What symptoms of the body are ovulation?Listen to what the experts say

Ovulation must be experienced by every woman. When women are ovulation at the beginning of menstruation in adolescence, the best fertility age of women is 23-30 years old, so only in the past few years, although each monthThere will be ovulation, but not every time you can find the ovulation day accurately. Once some diseases are found, ovulation will be abnormal.So, what symptoms of the body are ovulation?

1. Vascular change

This is the most obvious manifestation of the ovulation period.Most people will increase significantly in the ovulation period, becoming as transparent as egg white, which can be stretched into silk, and there is no symptoms such as vulvar itching and odor.

2. A small amount of vaginal bleeding

A few people have a small amount of vaginal bleeding in the middle of two menstruation, less than menstrual flow.This is the so -called "ovulation bleeding", which requires timely treatment.

3. Development

The tall and second sexual development may be abnormal caused by the sexual function caused by the central nervous system.The increase in hair in the whole body may be that there are too many ovarian or adrenal secretion.There are too many prolactin in the nipple that can be excreted in the nipple.

4. Symptoms of ovulation pain

This is what everyone calls the "ovulation pain". Generally, there is slight pain in one side of the lower abdomen, and about one -third of women will have ovulation pain.This is because when ovulation, the brewing of the ovarian surface causes its rupture or surface blood vessel damage, and the pressure of the follicular liquid cavity increases, causing a slight pain in the abdomen.

5. Change of sexual desire

No ovulation may also affect the sexual desire of women, enhancement of sexual desire or decreased sexual desire, and some patients will also have breast pain, decadence, temperament, low emotional mood, etc., which will affect life.

6. Breast pain

The increased estrogen and progesterone during ovulation period can easily cause breast pain.

The above is some performances often appearing during women during ovulation. At this time, if intercourse is carried out, the chance of pregnancy will be relatively high, but you must pay attention to the correct method, so that you can do more with less.

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