What’s wrong with the pain on the right abdomen?Beware or these 8 diseases, "lurking" on you

Many people in life will have symptoms of right lower abdominal pain, but most of the pain is not significant, and it is in the range that can tolerate it. Therefore, most of them will choose to endure, but do you know that the human body will not have pain for no reason. It is likely that some diseases will be some diseases.The signs, so when there is pain in the right lower abdomen, don’t endure it anymore, seek medical examination as soon as possible to see if it is caused by the following eight diseases.

1. Hepatobiliary disease.The human liver and gallbladder are in the right lower abdomen. When the liver and gallbladder occurs, the pain of the right lower abdomen will be caused. It cannot be underestimated, because there are fewer nerve distribution around the liver. Once pain occurs, it is likely to indicate that the liver has suffered great harm.Check the medical treatment as soon as possible.Therefore, when the lower right abdomen is painful, the lesions of the hepatobiliary part should not be ignored, and they are not patient to prevent the disease from aggravating the condition.

2, appendicitis.Appendicitis is a more severe intestinal disease. In the early stages of the onset, pain occurs in the right upper abdomen and gradually moves to the right lower abdomen. At the same time, the pain is not significant at the same time.It will cause appendix perforation and threaten the health of the human body.Therefore, when the pain of the right lower abdomen is accompanied by nausea and vomiting, they must be alert to the dangers of appendicitis.

3. Men’s reproductive system disease.Common male reproductive system diseases include urethral infections, cystitis, prostatitis, etc., which may cause patients with symptoms of right lower abdomen pain. Male friends need to be vigilant because this is not only related to physical health, but also affects sexual function.Therefore, when the right lower abdomen pain occurs, seek medical treatment as soon as possible, find the cause, and treat symptomatic treatment.

4. Women’s gynecological diseases.Women’s gynecological diseases are very common, and women often have symptoms of right lower abdominal pain. However, some gynecological diseases are not strong, so it is easy to be ignored, such as ovarian inflammation, endometriosis, etc. At the same time, leucorrhea abnormal symptoms occur.Therefore, when female leucorrhea occurs abnormalities and pain in the lower right abdomen, be alert to such gynecological diseases and seek medical examination as soon as possible.

5, enteritis.Bad eating habits in daily life, such as unclean drinking and drinking water, eating cold food, etc., can cause enteritis. The symptoms are abdominal pain and diarrhea. The abdomen can appear on the right lower abdomen.Thus threatening physical health.Therefore, when the right lower abdomen is painful and accompanied by diarrhea, we must be alert to enteritis.

6. Ectopic pregnancy.Nowadays, people have greatly improved sexual life, but improper contraceptive measures can cause pregnancy. Among them, ectopic pregnancy is a common ectopic pregnancy, which can cause symptoms of pain in the right lower abdomen.Causes syncope, shock, etc.Therefore, those who have such symptoms should be treated as soon as possible to prevent more serious consequences caused by ectopic pregnancy.

7, acute obstruction of small intestine.This disease is a very common surgical abdomen. Generally, patients with dysfunction in the right lower abdomen will also show abdominal distension, nausea, vomiting, and stop exhaust in the anus.And it is incompatible and gradually worsen.Therefore, when the pain in the right lower abdomen is accompanied by bloating, nausea, and stopping exhaust in the anus, the acute obstruction of the small intestine should be considered.

8. Non -pathological factors.Daily life like excessive drinking, long -term staying up late, overwork, etc., which exacerbates the body’s loss, can also cause lower abdomen pain. Although it can be improved through rest, we must pay attention to rest in time, otherwise it will cause physical damage.In addition, women’s follicles can also cause pain in the right lower abdomen during ovulation, but it does not have much impact on physical health.

The above is the eight causes of pain in the patient’s lower abdomen. None of them cannot be ignored, otherwise it will cause great harm to the body.Therefore, it is necessary to cause good diet and living habits in daily life, such as not smoking, not alcoholism, balanced diet, foods that are not clean, and not staying up late.

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