What should parents pay attention to when their children’s fetus!Intersection#

What should parents pay attention to during the child’s fetus?

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Be a qualified parents to make their children excellent, and first be an excellent parent.Parents, I am Mr. Hong.I often hear that many parents complain that their children are not enough of others’ excellence, complain about their children slowly, and the child has a problem to find the cause from the child.Do you have a certain responsibility?This is why I want to make this series of videos to explain to parents explaining what parents need to pay attention to when their children grow up in the process of growing up 0-18 years old.

Let us go back to the first time the child, when the child is still in the mother’s belly.The child’s brain development did not start after he was born, but it had already begun in the mother’s belly.The brain is an important physiological basis for controlling children’s IQ, emotion, personality and other quality.So what will affect the child’s brain development in the mother’s belly?We talk about some common factors in life.

· The first factor and environmental factors.For example, long -term noise environment, ultrasonic, ultrasonic parents may be strange.B -ultrasound uses ultrasonic examination, which can avoid B -ultrasound to avoid B -ultrasound.Another example is high -temperature environment, sauna, hot spring and other activities, or electromagnetic fields.For example, mobile phones or electric blankets, etc., can produce an electromagnetic field.

· The second factor, chemical factors.For example, the house that has just been renovated contains some lead pollution. For example, there are some bad living habits. For example, smoking, drinking, and drugs will have a greater impact on the fetus.

· Third factor, maternal factors.Another common thing is that coffee or some drugs will have a serious adverse effect on the development of the fetus.

· The fourth factor, the maternal factors.That is to say, the mother herself, such as the mood of the mother.It is the first time for most parents, so it will be more nervous.However, long -term tension may cause congenital diseases such as fetal lip cracks and cleft palate.Long -term anxiety will affect the intellectual development of the fetus.Compared with other children, they may be easier to emotional, quirkins, and even mental abnormalities. This is the mood of the mother.

· Fifth factor, nutritional factors.Especially at 10-18 weeks of pregnancy is the fastest time for fetal brain development.During this time, my mother should try to eat more protein, snacks and vitamin foods as much as possible.During this period, my mother should also pay attention to recuperation and maintain a healthy body.Dad also takes care of her mother, creating a relaxed and happy life atmosphere for her mother, and maintaining a happy mood so that a high -profile baby can be born.

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