What should I do if the sows have a bad appetite in the late pregnancy?What is going on with decreased appetite for pregnancy?

The phenomenon of not eating in the later stages of pregnancy is a problem that we have frequently occurred in the process of breeding sow.In order to help us farmers solve the problem of not eating sows in the later stages of pregnancy, this article will explain what to pay attention to when we feed when we feed in the later stages of pregnancy.

1. Feed some green green feed properly to prevent sows from constipation.

In the later stages of pregnancy, in order to ensure the sow’s postpartum milk, we need to feed the sows with higher energy breasts at this time, and the rapid growth of the fetus. At this time, the sow is easy to constipation.As long as the sows need constipation, their appetite will be poor.So at this time we should pay attention to properly feed the sow to some green green feeds to prevent sow constipation from occurring.Another thing we should pay attention to is that do not feed the moldy feed feed for sows. The moldy feed taste is very poor, which will also affect the appetite of the sows. We can add it to the feed that sow eats: gram moldTo prevent the feed from moldy and solve the problem of poor taste caused by feed mildew.

2. Pay attention to conditioning the gastrointestinal and supplementary nutrition for the sows.

The sows have poor appetite in the late pregnancy, and have a lot to do with the inflammation of the intestines in the late pregnancy. At this time, we can adjust the intestines for the sow and properly supplement some nutrition.At this time, we can add meal mixing materials: maternal animals are too guarantee+multi -dimensional Pacific guarantee. The mother animals contain prebered and traditional Chinese medicines, which can not only improve the sows’ physical fitness, but also regulate the gastrointestinal gastrointestinal.Multi -Wei Pacific Bao is mainly to supplement the sow to supplement nutrition to ensure that sow has sufficient nutrition to support the development of the fetus in the late pregnancy.In this way, mixing sows can also increase the sows’ appetite.

3. Pay attention to the impact of the external environment on the sows’ appetite.

In the later stages of pregnancy, sows are generally low immunity, and they are easily affected by the external environment. For example, when the environment is relatively noisy, or when the weather is hot, the sows will become very appetite.Therefore, in the late pregnancy of sows, we should make the environment of sow life quiet and comfortable.At this time, we can also add water to the sows: winter and summer too guarantee, so that whether it is cold stress or thermal stress, it can make the sows have a certain resistance, so that the sow can also have in more extreme weather.Good appetite to eat.

Sow is not good at appetite in the late pregnancy. As long as we grasp these three points, we can solve the sows’ appetite problems and make sow more healthy in the later stages of pregnancy. I hope these methods can help our farmers.

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