What to do if pregnant women should do 8 tricks and teach you to stop pain immediately

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What to do with toothache for pregnant women?What should I do if pregnant women have toothache during pregnancy?Don’t take medicine randomly, but it is always possible to use some eclipse therapy or other ways![Provincial Maternal and Child Health Hospital] Director Zhou Xiaofei, that is, [Pregnancy Network] The person in charge of you will give you 8 tricks and immediately work!

What to do with toothache for pregnant women?——The therapy:

You can buy some garlic cloves and smash with a knife.After warmth, apply it to the part of your toothache.It can treat pulpitis, periodontitis, toothache, toothache!

When you are a toothache, you can cut a small piece of ginger and bite with your teeth in pain.You can bite for a while before going to bed.Hee hee, did you know that ginger can not only cure pregnancy, but also cure toothache by pregnant women!

Prepare MSG and warm water, dissolve the flavors at a ratio of 1: 50, and then spit it out with mouthful water water for about 3 minutes.2 to 3 times a day, persist for 3 days, the symptoms of your toothache of the pregnant mother should be much better.

If you are pregnant, you are accompanied by nausea and vomiting during your toothache, then you can rinse your mouth with 2%of the southern soda.Soda water is alkaline, neutralize acidic substances, remove acidic substances remaining in the mouth, and reduce the reproduction of bacteria in the mouth.

What to do with toothache for pregnant women?——The daily care:

Canadian researchers have done an experiment on 300 patients with toothache, and a "V" belt connected to the thumb with a constant ice cubes to massage the thumb and index finger. Press the ice cubes for about 5 minutes in this area. It can effectively reduce 45 45%~ 50%toothache and pain.Researchers explained that this is because this trick can interfere with the conduction of toothache and nerve impulses.

If you have a toothache during pregnancy, you can change to a children’s toothbrush.Children’s toothbrushes are often soft and their brush heads are relatively small.It can reduce the damage to the teeth and relieve toothache or bleeding gum bleeding.

During the period of toothache, you should try to brush your teeth every meal.It is best to brush within 30 minutes after dinner.If you can’t do it, at least you should brush your teeth once every morning and evening.When brushing your teeth, it is best to brush it upright, which can reduce the damage to the teeth.

You should go to the hospital once and let the doctor do a comprehensive dental examination for you.First of all, you must show that you are pregnant and how long you are pregnant.Let the dentist give you suggestions.According to your specific situation, choose whether surgery or medication is needed.If the doctor arranges you to take medicine, you should follow the doctor’s order and not stop taking the medicine by yourself.In addition, if surgical treatment is needed, it is safe to use Nufaine local anesthesia appropriately throughout pregnancy.From April to June, it is a safer treatment period.

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