What’s wrong with bloating during pregnancy?Why does pregnant women bloated?

There is such a pregnant mother in the pregnant mother group: the 6th week of pregnancy, the stomach was uncomfortable, nauseous, and could not eat meals in the first three days.It’s uncomfortable and can’t eat anything.Why do stomach bloating during pregnancy?Let ’s take a look at the reason for Dr. Huang, who was born of Xixi Ban.

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Stomach bloating refers to the upper abdomen full of swelling and oppression. Sometimes it is found that the stomach is a bit bumpy, flatulence, and even farting continuously, which may be caused by bloating., Nausea, vomiting.

After pregnancy, due to some changes in the body, pregnant women often have indigestion symptoms such as loss of appetite, nausea, and vomiting.This is because the progesterone content in pregnant women has increased. Due to the effect of progesterone, gastrointestinal peristalsis, reduced gastric acid secretion, and gradually increasing uterine compression gastrointestinal and intestines, hindering digestive activities.

What are the causes of bloating?

Causes of bloating

1. Sorry, thought, depression, and anger can damage the stomach and cause bloating.

2. Unhygienic diet, causing the germs to produce toxins in the intestine. Too little water drinking or too little intake of cellulose foods causes constipation.

3. Life and schedule are abnormal, and the irregular diet will make the intestine too hungry or too full, which will cause abnormal intestinal movements and can cause too much burden on the gastrointestinal and intestines in the long run.

4. High protein or high -fat diet can easily cause changes in intestinal flora, which is not conducive to beneficial bacteria survival.

5. Eat too greasy, causing the intestines to be difficult to digest.If the greasy food intake is too much, the lipase and protease in the body will be overwhelmed until they are exhausted.

6. Eating too fast will make the chewing not in place, resulting in the digestive juice and food cannot be mixed in full, so they cannot be fully digested and decomposed, causing damage to the intestine.

What should I do if pregnant women have flatulence?

1. Pay more attention to diet. The diet should be regularly and quantitative, eat less and eat more, so that food and gastric acid in the stomach are neutralized.Not much food that is difficult to digest, such as meat.Eat less high -fat food and sweets.Do not eat cold food, cold food damage to the gastrointestinal and intestines.Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables to supplement vitamins.For example:

(1) White radish has a good qi effect. When you have flatulence, you can drink a little white radish soup, or cut the white radish and cook it with boiling water.Mot a movement to help exhaust.

(2) Asparagus has a good diuretic effect. Chinese medicine believes that eating asparagus can help us excrete excess water in the body and alleviate the discomfort caused by flatulence.

2. Digestion has a great relationship with human emotions and mentality.Therefore, pregnant women should pay attention to psychological hygiene, maintain a happy and emotional stability, and avoid stimulation of adverse emotions such as tension, anxiety, and anger.At the same time, pay attention to the combination of labor and rest to prevent excessive fatigue and rehabilitation of stomach problems.

3. To strengthen exercise, pregnant women’s physique is not good. If physical exercise is not strengthened, it is easy to cause some diseases. It is necessary to strengthen exercise.

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