What should I do if there is a cold symptom of a maternal cold for "famous doctors"?What kind of medicine should I take

At 6:30 on the evening of March 23, Zhang Na, deputy director of the obstetrics clinic of the Xianyang Rainbow Hospital, walked into the live broadcast room of Huashang Daily · Erlinli "Famous Medical Consultation", and answered questions from netizens on hot questions such as pregnant women’s influenza prevention and treatment.Let’s take a look together.

1. Is the pregnant woman infected with influenza virus?

Pregnant women are generally susceptible to influenza, and they are high -risk people suffering from severe influenza.

2. What should I do if there is a "cold" symptom of pregnant women in the influenza epidemic stage?

Come to the hospital for medical treatment in time, identify influenza as soon as possible, treat reasonable treatment, and prevent severe or critical influenza, which is the key to reducing the mortality of maternal mothers with influenza disease.

3. Diagnosis of influenza infection?

Abdominal pain, diarrhea, etc.; Suspected diagnosis of influenza, positive fluid detection results, can confirm the flu.The detection results do not exclude infection, especially when the specimen is collected after more than 4 days.

4. Can pregnant women infected with anti -virus drugs?

Yes, pregnant women who are suspected of or diagnosed with influenza and patients with milk are recommended to start antiviral treatment as soon as possible.(The most benefited of the anti -virus therapy for the treatment of antiviral therapy within 48 hours after the symptoms occur. For patients who have been diagnosed for more than 48 hours, antiviral therapy is also recommended.

5. How to deal with fever

The continuous high fever in the early pregnancy is related to the teratogenic teratogenic of the newborn. The fever in the middle and late pregnancy may cause the fetal distress or even the fetus. Therefore, it should be actively dealt with during pregnancy.The body temperature can be used to cool down, such as cold compresses, warm water, drinking plenty of water, and supplementing electrolytes. If the body temperature is ≥38.5 ° C, the oral heating of the acetyides can be used.

6. Will pregnant women have influenza, will it affect the fetus?

Early pregnancy is the most critical time for fetal development, and the mother infection of the mothers may cause the fetal congenital abnormal risk to increase.In addition, increased abortion, premature birth, low birth weight, limited growth in the fetus and risk of dead tires.

7. Can influenza can only beolate cesarean section?

No, the childbirth method refers to the obstetric indicator. Comprehensive evaluation, if severe affects the abnormal cardiopulmonary function, increases the chance of cesarean section.

8. After the newborn is born, do you need to beocated immediately with the mother?Can I feed breast milk?

In view of the high risk of complications after newborns suffering from influenza, it is recommended to temporarily separate the suspected or confirmed fluid -diagnosed influenza and the newborn can be fed and squeezed out of breast milk.The separation time of the mother and baby varies from person to person. For example, the mother has received 48 hours of antiviral drug treatment; it is greater than 24 hours without heating, and the mother can control cough and respiratory secretions.The same room

9. Can I vaccinate the influenza vaccine during pregnancy, pregnancy and lactation?

Yes, vaccines are safe and effective for maternal mothers.

Reducing the influenza infection rate can reduce the symptoms even after vaccination. In addition, inoculation of flu vaccine can reduce the risk of dead yields related to mother influenza infection, less than fetal age and premature birth.

10. How do pregnant women do a good job of influenza?

General prevention: balanced nutrition, drinking water, sufficient sleep, proper warmth, medium -sized exercise for 30 minutes per day

Wash your hands frequently to keep the environment clean and ventilate;

Try to reduce group dense places to avoid contact with respiratory tract infections;

Maintain good respiratory hygiene habits;

Flu vaccine

Preventive application of antiviral drugs: After close contact with those suspected or confirmed or diagnosed, anti -virus drugs are recommended.

China Business Daily reporter Yang Ning editor Niu Peiyao

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