What to eat during pregnancy, you can give birth to beautiful babies, large eyes, white skin, and a large amount of hair

How to give birth to a beautiful baby

Nutritional balance is the focus!Read three times for important things!

The characteristics of beautiful babies are good skin, large eyes, and rejuvenation. These characteristics are similar to the characteristics of the baby’s health. If you want to give birth to a beautiful child, you must first be healthy.The mother’s diet during pregnancy becomes particularly important. Only when the mother has a good body, the essence is sufficient, and the child will not be ugly.Children with poor appearance are often not ugly facial features, but they are darker, dull, and look like malnutrition.After the baby is born, pay attention to nutritional supplements. To ensure a certain number of breastfeeding times a day, the poor breastfeeding mothers can feed the formula milk powder and cannot be hungry because of this.

I want the baby’s skin white:

One white covers the three ugly, this must be taken carefully

Vitamin C has the effect of litting melanin and whitening skin. If you and your husband’s skin are not white or dark yellow, you can eat more foods containing vitamin C.Vitamin C will be transmitted to the fetus through the umbilical cord, which can achieve the effect of making the baby’s skin fair!

How to supplement vitamin C? Through food supplement to meet the demand for vitamin C during pregnancy. Foods rich in vitamin C are:

1. Tomatoes: Vitamin C has a high content, between fruits and vegetables.

2. Kiwi: It is known as the king of Vitamin C, which shows how high its vitamin C content is.

3. Apple: Smart fruit not only contains rich nutrients such as sugar, vitamin C, and minerals, but also more importantly to be rich in zinc.According to research, zinc is a component of many important enzymes in the human body, and is a key element to promote growth and development.Helps fetal development.

4. Orange and Orange: It is rich in vitamin C. One orange can almost meet the vitamin C amount required by the human body every day.It is recommended to eat 2 to 3 daily during pregnancy, and do not exceed 5 a day. Avoid excessive sugar and gestational diabetes.

5. Grapefruit: Contains a large amount of vitamin C, which can reduce cholesterol in the blood, prevent too fat during pregnancy, grapefruit is cool, and it is not advisable to eat more.

Note: Focusing on 234, the three of the oranges apple and kiwi during pregnancy.Eat, eat an apple when you are hungry at night, because of the trouble of cooking at night, and you are afraid of too much starch that you take.

There are also appropriate eating milk bird’s nest cod gum, catfish lean soup. The skin of the baby is white and delicate, and the skin of pregnant women will play the same role.Therefore, I eat it. The skin is super good throughout the pregnancy. People who see me said that my pregnancy skin is so good, but it becomes beautiful. It mainly eats well.It will be so white and so good, but what I am pregnant with male treasure.The son was just born with a white powder, and the doctor met the baby who was good at white powder.

Do n’t eat foods with more melanin such as soy sauce, vinegar, cola, ca n’t take medicine during pregnancy. I ’ll hold back the ginger coos in my husband.Don’t drink.

I want the baby’s eyes to be big:

The baby’s eyes are large and round, pregnant mothers eat more round fruits

I heard that eating round fruits during pregnancy, the baby’s eyes will be big and round. I eat most of them and grapes.Whether it is true or false, but in order to give birth to a beautiful baby, you will still eat these.Guiyuan is not recommended in the Yuanyuan small fruits. After watching a lot of food taboos during pregnancy, the longan is a warm fruit. The expectant mothers are easy to cause stomach qi upside down, vomiting and abdominal pain.The baby in the early pregnancy is not stable, it is best not to eat longan.Even in the middle and late pregnancy, Guiyuan is a kind of food that is easy to get angry and causes fever, so Guiyuan is a fruity for expectant mothers.

Want your baby’s skin rosy:

Anemia pregnant mothers must eat more red pink fruits and vegetables, which helps pregnant mothers and babies rosy, apples, strawberries, cherries, tomatoes, Sanhua Li, red heart dragon fruit, red heart guava, red vegetable head, carrot.

Want your baby’s skin quality:

Pregnant mothers should often eat foods rich in vitamin A. Vitamin A can protect skin epithelial cells and make children’s skin delicate and shiny in the future.

Victoria A: Animal liver, egg yolk, milk, carrots, green vegetables, fruits, dried fruits and vegetable oil.

Want the baby’s hair quality dense:

Cultivate shiny black hair, pregnant mothers eat more vitamins B food.

Vitamin B foods such as lean meat, fish, animal liver, milk, bread, beans, eggs, seaweed, walnuts, sesame, corn, and green vegetables, these foods can make children’s hair qualityEssenceRemember to focus on eating more walnut black sesame seeds.

Want your baby’s high altitude:

You should eat some foods rich in vitamin D.Vitamin D can promote bone development and promote the increase in the human body, especially for fetuses and babies.

Vitamin D foods include shrimp skin, bipyle liver oil, cream, eggs, chicken duck liver and other animal liver and milk.In addition, vitamin D can be generated by the human body through ultraviolet rays. Therefore, sunbathing is a reliable source of vitamin D, and it is advocated that pregnant mothers take more walks for slight outdoor activities.

Want your baby’s vision:

Pregnant mothers eat more chicken liver carrots. Poor vision or pregnant mothers with myopia often have such anxiety, worrying that the baby is inherited with his eyes.In this case, pregnant mothers can eat more foods rich in vitamin A.

Vitamin A food: animal liver, egg yolk, milk, cod liver oil, carrot, apple, etc.Among them, chicken liver contains the most vitamin A. Carrots are second. Carrots promote the increase in blood pigmentation, thereby increasing the concentration of blood. It is a commonly used blood nourishing and nourishing blood.

Happy prenatal education brings you a beautiful baby

Listen to light music

The reason why his baby is still wider, once I watched the TV saying that listening to light music during pregnancy, especially Mozart’s piano song, can make the baby more beautiful.So, I started prenatal education from 4 months of pregnancy. I listened to Mozart’s piano every day. I listened to it for 15 minutes each time. The time should not be too long. I was afraid that it would affect the baby’s hearing development. It really was effective.Please tell your daily life to the babies in your belly. Baby will make various responses to kicking the belly, and the mother will feel better during pregnancy.For example, eating, good night, good morning, good morning, courier, etc., or something that happened, he will tell him one by one, and he will respond to me with fetal movements until it is born. The benefits of doing so can be cultivatedThe baby’s perception of the environment is more secure after birth, and it is not easy to cry. The morning baby is born to sleep independently. When he wakes up, he will play by himself.By 8 months of pregnancy, it is relatively pleasant. I will not say much about the first three months and the third trimester of pregnancy. Presumably, it must be that my mother knows that it is not good.Pregnant mothers need to have a good mood during pregnancy, so that the baby in the stomach will follow the mood. Music can make the pregnant woman feel soothing. Listening to light music is indeed a good way, and you can start listening from 3 months.

Pregnant mothers look at beautiful baby photos

Look at cute baby photos

In order to give birth to a beautiful baby, the house is filled with all kinds of cute babies when I am pregnant. When I open my eyes every day, I can see these cute babies.Because I listened to people, what kind of baby wants to have a baby, it is best to look at the baby’s photos every day. If your eyes are small, you can find a picture of a big -eyed baby to see it every day, and the children born will be beautiful.

This is also a way to soothe the mood of pregnant women. Pregnant mothers watch these cute babies every day, and their mood will become better.

Be sure to get rid of fetal poison in the last month of pregnancy

Drink the corn to boil water once or twice a week, and occasionally drink more mung bean porridge. The mung beans are a bit cold, so drink less, mainly corn beard, mainly because of the fire, the nutrition of the body needs is too large, eating fish, meat, egg milkToo much will cause the pregnant mother’s heat. If you do not remove the fetal poison, the baby will be easily eczema and acne.

Boil the white water, take out the bought corn, go in and cook for 5 minutes.So buy more corn and buy more, don’t have to have no need.The baby is really tender and very useful!

Nutrition during pregnancy should be balanced, do not picky or partial eclipse ~

Finally: Pregnant mothers have a happy pregnancy, giving birth to a healthy and beautiful baby ~

To: Moms, the dolls are larger after adding supplementary foods. The above foods are also very useful for the skin and growth and development of dolls!

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