What should I do if my teeth pain during pregnancy?

Xiao Wang is the wife of my customer. I was three months pregnant. The toothache was very severe a few days ago. I couldn’t fall asleep all night. Only those who had pain can be experienced

When she went to the dental department at the Card Hospital, she was told that she could not handle it.

After taking the medicine for a few days, it hurts …

Thinking about it for so long, my heart collapsed a little …

Can teeth teeth be treated during pregnancy?

After making an appointment with me, he brought his wife to my clinic. After a series of effective and simple treatment, his teeth are no longer painful!

Obviously, tooth pain during pregnancy can be properly treated!

Pregnant women are often worried that the treatment of teeth will affect the fetus

There may be a few of the concerns of worrying

(1) Does the medicine in the mouth affect the fetus?

(2) Do you want to shoot X -rays?

(3) It is more troublesome to engage in teeth. Are there any other risks?

Don’t worry, you listen to me slowly, one by one

(1) The principle of treatment of teeth pain during pregnancy is: simple treatment to solve pain, so as to solve the problem of repeating the dental dental

(2) The timing of handling: It is easy to have a miscarriage in the first three months and premature birth. If you may try to avoid these two periods, it is relatively safe in the middle.

But it is not absolute. If the situation is serious, it can be processed as appropriate in March in the first March

(3) Try not to shoot X -rays

(4) Selection of drugs:

(1) If it can be closed in the teeth, then the regular medication can be used, because it cannot enter the blood circulation, and the impact on the fetus will naturally be gone.

(2) If you want to open in the mouth, my experience is to use physiological saline

(5) Treatment of different pain:

(1) Wisdom tooth inflammation: Put a physiological saline cotton cotton paddy and drainage drainage in the gingival bag after rinse of conventional physiological saline water, and rinse 2 to 3 times in a row.

2. Usalitis: The acute period is more troublesome, because the pulp can not be used to open the medulla, and only small equipment can be used to scrape the rotten quality in the wormhole, which can directly seal the pulp treatment agent.After 4 days, you can wear the pulp cavity and seal the pulp treatment agent again, so that you will not have pain in the later days. After giving birth to a child, it will be perfected.

Chronic pulpitis is relatively easy to deal with.After the rotten quality in the clean hole is directly removed, you can directly seal the toothing treatment agent.

3. Periodontitis: After opening the pulp, you can expand the root tube. Use a physiological saline cotton to open the drainage. You can take some oral medicines. After the inflammation fades, you can seal the medicine until you have a child before dealing with it.

(4) About oral drugs: Oral anti -inflammatory drugs can be taken under the guidance of obstetrics and gynecologists.

In short, emergencies during pregnancy can be properly handled

Of course, if you do a careful oral examination before pregnancy, you can handle hidden dangers in advance to ensure that it is the right way to go through this special period.

It is also important to check your teeth before pregnancy. Have you done it?

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