What’s wrong with nosebleeds in pregnant women?Six moves can easily solve the trouble of flowing nosebleeds

Guide: Many pregnant mothers have said that the phenomenon of nosebleeds during pregnancy is that many of them are very few or have no prevalence of over -flow nosebleeds, but nosebleeds can only be after pregnancy.Why does pregnant women have nosebleeds?Normal phenomenon?How to avoid?

Is it normal for pregnant women to flow nosebleeds?

Occasionally nosebleeds in pregnant women are common normal physiological phenomena. They may occur in early, middle and late stages of pregnancy, especially in the middle and late stages of pregnancy.Especially in a dry environment, rubbing the nasal cavity will break.As a result, nosebleeds, as long as the amount of bleeding is not large, there is no other discomfort. Generally, it will not have much impact on the fetus. Do not worry too much about the pregnant mother.However, if the nosebleeds are likely to affect the healthy development of the fetus, pregnant women must go to the hospital for examination to find out the cause, so as not to affect the growth and development of the fetus.

Why does pregnant women have nosebleeds?Dry air related

The common cause of nasal hemorrhage caused by pregnant women is that the nasal septum is polarized, the air is dry, the air is stimulated and traumatized, and the human nasal mucosa vascular vascular vascular is relatively rich, and the blood vessel wall is thin. At this time, if the weather is dry, the nasal cavity will itch and discomfort.Pay attention to care and rub it if you rub it.Occasionally a small amount of nasal bleeding during pregnancy will not cause serious impact on the body, especially in dry autumn and winter seasons. If the body is full of anger, it can easily cause nosebleeds.

Second, progesterone secretion

After pregnancy, pregnant women will secrete a large amount of progesterone secretion, causing the blood vessels to dilate and congested, and it is easy to cause congestion.At the same time, the blood capacity of pregnant women is higher than that of non -pregnancy, and human nasal mucosa blood vessels are relatively abundant, and the blood vessel walls are thin, so it is easy to cause rupture.Especially when the human body goes through a night of sleep, after getting up, when the position changes or snot, it is more likely to cause a small amount of nosebleeds.

Third, lack of vitamin K

Some pregnant women are prone to vitamin K during pregnancy. If the vitamin K is insufficient, the coagulation enzyme element in the blood is reduced, which can easily cause coagulation disorders. Not only nosebleeds, but also the fetal congenital vision and intellectual development disorder.

Fourth, the fire causes

Nosebleeds have a certain relationship with the fire. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, drinking and eating too much spicy and fried foods may also cause lung heat and cause nosebleeds.Drink less, eat less spicy food, and eat less food that may be hot.

How to avoid nosebleeds in pregnant women?

First, push the nose on the side of the blood to the bridge of the nose and keep it for 5-10 minutes to stop bleeding.If both sides are bleeding, the nose wings on both sides are pinched.After nasal blood stops, there are many coagulation clots in the nostrils. Do not rush to get it out, try to avoid sneezing and rubbing hard to prevent repercups.After emotional stability, local compression or stimulation of blood vessel contraction, bleeding will stop after a few minutes without having to take medicine or injections.

2. Pay attention to diet structure, drink plenty of water, eat less spicy food, eat more foods containing vitamin C and E, such as green vegetables, cucumbers, tomatoes, etc., fruits such as apples, mango, peaches, and beans, eggs, Dairy products and other foods to consolidate blood vessel walls, enhance the elasticity of blood vessels, and prevent rupture and bleeding.

Third, supplement vitamin K.Vitamin K is necessary for normal coagulation.Eat more foods rich in vitamin K, such as cauliflower, cabbage, spinach, lettuce, sauerkraut, sauerkraut, etc.

Fourth, eat more red dates. For pregnant women who often flow nosebleeds, it is better to eat more red dates. If nosebleeds often cause weakness and serious blood loss, jujube has the function of nourishing blood and nourishing qi. ThereforePatients who often flow nosebleeds may wish to eat more red dates to supplement your lost blood.

Fifth, hot weather and often nosebleeds caused by staying up late.It is recommended that you pay attention not to stay up late, do not eat spicy food, get up in the morning to drink more water. Usually, we better eat more light foods, eat more vegetables and fruits, try not to eat or eat spicy foods.This can avoid getting angry to a certain extent, so as not to suffer from nosebleeds.

6. Avoid staying in the air where the air is dry, especially in winter or when the climate is dry.If the indoor air is dry, pay attention to opening the windows and ventilation, and use the humidifier to jointly use the humidity of the air at home. Do not have too high the temperature of the bedroom.

Reminder: It is normal if you occasionally nosebleeds occasionally during pregnancy, don’t worry too much.If it is regular nosebleeds, pregnant women must go to the hospital for examination, find out the cause, avoid the risk of disease, and avoid affecting the growth and development of the fetus.

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