What should I do if pregnant women always have diarrhea?Let’s help you these points

During pregnancy, because of the secretion of progesterone, the digestion and absorption function of the stomach will be affected, the speed of gastrointestinal motility will also become slower, the gastrointestinal and intestines of pregnant mothers during pregnancy will be more vulnerable.The most common symptoms of poor symptoms are diarrhea.If pregnant women often diarrhea, affect the absorption of the stomach, nutrition will not keep up with the baby’s development, diarrhea will also affect the uterus, and in severe cases, it will cause abortion.So what should I do if I often pull diarrhea during pregnancy?I hope these points can help pregnant mothers during pregnancy.

keep warm

First of all, pregnant mothers are prone to cooling may be that the protection measures are not done well. The thickness of the pregnant mother’s clothes is determined according to the weather. The clothes should be loose, comfortable and warm.Especially when the weather is hot, many Baoma only wear a thin long short sleeve or skirt, because the pregnant mother’s belly is relatively large, sometimes it will push the clothes and meet the windy weather.It’s easy to get cold.Pregnant mothers can buy a long pregnant woman breastfeeding vest. They can also be worn when they sleep at night. They can not only protect their stomachs, but also prevent chest expansion and better shape a good -looking chest shape.The material of the vest is comfortable and elastic, and it is to prevent damage to the skin.


The diet of pregnant mothers must be light. Try not to eat greasy foods, do not eat raw cold foods, and stimulating vegetables such as peppers and garlic as much as possible.The rice you eat must be clean, don’t eat moldy.Pay attention to replenish enough water and drink more hot water.You can eat some digestive foods, such as millet porridge or some pasta.If you have severe diarrhea, you are best to go to the hospital. You ca n’t take medicine yourself. You should consult a doctor according to your physical condition before choosing the medicine that suits you.

Sleep environment

Pregnant mothers pay attention to the temperature indoor when sleeping, and the temperature is too low and it is easy to cool.If the indoor temperature is too high, it will have a large gap with the outdoor temperature, and the pregnant mother’s suddenly enter the opposite environment.Especially some pregnant mothers have the habit of kicking quilt at night. After pregnancy, the pregnant mother who likes to kick the quilt will try to change this bad habit.

Bacterial infections

The cause of diarrhea caused by pregnant mothers may be caused by bacterial infection in addition to cold and diet.Pregnant mothers eat unclean foods, or allergies to a certain food, and intestinal infections will occur.If pregnant mothers have some chronic diseases, such as colitis and thyroid diseases, they can also cause diarrhea for pregnant mothers.Therefore, pregnant mothers should seek medical treatment in time.

The physical condition of the pregnant mother is also related to the health of the baby, so pregnant mothers must pay attention to keep warm, and pay attention to the health of diet and their own health.

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