What to do with dysmenorrhea?Teach you 5 small tricks to relieve dysmenorrhea, let you relieve you easily

Dysmenorrhea is a pain that women have basically experienced. In the physiological period, there is obvious pain in the abdomen. Some people are so painful that they can work normally. They need to rest at home. In the face of this situationRegardless of the impact of dysmenorrhea, other symptoms may occur, especially secondary dysmenorrhea.

So how to relieve dysmenorrhea?

1. Pay attention to keep warm

Dysmenorrhea should be relieved, and it can be achieved by warmth in the abdomen.In the autumn and winter seasons, many people are still wearing navel outfits, which will cause the abdomen to be stimulated by cold. Without attention, it will affect local blood circulation.If you can increase the clothes according to the weather changes and put on thick clothes, you can circulate well in the case of warmth. The menstrual blood is not easy to accumulate. It can smoothly excrete the body’s dysmenorrhea can be reduced.

2. Aerobic exercise

You can choose the method of aerobic exercise during menstruation. It can alleviate dysmenorrhea. In the process of exercise, not only can you divert attention, it will not pay too much attention, which can relieve pain.

The body starts to recover, and at this time, you can start aerobic exercise such as slow walking and jogging.However, it is still necessary to avoid some spheres and heavy weights.

3, massage method:

Lie on your back in bed, first rub your hands first, then put your hands on the small abdomen, massage 60-100 times from top to bottom, then massage 60-100 times from left to right, and finally massage 60 times.Rosy is suitable, once every morning and evening.

4. Drink brown sugar ginger water with jujube

Brown sugar and jujube are common foods and can be bought everywhere.In the early days of menstruation, many people used hot boiling water to make brown sugar from ginger water to relieve body discomfort.Brown sugar can replenish blood, ginger is thermal. The combination of the two allows the body to warm up quickly, which can block the dysmenorrhea caused by the cold.If you add jujube, the effects of the three ingredients are more effective and stronger.During dysmenorrhea, you can supplement the blood loss of the body, retain the healthy and rosy complexion of women, and can relieve dysmenorrhea better.

5, hot compress reduction pain

Most of the causes of dysmenorrhea are cold. This is due to the decline in physical resistance during menstruation, and it is easy to cold.You can use the heated hot water bottle or hot towel to apply it to the lower abdomen, and you can directly relieve the pain directly for pain. This method is simple and effective, and I often use it.It is a physical pain relief method that has no side effects on the body, so try it.

Dysmenorrhea is one of the most common gynecological diseases.The general method of relieving dysmenorrhea is to eliminate tension and concerns, ensure adequate sleep, reasonably supplement nutrition, and keep warm.Be careful before and after menstruation, exercise reasonably, pay attention to cleaning in daily private parts, and timely treatment of gynecological diseases.

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