What should I do if the sow is not in the due date?How long does the sow get pregnant?After reading it, you will know

Sow pregnancy and childbirth are an important part of pig breeding, because it is related to the health of sows and piglets. In order to ensure that sows can make small pigs smoothly, today I will talk about how long the sow is pregnant for cubs.What should I do if the sow is not in the expected date.I hope this article can help pig farmers.

1. How many days is the sow pregnancy cycle

Sow’s pregnancy cycle: 110 days-120 days, average 114 days. Generally, we are calculated based on 114 days. The sow’s due date is calculated.

The easiest way to calculate the sow’s due date is "month plus 4, daily reduction 8", which is the month of the sow’s breeding date 4, the breeding date is reduced by 8, and the date of calculation is the sow due date.If the breeding date is November 10th, November, April is March, and on the 10th, the 8th is the 2nd, which means that the sow’s due date is about March 2.

In order to ensure the health of sows and fetuses, we suggest that we do a good job of health care for sows. It can be used: maternal animal is too guaranteed+multi -dimensional guarantee+cord mold too much, it can supplement the sow to supplement various nutrients, adjust the motherPig’s reproductive system, it can also give sows to protect their fetuses to prevent sow premature and abortion.

2. How to give sows oxytize

1. Provide a suitable production environment for sows: It is recommended that we provide a sow with a quiet, warm, dry, and ventilated environment, so that the sow can be more relaxed and conducive to childbirth.If the production environment of sows is not suitable, we must adjust the environment appropriately to improve the comfort of sows.

2. Provide sufficient feed and water for sows: sows need sufficient nutrition and moisture before childbirth, so as to ensure good physical condition of sows and benefit childbirth.We can appropriately increase the supply of feed and water in sow’s feed and water.

3. Massage for sow: Massage for sow can promote the blood circulation of the sow, which is conducive to the sow delivery.We can massage slightly on the abdomen, breasts and other parts of the sow.

4. Appropriate exercise for sows: We can let sows perform appropriate activities indoors or outdoors, such as walking, jogging, etc.Because proper exercise can promote sow’s physical activity, allowing sows to give birth as soon as possible.

5. Use drugs for sows: If the above methods have no effect, we can consider giving sows for drugs.Commonly used drugs include: chlorine hydrane, we should pay attention to dosage and usage when using oxytic drugs to avoid adverse effects on sows and fetuses.

The above is about the topic of sow to not have cubs. If we have a cubs when we are pregnant sows. It is recommended that we operate in accordance with the oxytic method of this article, which is absolutely safe and effective.

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