What should I do if pregnant women and children are "yang"?Authoritative answer to women and child experts

In the past week, Omikon virus has been aggressive, and more and more people have changed the sun. For ordinary people, the new crown is like a heavy cold. Take some antipyretic medicine and drink plenty of water.It’s right.However, maternal mothers and children, as special groups, still feel anxious about this. How do pregnant women use the new coronal virus?Can the baby in the abdomen still ask?Will children be more serious after infection with new coronal virus?Should children go to the hospital for fever?To this end, Zhou Wenyong, Minister of Preparation of the Pregnancy Health Hospital of Zhuzhou Maternal and Child Health Hospital, and Li Zhaoxia, Minister of Children’s Health Ministry of Health, answered questions for everyone. Come and see.

Maternity article

1. Is the maternal maternal being a susceptible crowd?Will the symptoms after infection be more serious?

"Studies have shown that the infection rate of pregnant women and ordinary people is close." Zhou Wenyong introduced that the symptoms of maternal mothers are also close to ordinary people, such as dry throat, cough, runny nose, sore body, and fever.This means that infection will not have more impact on the health of pregnant women.

2. Will it affect the fetus after infection?

Zhou Wenyong explained that international research has shown that the probability of spreading the new crown virus in the palace is extremely low.There is no sufficient evidence that the new coronal virus can be infected through the placenta.

It should be noted that maternal mothers with high blood pressure, diabetes, and immune diseases are high -risk people infected.Therefore, women with a pregnancy plan are best to vaccinate the new crown virus vaccine before pregnancy, enhance their own immunity, and try to adjust their physical condition and then get pregnant.

3. What should I do if the maternal maternal suddenly detects the positive?

"If the pregnant woman is infected with the new crown virus, don’t panic, let alone stop pregnancy at will." Zhou Wenyong introduced that if it is in the early pregnancy, after symptomatic treatment, you only need to be checked on a regular basis for screening.In terms of, we must closely observe the relevant manifestations of symptoms and severe illnesses, and pay attention to monitoring fetal movement.If you have continuous headaches, dizziness, fever, dyspnea, dyspnea, abdominal pain, vaginal bleeding or abnormal secretions, you should seek medical treatment immediately.

4. How to take medicine after maternal infection?

Zhou Wenyong suggested that pregnant women should choose medicines that have a small impact on the fetus, and it is not recommended to use compound cold medicines, because it may contain components that are not suitable for pregnant women such as pseudoharaine.If high fever appears, you can choose to treat the acetamin to reduce the symptoms of discomfort.

5. What are the protection points of pregnant women in life?

Zhou Wenyong said that the most important thing for pregnant women to protect herself is that they must wear masks when they go out, do not take public transport, keep one meter distance, and go back to wash their hands.If you want to go to the hospital, be sure to wear the N95 mask.

6. Can my mother still breastfeed after being infected with the new coronary virus?

Zhou Wenyong said that the current research confirms that when the mother is suspected of or suffering from the new coronary virus, no new coronal virus is found in her breast milk.Therefore, breastfeeding is safe when the mother is infected with the new coronary virus.But the virus may be transmitted to the baby through the mothers who speak, cough or sneeze.He suggested that the milk is squeezed out by a healthy person with cups or spoons to feed newborns.Mother washed her hands for at least 20 seconds before contacting her child or breast pump.Wear a mask during breastfeeding to avoid talking or coughing.

Children’s chapter

1. Will children be more serious after infection with new coronal virus?

According to Li Zhaoxia, the proportion of clinical symptoms, shorter clinical symptoms, shorter course of disease, and new crown after infection with new crown virus are lower than adults. Parents do not need to be too anxious. It is recommended that the whole family do personal protection together and scientifically improve children’s immunity.

2. Do children go to the hospital after the child infection with the new coronary virus?

According to Li Zhaoxia, the incubation period of children infected with the new crown virus is generally 3-4 days, and it only takes 1-2 days.If children are diagnosed with positive, but there are no obvious symptoms, they can be observed at home; if there are some mild symptoms, such as fever, nasal congestion, sore throat, cough and other symptoms, the mental state is very good.It is that when children have symptoms such as convulsions such as convulsions, especially after the first convulsions, children who cannot lie down, do not want to eat, have hissing, breathless, look green or have a fever medicine.Symptoms should seek medical treatment in time.

3. How to take medicine safely after infection?

Li Zhaoxia said that it is mainly to observe the changes in the condition and the symptoms. The mental state is not good during fever, and the axillary temperature exceeds 38.5 degrees. It can give ibuprofen or orally to acetaminol. According to the instructions, take the appropriate dose according to the child’s weight.It should be noted that children above the age of February are recommended to be acetaminol when the drug is deduced. For children over 6 months, it is recommended to use acetaminophen or ibuprofen.Medicine is not recommended to alternately use the acetaminol and ibuprofen, and it is not recommended for the heating drugs and compound cold medicines containing antipyretic ingredients.

Parents should consult a professional physician if they are not sure if their children can use medication or dosage.

4. How do children do personal protection in daily life?

Li Zhaoxia suggested that in daily life, parents should let their children drink more warm water, balanced nutrition, regular life, and sufficient sleep, and perform some appropriate external exercise to improve their children’s immunity.

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