What’s wrong with the vagina more and more loose?Help you analyze these 4 reasons, teach you 3 tricks to improve

Many women know that the firming vagina during sexual life can bring more pleasant enjoyment, but some find that their vagina is getting more and more loose, making them very troublesome.It has the effect, such as sneezing and coughing. In fact, the vagina is getting more and more relaxed. It has something to do with these reasons. It is conducive to taking measures.

1. Too frequent sexual life

Frequent sexual life will gradually relax the vagina, and the thrust of the penis will cause the vulva to be strained. The long muscle stretching force will decrease, and the vaginal mucosa will be affected, which will reduce the elasticity while atrophy.

2. age cause

The age growth leads to the decline in organ function, and hormone secretion will also be affected. At this time, the vaginal mucosa becomes thinner and atrophied. In addition, the perineal muscles will gradually relax and relax the vagina.

3. Cause after production

When the fetus comes out of the vagina during production, the vaginal muscles are expanded. At the same time, the vaginal opening will become larger when the expansion is expanded. Once the output becomes larger, there is no way to return to normal.

4. Multiple flow surgery

Flowing surgery will not only affect the uterus, but also change the vagina. Because women will gradually relax on both sides of the vagina during pregnancy, the muscles will expand outward after the abortion surgery, and the elasticity will weaken.

For women, if you want to keep your vagina firm, insisting on exercise is a good way to improve. Not only do you exercise vaginal pelvic pelvis, hips, thighs and other local muscles, it has important supporting effects. The following kinds of exercise can assist in improving vaginal relaxation.

1. Getting anal and qi exercise

Every day in the morning and evening, let yourself shrink the anus. After deep breathing, the anus shrinkage is repeated 100 times. After a certain period of time, the bottom muscles can be improved.

2. Standing exercise

Control your thighs and hip muscles, and slowly step up the contraction, keep it for 15 seconds to relax before repeated.

3. Clean -up exercise

Lie on the bed flat, let your hips and legs stretch out the bed and hang out, and then straighten your feet together, slowly bent your knees to get your feet close to the upper body. This action can strengthen the muscle strength of the hips and pelvis.Exercise elasticity.

Warm reminder, women find that the vagina is increasingly relaxed and not nervous. The reason is found and takes relevant measures to improve it through exercise. If the relaxation is more serious, you can consult a doctor and perform related firming surgery under the guidance of the doctor.It is only necessary to know that you can choose a regular professional doctors to ensure safety.In addition, it is important to do pussy care in daily life. Keeping clean and hygiene, avoiding the existence of inflammation to make the vaginal dryness, resulting in the increasingly serious relaxation.

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