What should I do if my skin allergies do during pregnancy?

Pregnant women need additional nutritional supplements during a special period during pregnancy, but pregnant women are sometimes likely to cause skin allergies due to disharmony or other reasons.So, what should I do if my skin allergies do during pregnancy?

What should I do if my skin allergies do during pregnancy?

1. Treatment of general sensitive skin, first to avoid re -stimulation, try to reduce beauty measures such as steaming face, massage, exfoliating, and other beauty measures.Cosmetics designed for sensitive skin can be selected, which often contain vitamin B5, carboxymethyl base β-glycosan, etc.Because the skin is relatively dry, it can use moisturizing products containing proportional lipids.

2. For patients who have serious symptoms and affect daily life, Western medicine is generally recommended. Western medicine treats skin allergies to some more severe allergic constitutions, doctors will give anti -group amines, or amine or hormonesDrugs, but the use of a large number of canophed and hormone drugs only play a role in alleviating symptoms and has great side effects, especially on the development of infants, children, and adolescents.Patients with allergies relieve symptoms in repeated seizures in perennial year, and their body’s immune capacity is getting lower and extremely painful.

3. Pay attention to diet.Diet is very important for preventing skin allergies. The diet should be mainly high -heat. In addition to eating more soy products, you can also eat soybeans, sesame powder, peanuts, walnuts and other foods.The role of human cold resistance.In addition, it is necessary to take a variety of vitamins and minerals, which can improve the body’s defense talents, thereby resisting the invasion of various pathogenic factors; try to eat less foods such as seafood, mango, and kernels that are likely to cause allergies.

Types of skin allergies:

1. Dry skin allergies.In any season, the skin is always dry and rough. As soon as you apply lotion, you will feel slightly tingling and itchy, and sometimes redness and swelling. People with these symptoms are dry skin allergies.The reason for skin allergies is that the skin is dry, which causes the defense function to decrease. As long as it removes excess sebum and sufficient moisturizing.

2. Oil skin allergy.Acne and small particles are easy to emerge on the face, which will become swollen and inflamed. Even the dry parts such as cheeks will grow acne. Experts say that people with these symptoms should belong to oily skin allergies.Sensitive causes are reduced due to excess sebum and insufficient moisture. Skin prevention capacity is reduced.

3. Pressive skin allergies.Before the seasons alternate and physiological period, makeup care products will become unsuitable. As long as the sleep is insufficient or stressful, the skin will become dry. People with these symptoms should belong to pressure skin allergies.The reason is endocrine disorders caused by various external stimuli or hormones.

4. Permanent skin allergies.Like abnormal sensitive sources such as allergic dermatitis or sunlight, spices, pigments.Specific stimulus (allergic source) causes allergies. If it is still dangerous according to your daily maintenance method, it is best to go to the dermatology clinic immediately and use the maintenance product recommended by the doctor.

When pregnant women during pregnancy encounter skin allergies, they should also treat reasonable treatment according to their skin quality.

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