What should I do if my wife is unwilling to do housework after pregnancy?

I heard a second child’s complaint when I heard a second -child treasure mother chatting: When I was in the same time, because of the uncomfortable body, the housework was rarely dry.Just pregnancy, housework is not done. "I was really faint at the time.

In some men’s opinion, is a woman who is pregnant and given a child as simple and easy to get a dan under the hen?So they feel that women are uncomfortable when they are pregnant.

As everyone knows, she is pregnant in October, and once she gives birth, coupled with confinement, in the past year, women have to bear too much hard work!

Early pregnancy, headache, no appetite, stomach pain, worrying about fetal stops, low progesterone and other physical discomfort and psychological pressure are really tortured.

The body is relatively relaxed in the middle of pregnancy, but the psychological pressure still exists. I am worried that the baby’s deformity, delayed development, afraid of premature birth, etc. You have to face your body deformation.It’s really easy to anxious.

The second trimester can be described as the double torture of the body and psychology. It is difficult to walk with the big belly. The feeling of falling down in a few steps will come down.It’s easy to cramp …

It was difficult to unload the goods, and to bear the tenth level pain during production. Whether it is a smooth birth or a cesarean section, the pain to suffer is not spared.

After the birth of confinement is another journey of physical and mental test. The pain of the body is still the second. When you encounter the family’s incomprehension, depression is really something that will happen in minutes for a mother.

In summary, men, will you think that women are pregnant for a while after reading it?

Women bear the hard work of pregnancy and production, men should share the responsibility of taking care of their wives and raising children. During her pregnancy, she gave her more care and warmth.The family will be warmer.

Choosing a good confinement center or finding a reliable moon is the best gift to her.There is a saying that "the revenge of the confinement does not wear the heavens". If a woman is wronged during pregnancy and during confinement, she can really remember it for a lifetime!

Smart men know one thing, that is, the wife is happy, and the family will be happy and warm. Therefore, it is a wise move to let the wife’s wife’s pregnancy and confinement.

Dear dads, if you open a little gift to give it to your wife, hurry up and learn from us ~

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