What should I do if my pregnancy is fired during the trial period

During the probation period, the female employee found that she was pregnant and took the initiative to inform the company’s leaders, but was dismissed.On April 16th, Ms. Wang, 28, Liaoning Dalian, told her experience through Weibo, which aroused widespread attention from netizens.So, how should women protect their rights and interests when encountering this kind of situation?

In February this year, Ms. Wang applied to a company in Dalian. The probation period was three months. No accident can be righteous next month.Last week, Ms. Wang found that she was pregnant, so she took the initiative to inform the leaders that she hoped to have a frank communication.However, after knowing the situation, the company actually dismissed her.

Lawyer Jingchen of Beijing Dacheng (Nanjing) Law Firm: The probation period should be a contract, and social insurance should be paid in accordance with the law. Therefore, there may be some illegal acts in the employer in this regard.Although the labor relationship in the probation period is more flexible than the formal labor relationship after the righteousness, it is also part of the labor relationship. The company should sign a labor contract with the workers.

Therefore, the employer’s dismissal of pregnant female employees in the probation period is obviously illegal.So how should women in pregnancy safeguard their legitimate rights and interests?

Jingchen, a lawyer of Beijing Dacheng (Nanjing) Law Firm: According to the "Labor Law", female employees shall not terminate the labor contract within the third phase (pregnancy, yield, breastfeeding).The employer can adjust the work content and scope appropriately.The company shall fully protect the legitimate rights and interests of female employees in the third phase (pregnancy, birth, and lactation).

Lawyers suggested that female employees encounter labor infringement during pregnancy, delivery, and lactation. They can first negotiate with their enterprises to request enterprises to perform labor contracts in accordance with the law.Once negotiated, you should bravely pick up legal weapons and safeguard your legitimate rights and interests through judicial channels.

Lawyers said that in judicial practice, the number of labor disputes in elderly women in recent years has risen, and the proportion of labor dispute cases caused by the second child has continued to increase, and this situation deserves social attention.

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