What to do if wisdom tooth inflammation

Obstructing wisdom teeth causes peripheral inflammation

In "Which Wisdom Tooths Need to Unpack", we have already had the question of why wisdom teeth are blocked, and we also know the wisdom teeth that repeatedly cause and inflammation to be removed.what to do?I hurt now!

No problem, you need to know how to deal with it. First of all, you must know how wisdom tooth inflammation happened.If you really can’t stand it, you must see how to deal with it first, please jump directly to the back 🙂

Smart teeth are inflamed. It is called wisdom tooth crown Zhou inflammation. The crown refers to the crown of the tooth.Therefore, wisdom tooth inflammation refers to the gingival inflammation around the wisdom tooth.The wisdom tooth crown Zhou Yan mainly occurs in the wisdom teeth of the mandibular.So how can the gums of the wisdom teeth cycle inflammation?

Take a closer look at the inflamed wisdom teeth. Most of the wisdom teeth do not grow completely. The parts or most of the wisdom teeth are often covered by the gums and/or bones.A blind bag:

Blinds between wisdom teeth and gums

In this blind bag, there are usually some food residues, peeling epithelial cells and saliva, etc., and the temperature of the comfort of the oral cavity has become a paradise resort for bacterial survival and breeding.The protection of these bacteria is not enough, they can only wait for the opportunity.

So when we are overworked or the resistance is reduced, or the bacterial toxic power is enhanced, we will quickly breed and better than our immune system in the local area, causing local inflammatory infections.The area will feel pain and discomfort, and the pain worsens when eating, chewing, swallowing, or opening your mouth; when you open your mouth, you can see the redness and swelling around the wisdom teeth. If you touch it with your hands, you will have obvious tenderness. If the condition continues to develop, The pain of the neck and temples, if the inflammation invades the chewing muscles, there will be a situation where the mouth is not large or even in full; if the lesions are further aggravated, the abscess will be formed locally, and even the surroundings will spread to the surroundings, causing the jaw to cause the jawInfection in the face, at this time, will show more and more serious symptoms, such as infectious shock or suffocation.

Therefore, the wisdom tooth crown should be treated early, do not drag.

So what should I do if my wisdom tooth is inflamed?

Earlier, we have said that inflammation of wisdom teeth is caused by bacteria in the blind bags between wisdom teeth and gums, so the first step of treatment is to rinse the bacteria, bacterial metabolites and inflammatory substances in the blind bag, and then use them to use them locally.Antibacterial and anti -inflammatory drugs, the main treatment measures of this wisdom tooth crown inflammation. Early lesions have enough local treatment, and antibiotics are often not required.

If it is not treated in a timely manner in the early days, the lesions are already very serious, and there are also manifestations of whole body weakness, fear of chills, loss of appetite, and so on. At this time, in addition to local treatment, antibiotics are often used to control infections; if there are pus, pustules already have pus, and pus already.Formed, the mucous membrane on the surface of the most obvious places where the abscess is needed to discharge the pus out, and then antibiotic therapy.

If it is not treated for its development, the wisdom tooth crown inflammation will cause extremely heavy complications, leading to a widespread infection and abscess formation of maxillofacial and neck, and even before life.Therefore, Crown Zhou Yan is by no means a small problem. Once it occurs as soon as possible, especially when the early symptoms are not obvious, it is often ignored at this time.

After the wisdom tooth inflammation is controlled, it is necessary to remove the obstructive wisdom teeth in time, otherwise it may cause infection again.

In addition, there is a special attention: women who are preparing to baby must pay attention to the examination of the oral cavity before pregnancy. If there are obstructive wisdom teeth, you need to remove it before pregnancy.There will be trouble, which may affect the health of the baby and mother.

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