What to do if pregnant mothers are prone to bleeding gums

As the saying goes: "There is one child with a child less", which vividly reflects the impact of pregnancy on the teeth. Some women have no problems with their teeth before pregnancy, but after a few months of pregnancy, gum bleeding is often occurred. Need to needActively make prevention and response

Gingivitis refers to inflammation of the gums. Usually the teeth in front of the mouth are serious, and the degree of condition ranges from asymptomatic to pain and bleeding.Gingivitis is mainly manifested in redness, swelling, and bleeding in the gums. In severe cases, ulcers and fake membranes may be formed at the edge of the gums, which is accompanied by pain, because this gingivitis generally occurs in about three months of pregnancy. After childbirthIt can gradually fade, so it is called gingivitis during pregnancy, about 30%to 75%of pregnant women will be affected by gingivitis

1. During the pregnancy, pregnant women Due to the effect of a large amount of estrogen and progesterone, the capillaries of the teeth will be congested, expanded, and increased.

2. The deficiency of vitamin C caused by pregnancy and the relatively insufficient trace elements, which reduces the secretion of saliva at night, decreases on the flushing of the oral cavity, and can also occur in gum bleeding.

3. Some people may grow some benign lumps on the gums, and bleeding will be ruptured when brushing. This is "pregnancy gum tumor".

4. After pregnancy, the saliva becomes acidic, which causes tooth corrosion to form tooth decay, so pregnant women are more likely to suffer from tooth decay and gingivitis

1. If the expectant mothers do not pay enough attention to gingivitis, they may develop into more severe periodontitis. Such infections will affect the bones and other tissues that support teeth.Eclaness is indeed related to chronic gum disease

2. If the expectant mothers suffer from severe gum disease and have not been treated in a timely and effective treatment, it will cause adverse effects on the health of the baby, and increase the risk of premature birth

1. Bleeding gum bleeding during pregnancy is physiological and pathological. At least one oral examination must be performed during pregnancy. When you find that there are dental diseases, tell your doctor that you are pregnant, avoid X -ray examination, and treat it as appropriate.

2. Usually pregnant women should pay attention to oral hygiene, and brush their teeth once in the morning and evening. Pay attention to using a soft hair toothbrush, and pay attention to the gums of the gums as much as possible.Embedded in the gaps to prevent them from fermenting acid, destroying gums of epithelium and exacerbating gingivitis and bleeding.You can also put a set of toothpaste toothbrushes in the bag, so that you can brush your teeth when you need it at any time

4. After each meal, or after eating snacks and fruits, you should rinse your mouth in time and rinse your mouth with warm water, saline or mouthwash.

5. Ensure rich calcium and high -quality protein in the diet. Kelp, cream, shiitake mushrooms, dairy products are rich in calcium. Soy, fish, meat, eggs and other protein content are high.

6. Foods rich in vitamin C, vitamin B, vitamin A, vitamin D and foods rich in cellulose, and often teeth and massage gums

7. It is recommended to use an electric toothbrush. On the one hand, it has a better effect of cleaning its teeth than traditional toothbrushes; on the other hand, it can also massage the tooth bed and enhance the health of the tooth bed

8. Eat less candy or desserts with sticky teeth, like Taifeng sugar, toffee, etc. as possible to eat as little as possible, so as not to leave them in the swollen gums

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