What should I do if my leg cramps during pregnancy?Especially in the later pregnancy

Pregnant women’s leg cramps are actually a very common thing. Most of them are because of poor blood circulation and the center of gravity of the body. Among them, magnesium or calcium deficiency.How can I get it?You can add more nutrients such as a variety of vitamins, and you can walk around more. Do not raise your feet when you are sitting. Do not stretch hard when lying down. This is also an effective way to avoid cramps.

1. The cause of leg cramps during pregnancy

1. Poor blood circulation

Due to the changes in the body and the expansion of the abdomen, pregnant women cannot exercise as usual. Walking for too long will cause leg nerves and blood vessel pressure. If you sit too long, the same is true, which will make the foot more sensitive cramps.

2. Lack of vitamins

Because the baby is growing, it will constantly absorb the nutrition of pregnant women, when our body does not have enough nutrition to give the baby

When absorbing, especially calcium and magnesium, it will easily cause leg cramps.

3. Change of the body of pregnant women

During pregnancy, because the baby is growing, the abdomen of the pregnant woman is swollen, so that our body’s center of gravity is moved backwards, and the posture of walking has changed. At the same time, the pelvic muscles, back muscles and abdominal muscles are put pressure, which indirectly leads to leg cramps.

2. How to prevent and deal with pregnancy, pregnant women’s leg cramps

1. Support pelvic muscles

Pregnant women can use the belt belt. The belly belt can support overweight abdomen and reduce damage to the pelvis.It is not only helpful to the pelvis, but also has a certain relief for legs, back pain and stretch marks.

2. Supplement vitamin

Because of the insufficient absorption of calcium and magnesium, the leg cramps are caused, we should consume more of these nutritious foods, such as dairy products, milk, tofu, and green leafy vegetables.

3. Take more walks and walk

For pregnant women, walking is a good exercise, because the pregnant woman’s body is bulky and cannot run. Usually walking more can make blood circulation smoothly, go to the park more, and absorb fresh air.

4. Avoid sitting on your feet

Tailing is actually a very bad habit. It will not only cause the blood to not circulate, but also cause the tightening of the leg muscles, which will cause leg cramps.

5. Don’t stretch hard when lying down

When we lay down, we stretched hands and feet very naturally, and felt particularly comfortable.However, when pregnant women do this, they can stretch the leg muscles as soon as they are stretched out, which will also cause cramps.

6. Choose a pair of comfortable shoes

During the whole pregnancy, pregnant women will slowly grow because of edema feet. At this time, you must choose a pair of comfortable shoes, because too tight or uncomfortable shoes will also cause cramps.

To sum up, it is normal to have leg cramps during pregnancy.Especially in the late pregnancy, because the fetus slowly grew up, the center of gravity of the body shifted, and the leg pressure increased. At the same time, the baby continued to absorb the mother’s nutrition. Under the dual pressure, we can imagine.Therefore, expectant mothers should pay attention to rest, exercise in moderation, and supplement the required elements. Don’t worry.

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