What should I do if there is a situation of pregnancy?

Experts: Seek medical treatment in time in time for pregnancy drama to prevent pregnant women from dewatering or electrolyte disorders

Nausea and vomiting after pregnancy, people generally think that it is normal, but some people will have pregnancy vomiting after pregnancy.Continuous vomiting, unable to eat, weight loss, and weakness.

Li Xin, an expert in the obstetrics and gynecology department of the Maternal and Child Health Hospital, said that pregnant women must seek medical treatment in time. Otherwise, dehydration and electrolyte disorders are not good for pregnant women and fetuses, and severe life.

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The 26 -year -old pregnant woman vomited non -stop, vomiting brown gastric juice

"Doctor, I ca n’t eat anything, it’ s so uncomfortable! Vomit! ”

In the outpatient clinic of Director Li Xin at the Maternal and Child Health Hospital, a pregnant woman who was just pregnant vomited her brown blood gastric.

The pregnant woman looked deep, her skin was rough, her lips were cracked, and she was holding plastic bags in her hand.

According to the family members, this pregnant woman is from Peixian, 26 years old, 50 days pregnant, and vomiting symptoms have occurred since half a month of pregnancy.It will also spit it out quickly, vomiting after drinking water, vomiting from morning to night, vomiting when there is nothing in the stomach, it is the gastric juice, and even the gastric mucosa coughs is broken.It was so severe that it could not rest properly. The family also thought about many ways, but it did not work. I helplessly went to professional hospitals in the city to seek medical treatment.

Director Li Xin found that her muscles were weak after examination, and the amount of urination was very small. It had severe dehydration and high urine body. It was a serious pregnancy drama.treat.

What is pregnancy drama vomiting?What are the reasons for pregnancy drama?

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Director Li explained that in the early days of pregnancy, there will be some slight nausea and vomiting, which is a normal category of early pregnancy reactions.However, pregnancy drama vomiting is often severe vomiting. It is manifested as vomiting, frequent, unable to eat, unable to rest, affects the balance of hydrolysis in pregnant women, and even endangers the life of pregnant women.

In clinical practice, pregnant women who are younger and older and older and pregnant are more prone to pregnancy vomiting. In addition, pregnant women who are often in a intense working environment or pregnant women who are conceived through test tube babies alsoThe phenomenon of pregnancy drama is prone to.

The cause of the vomiting of pregnant women is not clear. In view of the occurrence and disappearance time of early pregnancy reactions, it is related to the increase and decline of the blood HCG value (human chorionic gonadotropin), which indicates that it is related to the increase in abnormal increased gonadotropin hormone. In additionEstrogen is also closely related to pregnancy drama.

Director Li Xin said that pregnant women who have vomiting in pregnancy are often accompanied by excessive stress, anxiety, and anxiety.Therefore, pregnancy drama vomiting is also related to psychology, spirit, and family factors. In addition, it is also related to some gastrointestinal tract itself.

Pregnancy drama vomiting seriously endanger the life of pregnant women

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Most people think: "Isn’t it normal for pregnancy and vomiting? Who does not vomit?"

Director Li Xin said that there is actually some vomiting that is not so simple. About 30%of people have no symptoms and no discomfort after pregnancy.Nausea and vomiting, the discomfort will gradually disappear in about three months of pregnancy.

There are also 0.5%-2%people will have pregnancy drama, which shows frequent and very severe vomiting. Pregnant women cannot eat at all, and they last for a longer duration, and even continue until mid-pregnancy.

Pregnancy drama vomiting is very harmful to pregnant women. There are mainly the following points. The first pregnant woman cannot eat, which will cause pregnant women to dizziness, fatigue, fatigue, rapid heart rate, lower blood pressure, and even dehydration and electrolytes. Second, pregnant women, pregnant womenElectric disorders can cause liver and kidney function to be damaged; third pregnant women will experience malnutrition, lack energy for a long time, and will endanger the life of pregnant women in severe cases.

Pregnancy spitting can lead to the deficiency of vitamin B1. The clinical manifestation is eye tremor, disorders of vision disorders, and increasing acute speech. In the future, it will gradually be slow, drowsiness, and individual stiffness and coma.If not treated in time, the mortality rate reaches 50%.In addition, pregnancy drama spitting can lead to vitamin K deficiency, accompanied by plasma protein and fibrin reducing, pregnant women’s bleeding tendency increases, nosebleeds, subconductive bleeding, and even retinal hemorrhage can occur.

In addition, pregnancy drama vomiting can cause mothers to have a sense of fear. After the fear is aggravated, it will cause pregnant women to have psychological diseases such as depression.

What should I do if there is a situation of pregnancy drama?

In addition to causing harm to her body, pregnant women have adults, which will also adversely affect the fetus.Because pregnant women cannot eat for a long time, important vitamins and trace elements are lacking for a long time, which may cause fetal malformations. Therefore, even if pregnant women feel nauseous and vomiting, try to supplement folic acid and composite vitamins as much as possible to ensure the fetus.Need nutrition.

For the treatment of pregnancy drama, in principle, the symptoms are mainly relieved. The specific treatment methods include three aspects: general treatment, targeted therapy and psychotherapy.

General treatment refers to allowing pregnant women to have a good living habit. First of all, we must ensure that there are good sleep every day. Secondly, proper exercise is performed every day.Confidence in pregnancy.

Targeted treatment is to supplement the nutrition of pregnant women through infusion when general treatment is ineffective. According to the test results, the amount of water loss and electrolyte disorders are clearly supplemented.Symptoms of acid poisoning in pregnant women need to infuse sodium bicarbonate for strict testing, and perform blood gas analysis; if pregnant women have severe malnutrition, they must also supplement the essential amino acids and fat milk of the human body.

Most of the condition can be relieved after 2-3 days of treatment.After treatment, most pregnant women can continue to be pregnancy. If the following: continuous jaundice; continuous proteinuria; increased body temperature, continuing to be above 38 degrees; tachycardia (greater than equal to 120/min), etc.At the same time, consider terminating pregnancy.

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