What should I do if my mother’s back pain is back pain during pregnancy and how to relieve it?

Women often encounter various problems and problems during pregnancy. Some friends will have weak back pain. As the month increases, the more obvious this situation is.How to relieve it?What should I do if my mother’s back pain is back pain during pregnancy and how to relieve it?

Causes of back pain during pregnancy

1. Affected by relaxation

During pregnancy, there is a substance in the body: relaxation.Sascidin will relax the joints and ligaments of the body, and the power that can be afforded has decreased before. As the stomach becomes larger and the power is getting greater, the back and pelvic pelvis will feel soreIt’s right.

2. The body changes

With the growth and development of the baby’s baby, they are getting bigger and bigger in the mother’s belly, and the pressure on the pelvis and waist of the pregnant mother is getting heavier. The strength of the waist and back will feel sore.

3. Life habits are not good

Some pregnant mothers tend to be softer whether they are lying or sitting.In fact, this is very unfavorable to the spine of pregnant mothers.

4. Calcium deficiency

Calcium is one of the important elements of maintaining the growth and development of the baby, and the baby can only get calcium from the pregnant mother. When the calcium lack of calcium in the pregnant mother is too large and it is not supplemented in time, resulting in calcium deficiency, it will cause the pregnant mother to cause the pregnant motherBack pain.

5. Ectopic pregnancy

If the pregnant mother finds back pain in the early pregnancy, go to the hospital to check whether it is caused by ectopic pregnancy.Periodic inspections are usually required, and problems can be found as soon as possible and eliminated in time.

So how to relieve back pain during pregnancy?

1. Calcium supplement

The calcium in the pregnant mother must meet the growth of themselves and the fetus, so the amount required is more than before pregnancy.Pregnant mothers can get more calcium by eating calcium tablets and drinking milk.At the same time, paying more attention to the sun can also promote the better absorption of calcium.

2. Don’t do heavy work

Try to avoid being bending and lifting.If you want to exercise appropriately, you can choose to take a walk, pregnant women yoga, etc., to achieve the purpose of exercise, and can also help childbirth more smoothly.

3. Relieve it through tools such as pregnant women’s pillows, abdomen belt and other tools

By the third trimester, the belly is getting bigger and bigger. Pregnant mothers can use pregnant women’s pillows and belly to help to withstand pressure.This can to a certain extent to reduce the back pain of pregnant mothers.

4. Develop good living habits

Pregnant mothers usually consciously control their posture, straight back their waist, and to a certain extent can alleviate the phenomenon of back pain.In addition, the bed and sofa at home should not be too soft.

5. Control weight

If the pregnant mother is too heavy, it will not only be not conducive to the growth and development of the baby, but also increase the load of the pregnant mother’s waist.Therefore, during pregnancy, the pregnant mother should still control the weight appropriately and eat a balanced diet. Do not overeating.

When female friends get late pregnancy, the greater the chance of back pain back pain. Everyone must pay more attention to the above problems. Don’t let yourself be too fat. Pay more attention to controlling weight.Living habits should pay more attention to calcium supplementation, which can be relieved through these methods.

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