What will the baby be affected by taking medicine during pregnancy?What should I do if I don’t want to flow?

Sometimes, pregnancy is always so caught.For half a year of pregnancy, I cautiously did not eat or do it, smoking, no alcohol, and staying up late. I had no stomach and stomach. When I was relaxed, I accidentally caught a cold.Can’t be pregnant, let’s talk about a cold.But after a cold, the aunt did not come as scheduled, and checked it with a fright. Sure enough, there was.This is how to do?When I calculated a cold, the baby was already in his stomach. He asked the doctor. The doctor suggested that it was killed.Because in the early stages of pregnancy, it is the peak period of the baby’s brain development, which means that it is a critical period of intellectual development. The ingredients in cold medicines can easily affect the baby’s intellectual development.Some Baoma listened to the doctor’s pain, and some were reluctant.

Mom is reluctant, just suffering from the baby

I have no ability to take care of themselves, what can I do in the future?

Even if it does not affect intelligence, it is likely that it will be malformed children, such as lip cracks.Although it gave the baby life, he did not teach the baby how to look at other people’s strange eyes, and did not give the baby a strong psychological tolerance.The result is still tragedy.

I just hope that there is no pain in heaven, and the living is strong

Of course, not all medicines will affect the baby.Some afterwards obviously took contraceptives, and the baby was still here. I do n’t know if it was an accident or surprise.At this time, consult a doctor, some doctors suggest that it can be retained. Is there no harm to the medicine that specializes in opposition to pregnancy?It turns out that in the stage where sperm and eggs have not been combined or have just been combined, the embryo has not yet reached the stage of organ development. Therefore, the emergency contraceptive international collaboration group, the International Obstetrics and Gynecology Alliance, and the American Obstetrics and Gynecologist Association all proposed that after emergency contraceptive failure failedIt does not increase the risk of fetal congenital malformations, pregnancy complications and adverse pregnancy endings, nor does it affect the physique and intellectual development of future generations.The fetus can develop normally without a significant effect.

See if there is no particularly bad effect?The International Cooperation Group of Emergency contraceptives clearly pointed out in the pregnancy guide that pregnant women who are pregnant after using emergency contraceptives should know that "there is no evidence that the emergency contraception failure will have adverse effects on the fetus. Whether choosing to continue pregnancy or abortion, bothThere is no need to make any measures on the impact of emergency contraceptives. "

May all pregnant mothers prepare for pregnancy ~

After taking medicine during pregnancy, be sure to remember the date of taking medicine, the dosage you take, it is best to take the medicine or medicine box packaging to see the doctor. The doctor knows what ingredients you contain.Impact can really help you.

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