What to do if pregnant women have a cold and runny nose

During pregnancy, most of the pregnant women pay great attention to the maintenance of the body, but due to the weak immune ability of pregnant women, the disease is likely to come to the door.Winter is coming, cold air is coming, and some pregnant women have a cold.This is the anxiety of pregnant women and family members. I don’t know if a cold will affect the fetus, whether it can take medicine, or whether there is a way to relieve the cold without taking medicine.The following editors will take pregnant mothers to learn about this.

What should I do if a pregnant woman has a cold nose?

Women should pay special attention to their bodies during pregnancy. If pregnant women get sick, it is more difficult to treat than ordinary people.Pregnant women are relatively easy to catch a cold at 12 weeks of pregnancy, so what should pregnant women do if they have a cold and nose congestion? Pregnant women are not very heavy. In addition to rational medication under the guidance of obstetricians, in the early days ofIt can be cured without taking medicine.Let’s take a look together.

1. When the pregnant woman has a cold nasal congestion, there is no need to take medicine. As long as they take more rest, drink plenty of water to heal.You can also drink some chicken soup, which helps reduce the symptoms of nasal congestion and runny nose during a cold, and you can also remove the virus in the respiratory tract.

2. Pregnant women can also try food therapy methods when they have a cold. The effect is not necessarily worse than medication, which is relatively safer.

Ginger sugar tea of pregnant women with a cold and nasal congestion recipe: 3-5 tablets of ginger (washed shredded), 5 grams of brown sugar, and boiled in 500 ml of boiling water for 5 minutes.After the service, the quilt should be lying quietly, letting the body sweat slightly.

Through the introduction of the Momnet Encyclopedia, everyone has a response method for pregnant women with a cold and nasal congestion. It should be noted that when pregnant women have a cold and nose congestion, they must not be treated with antibiotics.take medicine.

Can pregnant women take medicine with a cold nose?

For pregnant women, although taking medicine may be fast, it may leave an unpredictable root. Therefore, the best way to treat a cold and nasal congestion is to regulate it by diet.Pregnant women can eat more fruits and vegetables to supplement vitamin C, which can prevent colds.Therefore, compared with drug treatment, pregnant women have a cold and nasal congestion are more suitable for food therapy.

1. Ginger sugar tea: 3-5 slices of ginger (washed shredded), 5 grams of brown sugar, 500 ml of boiling water for 5 minutes, and drink the tea while it is hot.After the service, the quilt should be lying quietly, letting the body sweat slightly.

2. 20 grams of ginger and 100 grams of white rice. After cooking together, add 20 grams of shallot white onion in the washed and choppy, and continue to cook. When the porridge is about to be good, add 10 ml of rice vinegar.EssenceAfter taking it, cover the quilt to lie quietly to let the body sweat slightly.

3. Nepeta and windproof porridge: 10 grams of nepeta, windproof wind, 60 grams of rice, moderate sugar.Precame the juice in the first 2 flavors of water, add rice to cook porridge, add sugar to season.1 dose daily, divide in 2 times.It has the effects of Xinwen solving and divergent wind and cold.

In the end, Momnet Encyclopedia suggested that pregnant mothers should pay attention to the body in their ordinary life. When the weather changes, it should be appropriately increased to avoid the cold of the wind and maintain the health of the body.

What should pregnant women eat a cold nose?

The principle of diet during a cold during a cold: At this time, the diet should be light, and it is advisable to eat porridge, noodle soup, fresh vegetables and fruits. Avoid greasy, cold, sticky, sour, etc.And pay attention to keep warm, do not drizzle, wading and drinking ice products, so as not to catch a cold twice.Here are some dietary methods for pregnant women with cold and nose congestion.

1. Apple honey water: Take 5 apples to peel, cut into small pieces, add 1 liter of water, boil for 5 minutes, naturally cool to about 40 ° C, add an appropriate amount of honey and stir well, drink a small amount every day.

2. Ginger radish soup: 25 grams of ginger, 50 grams of radish, 500 ml of water, cook for 15 minutes, add a suitable amount of brown sugar, drink it while it is hot.

3. Onion and garlic porridge: Take 10 clean green onions, chopped, 3 petals of garlic, 50 grams of rice, boil into porridge with water, take it under the hot.

4, cabbage onion roots soup: 3 washed and chopped, 6 green onion roots, 1 bowl of fried soup, add an appropriate amount of brown sugar, take it while hot.

5. Chicken soup: 1 tender chicken, wash clean, add water, add seasonings (pepper, ginger, green onion) in chicken soup, or eat it below.It can reduce the symptoms of nasal congestion, runny nose, and enhance human resistance

How can pregnant women prevent a cold and nose congestion?

Pregnant women’s immunity will be lower than other people, and it is easy to suffer from illness infection, but they cannot take medicine at will. Even if they are just a cold, they are usually tricky.Therefore, prevention of preventing colds should pay attention to each family.So how can pregnant women prevent colds? The Bottom Below Momnet Encyclopedia will answer it for you.

First, the hand is the main way to spread the cold of pregnant women.The prevention method is to wash your hands frequently without touching your face.

Second, the "three high" diet is easy to catch a cold.High -fat, high -protein, and high -sugar foods can reduce human immunity. Therefore, the new dietary method to prevent colds is to match vegetarian and pay attention to nutritional balance.

Third, love salty food and pregnant women with colds.To prevent colds, eat more light foods, because of the infiltration effect of sodium salt, the function of epithelial cells is suppressed, reducing the secretion of anti -disease factors such as interferon, and the virus takes the opportunity to invade the upper respiratory mucosa to induce colds.

Fourth, the feet have a cold with a cold.If the feet are cold, it will cause the nasal mucosa blood vessels to contrast, causing people to be easily invaded by a cold virus.

Fifth, mental stress and love are also easy to catch a cold.The low emotional immune function is reduced, which reduces the ability of the human body to kill pathogenic microorganisms, because at this time, antiviral substances such as interferon and ribiric acid enzymes in the nasopharynx are significantly reduced, and the local immune function of the respiratory tract is reduced.

Will pregnant women affect the fetus?

Colds are originally an uninvited guest, and if a special group of pregnant women encounter a cold, it is even more troublesome. It is necessary to know that pregnant women cannot use medicine.If pregnant women have a general cold, they are mainly manifested as sneezing, nasal congestion, and no fever. The symptoms are mild. They do not need to take the cold medicine for about a week.In this case, pregnant women have no impact on the fetus.

However, when the symptoms are more severe, if the high fever does not retreat, or the cold is not a cold but a cold infection.At this time, the pregnant woman’s cold will affect the fetus, mainly in three aspects:

First, the cold is caused by the influenza virus. The impact of pregnant women on the fetus on the fetus is manifested in the influence of influenza virus on the fetus;

2. The impact of pregnant women on the fetus on the fetus is also manifested in the impact of the drugs taken by the pregnant woman after a cold;

Third, if the pregnant woman has a cold, and has a fever above 39 degrees, the impact of pregnant women on the fetus on the fetus will be manifested on the impact of high fever on the fetus.

According to the above understanding, everyone has a certain understanding of the cold treatment method of pregnant women. Remember that when winter is coming, be sure to do a good job of prevention. If the symptoms of colds are mild, it is recommended to use the food therapy method in the text to relieve it.Hospital for treatment.

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