What to do with ring pregnancy

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The in -palace is a relatively safe, effective, convenient, and economical contraceptive tool. It does not affect fertility after taking out. It is quite common in my country and is the most common choice for married women.However, so far no contraceptive measures have not reached a 100%success rate, and the in -palace for birth device is no exception.It is indeed safer and efficient, but it may also fail. It may cause bleeding, backache, abdominal pain, infection, and even displacement and falling off.The two most common causes of pregnancy and pregnancy are two reasons for ring falling and ring displacement.According to domestic statistical data, the pregnancy rate of the ring of metal single ring reached 10%, and it increased with the growth of the number of placing.

What should I do if I get pregnant with a ring? Can children want it?

From the perspective of eugenics, whether it is internal pregnancy or off -the -palace pregnancy, it is generally recommended to take a ring to terminate the pregnancy and artificial abortion and remove the birthplace.If there are special circumstances and strong hope to continue pregnancy, we should strengthen health examination during pregnancy, obey the advice of the doctor, and pay attention to whether there are fetal malformations or abnormal development.

If an early pregnancy response or positive pregnancy test, it is prompted to have the possibility of pregnancy.The diagnosis and rings need to perform a B -ultrasound, and the B -ultrasound can exclude whether there is an ectopic pregnancy.Ectopic pregnancy bleeding is acute, and life is at any time. Once abdominal pain and vaginal bleeding are found, you should seek medical treatment in time.

Regarding ring pregnancy, according to statistics, more than half of them will occur, premature birth, and even cause death and death.In addition, some special cases have been reported in China.When induction of labor or excretion of dead tires in the mid -term pregnancy, some metal rings are found between the placenta and the fetus;

For those who are pregnant to terminate pregnancy, it is best to choose abortion surgery.If you choose the drug flow, you can just discharge the embryo, not excrete the shift ring, the abortion is not clean, the embryo tissue may not be complete, and the secondary clearance is also required, which is very harmful to the female body.

In addition, after the ring, it is not once and for all. We must be particularly alert to pregnancy. If there are abnormal conditions such as vaginal bleeding and abdominal pain, you must go to the doctor in time even in time.Do not take these abnormal situations as side effects of the belt.Because the internal in -the -palace can not only avoid ectopic pregnancy, it may also cause infection, resulting in tubal pregnancy caused by the influenza and influenza.

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