What should I do if pregnant women are "yang"?In 4 cases, it is clear at a time

What should I do if pregnant women are "yang"?

Experts suggest that if you have no symptoms or symptoms, you only need to pay attention to diet rest and isolation protection without excessive anxiety; but when there are obvious symptoms, you should still actively treat symptomatic treatment and do not "carry".

The incidence, symptoms, and course of pregnant women infected the new crown are closer to the general population. There are very few in severe cases. Most patients are about 5-7 days. The severe cases are mainly related to basic diseases. Past liver and kidney function is not good.Or pregnant women with hypertension and diabetes should take a doctor in time.

What situations need to go to the hospital?

How to get a doctor quickly?

Let’s look at it together


What should I do if the pregnant woman is "Yang"?

If you have established a book, you can go directly to the maternity institution for the establishment of the book;

If you have not built a book, it is recommended to set up a book and check -ups nearby.

Before receiving conventional production examinations, pregnant women can make an appointment for delivery in advance in advance to reduce the return and waiting time and reduce the risk of infection.Some non -necessary check -ups can be completed through online consultation.

For pregnant women who have combined basic diseases and the University of Gynecological Week, if they cannot go to the hospital for examination, they can contact and outpatient through telephone or Internet hospitals.


Pregnant women do not have "yang", but there are fever, how about it?

You can go directly to the municipality’s delivery or clinic to give birth or clinic to the delivery institution and social health center for treatment.


The pregnant woman is "Yang", and she is about to give birth. How can I go to the hospital quickly?

If the situation allows, you can go directly to the delivery institutions of the birth inspection for delivery;

If the situation is urgent, you can call 120 to arrange ambulances for transfer.


Pregnant women do not know if they are "yang". What is the process of going to the hospital?

Pregnant women have severe critical illness to endangers maternal and infant safety. Whether or not the new crown positive and the presence of fever can call the 120 arranging ambulance in accordance with the treatment of medical institutions with gynecological and obstetric qualifications in accordance with the principle of nearest emergency response.

Transfer: Shenzhen Health Commission

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