What should I do if my ovarian cyst is reversed during pregnancy?After minimally invasive surgery, successfully produced women

Not long ago, the ovarian cysts reversed the patient Xiaoyu (pseudonym) after the surgery, and it was successfully produced in the third hospital of the Guangzhou Medical.Seeing that the child was so healthy and cute, Xiaoyu was full of gratitude: "Thanks to all the doctors insisted on persuading me to perform surgery, otherwise I really don’t know what will happen …"

One day last year, 30 -year -old Xiaoyu found pregnancy after the drug was promoting ovulation. It was very happy for a while, but the happiness continued shortly. Soon she found "wrong": the lower abdomen continued to pain, and the left ovaries were found out.Bound cysts need to be surgery as soon as possible.Do surgery during pregnancy?Xiaoyu and her family were hesitant. The doctor was actually a gynecological minimally invasive single -hole laparoscopic surgery. Not only was the mother and child safe, but the wound was "invisible".

At 6 am, Xiaoyu had continuous pain in the lower abdomen after a urination, especially the left lower abdomen. Although there was no symptoms such as vaginal bleeding, nausea, vomiting, cold fever, etc., the pain could never be relieved …

Xiaoyu and her husband hurried to the Third Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University. The doctor found that there was a cystic mass in the left ovary on the left ovary, which was about 7*7cm in diameter. It was probably as big as baby fist!

Combined with the admission -related examination, the doctor considers that she may be twisted with the ovarian cyst with pregnancy and the ovarian cyst. She suggested that she surgery.

What is the ovarian cyst twisting?Xiaoyu was confused and it was difficult to understand. At this time, abdominal pain relieved, so she and her family did not want to perform surgery after discussing it.

This is urgent to break the doctor!

Because if you continue to wait for observation, it may cause ovarian ischemia, necrosis, cause infection to spread, and even remove the affected ovarian nests. In severe cases, infectious shock can be caused.In addition, necrotic thorns

Excalities can cause abortion.At the same time, she has ovarian cysts, cysts may break, abdominal pain intensify, or if the cyst is a malignant tumor, it may delay the condition.

After fully understanding the situation, Xiaoyu finally decided to take surgical treatment after some ideological struggle.

The doctor implemented the left -hole laparoscopic left ovary reversal and solution+left ovarian cyst removal+left ovarian repair. During the operation, her "left ovary reversing 720 °" is equivalent to turning twolock up!Fortunately, the surgery was performed in time to keep the ovaries.

On the fifth day after the operation, the wound healed well, recovered after surgery, and then was discharged happily.8 months later, he also liked to give up a little father.

Expert solve doubt

1. Why is ovarian cyst reversal during pregnancy?

After pregnancy, ovarian function is strong. The dominance of hormones can increase ovarian cysts rapidly. At the same time, pelvic cavity is congested, pelvic funnel ligament becomes softer, longer, and ovarian positions increased with the pelvic cavity.The cyst is twisted or ruptured.

2. Pregnancy with ovarian or ovarian cysts reversed, is surgery?

Answer: After diagnosis of ovarian or ovarian cysts, surgery as soon as possible.

3. Surgical method?

Answer: Open abdomen detection or laparoscopic surgery.

Differential stimulation of the abdominal surgery is great to the uterine, which can easily cause contractions and cause abortion. It is mostly used for huge cysts, or patients with advanced pregnancy.

Laparoscopy, as a safe and feasible minimally invasive surgical method, is currently widely used in various gynecological surgery. It can reduce postoperative pain, recover fast after surgery, and have a short hospital laparoscopy.On the way, the surgical incision is small, relatively scarred, and the pain of the operation is mild. Compared with porous laparoscopy, it further reflects the concept of minimally invasive innovation. It is a common manifestation of medical and aesthetics and humanities; unique advantages of single -hole laparoscopy:

① In the middle of the pregnancy factor, the uterine umbilical or above the umbilical or above, the single -hole laparoscopy can cut the umbilicus through the layer by layer by layer by layer to avoid the risk of injury to the uterus or intestinal tube of multiple laparoscopy;

② Pull the cyst to the umbilical hole, peel off the in vitro, and shorten the surgery time and qi -belly exposure time;

③ The trauma is smaller, and the trauma stimulation is reduced;

④ The pathological specimen is easy to remove;

⑤ The abdominal incision is more beautiful and highly satisfied with the umbilical hole (natural cavity).

4. Does the surgery retain the ovary?

In the past, it was considered that the intravascular vein of the ovaries after the ovarian was easily formed. The thrombosis after reversing the thrombosis can cause important organs such as the lung, heart, and brain.However, according to more than 1,000 research reports, the incidence of pulmonary embolism is the same whether it is ovarian resection or to reversing reset.Therefore, in order to protect the reproductive and endocrine functions of women of childbearing age, the ovaries should be retained as much as possible, the number of turns to reverse, the recovery of blood transportation and color changes after the ovaries are reversed, and the nature of cysts.

The benign tumor of the ovary grows slowly, so most women in childbearing age have existed before conception, but because the ovarian position is deep, it is not easy to find it when there is no symptoms.The "god assisted" and "strong growth" of hormones.Therefore, women of childbearing age should conduct regular inspections, comprehensively check before pregnancy, and those with abnormalities quickly take measures. Some surgery indicators have timely surgery, attach importance to pre -pregnancy preparation, and reduce complications during pregnancy.

Medical Guidance: Liu Juan, chief physician of the Third Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University

Lin Qiongyan, deputy chief physician of the Gynecology of the Third Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University

Correspondent: Zhang Xiaorui, Chen Yan

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