to hug him calmly.He is rich and I don’t have to feel that he is climbing, and we will not be down.

You don’t need to be attached because of money,

Don’t have to leave because there is no money.

What else are you afraid?

Lin Gongzi, the author of LinkedIn Chinese column, the excellent author of the Jian Shu Jinghua, and the special author of the platforms such as Ant Fortune/China Merchants Bank/Snowball, a rational and wealthy engineering product Wang.WeChat public account: the back garden of Linzi (ID: Hi-Lingongzi)

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