What should I pay attention to after washing my hair after pregnancy?What should I do if pregnant women lose hair?

Women’s shampooing after pregnancy will become very troublesome.Because when the baby in the belly grows up, bending over and shampooing will be particularly inconvenient.So, what should women pay attention to after washing their hair after pregnancy?

After women’s pregnancy becomes larger after pregnancy, the normal thing that is not to wash her hair will become a very troublesome thing.And when the baby grows up, bending will become particularly inconvenient.So, what should I pay attention to after washing my hair after pregnancy?


Choose the right shampoo

Women will start to worry about chemicals in shampoos in the baby after pregnancy.Therefore, some women do not need to shampoo when they wash their hair.But in fact, it is completely unnecessary, but you should pay attention to the ingredients of shampoo.After pregnancy, women try to choose natural and healthy shampoos.In addition, due to changes in hormones in the body after pregnancy, hair loss becomes one thing that plagues pregnant women.Therefore, when shampooing during pregnancy, you must choose to nourish the scalp and hair. In addition, the proper use of conditioner can also make the hair more tough, thereby reducing hair loss.


Pay attention to the posture of washing your hair

In the early pregnancy, because the stomach is not very large, pregnant women can be bent over to wash their hair.But pay attention to bending over too long.In addition, as the stomach continues to grow, the posture of pregnant women’s shampooing should be changed to lying down, so that it will not compress the belly and affect the baby in the stomach.When you lie down, you can’t wash your hair by yourself, so you can call the other half to help clean it.


Control the frequency of hair washing hair

When washing your hair, the water temperature should not be tuned too high, and the frequency of washing your hair should not be too diligent.It is recommended to wash it twice a week.Otherwise, it may cause damage to the hair and scalp, leading to hair loss.Some pregnant women are afraid of trouble, and they always endure their hair. In fact, their hair is not clean. Unhygienic can easily cause skin inflammation, and it will also affect personal image.


Timely process after washing your hair

The pregnant woman should dry her hair immediately after washing her hair, otherwise wet hair can easily cause a cold.Some pregnant women are worried that the hair dryer will cause damage to the fetus, so they dare not use a hair dryer.In fact, pregnant women are not completely unable to use a hair dryer. As long as they control the distance, do not blow their hair closely, and usually reduce the frequency of use.In addition, if pregnant women wash their hair at night, they can choose dry hats or dry hair towels with good water absorption.

What should I do if I do hair loss after pregnancy

1. Pregnant women are prone to hair loss after pregnancy. Under the guidance of doctors, they can replenish vitamin B1, calcium tablets, etc. to alleviate hair loss.

2. Usually eat more fresh green vegetables. Among them, the calcium, magnesium, sodium, and potassium elements contained in are conducive to promoting hair growth.

3. Be sure to maintain a pleasant and optimistic emotion during pregnancy to avoid the appearance of adverse emotions such as tension and anxiety, otherwise it may accelerate hair loss.

4. Pregnant women should keep the scalp clean, so as to help the growth of new hair.

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