What to do if pregnant women diarrhea can try these little tricks

Many women are in a bad mood to see their diarrhea during pregnancy.Let me share with you what to do with the diarrhea of pregnant women? Let ’s take a look with Xiaobian!

1. What to do if pregnant women have diarrhea

1. Hot compress belly

It may be caused by cold diarrhea, and you can try to apply the stomach with a warm water bottle.Be careful not to be too hot, use a towel to wrap the warm water bottle and put it on your stomach.Apply 3-5 times a day, and each time lasts about 20 minutes, it has a certain effect on cold diarrhea.At the same time, you can drink a bowl of brown sugar ginger water at the same time, which can warm the stomach and stop diarrhea.

2. Proper replenishment

Once a pregnant woman has diarrhea, it should be appropriately replenished immediately to supplement the moisture and electrolytes lost due to diarrhea.Let pregnant women drink plenty of water, add some salt to the water (better to taste the salty taste).It can effectively replenish water and electrolytes to prevent dehydration.You can also drink porridge. Xiaomi porridge is better. It can nourish the stomach and peace.

3. Drink carrot water

If it is a slight diarrhea, you can buy some small carrots, cut into pieces, add water to boil (about 1 carrot and 300ml water), and insist on drinking every day can effectively reduce the symptoms of diarrhea.Essence

4. Eat steamed apples

Eat steamed apples.The steamed apple has a good anti -diarrhea effect, because the fruit glue in the apple can soften the stool and play a laxative effect with the dietary fiber.The change of body not only has the effects of absorbing bacteria and toxins, but also the effect of convergence and diarrhea.

How to prevent pregnant women diarrhea

1. Acute stage fasting

When acute diarrhea occurs, it is necessary to temporarily fast, so that the intestine rests completely. When necessary, vein infusion is performed to prevent too much water loss and dehydrate.

2. Light flowing diet

When you first start diarrhea, you can eat some light flowing foods, which are good than juice, rice soup, etc., mainly salty.Avoid eating milk, sucrose, etc. to produce gas with gas.

3. Diet selection

After the diarrhea is basically stopped, it can provide a low -fat and small residue semi -liquid diet or soft food.A small amount of meals to facilitate digestion.It is still appropriate to restrict vegetables and fruits containing crude fiber, and gradually transition to general food.

4. Supplement vitamin

Pay attention to vitamin B and vitamin C everyday, which is conducive to prevent diarrhea.

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