What should I do when pregnant mothers have dizziness and weakness?

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Many pregnant mothers have more or less dizzy during pregnancy, and they have no energy all over their bodies. For this situation, many mothers are particularly worried, but you are in a special period. Is this normal?Intersection

In fact, the pregnant mother’s inexplicable situation of dizziness and weakness must first figure out what is going on, because what caused it to fundamentally adjust it.So, what is going on?

1. Anemia: It may be due to the dizziness caused by the baby’s oppression of blood vessels and nerves. In this case, you should eat more iron supplement foods in daily life. In addition, you should also pay attention to strengthening exercise, but it is not strenuous exercise.

2. Pregnancy vomiting: Of course, such a situation occurs in the early pregnancy. It may be that some pregnant mothers have excessive mental stress and dysfunction of the nervous system, and serious pregnancy reactions. This is equivalent to entering the body without nutrition.If you lose weight, you must consult the doctor in time.

3. Insufficient sleep: Of course, lack of sleep can also make pregnant mothers feel dizzy and weak. Therefore, pregnant mothers must ensure sleep time.You must know that if you are too tired, you will be prone to various diseases, which will not help the healthy growth of mothers and fetal baby.

Therefore, each pregnant mother should consciously control her behavior and let themselves healthy and smoothly spend their pregnancy.

Photo source: Zhaoyuan Photography (with the picture that has nothing to do with the content of this article)

When pregnant mothers have dizziness and weakness, many people don’t know what to do?

1. Eat less meals: After pregnancy, the diet of pregnant mothers may have some changes. You cannot follow three meals a day as before. You may need to adjust four meals a day, but you should pay attention to eat less meals.Eat, there are no strict regulations.However, it should be noted that you can’t eat it, you should pay attention to the good amount.

2. Diet quality control: Pregnant mothers pay attention to diet quality, eat foods rich in protein, such as meat, eggs, milk, etc., eat less nutritious puffed foods.

3. Prevent constipation: Because constipation can increase early pregnancy reactions, you can choose to eat more vegetables, fruits and foods rich in cellulose to maintain the smooth stool.

4. Supplement of water: In addition to eating fruits and replenishment, pregnant mothers can also drink light tea, sour plum soup, lemon juice and even sugar saline to supplement water.

Many pregnant mothers have dizziness and weakness. The most common power is because of hypoglycemia, so if it occurs often, then medical examination should be checked in time to avoid irreversible damage to the central nervous system.Both have a very unfavorable impact.

Especially in the afternoon and night of pregnant mothers, the general mild hypoglycemia symptoms are weakness, dizziness, and dazzling. Pregnant mothers can eat some candy, biscuits, or drink sugar water in time to quickly correct the low blood sugar. Generally, ten are ten.It can recover in a few minutes.

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