When "pregnancy" meets "constipation", doing so is smooth like a fairy every day

When many pregnant mothers have time to enjoy the joy of pregnancy, they are defeated by various discomfort during pregnancy, such as pregnancy and constipation.Among them, constipation may be accompanied by the entire pregnancy, and many pregnant mothers are miserable, and they dare not take medicine casually.If the constipation is not handled well, it will cause prolapse, anal fissure, and hemorrhoids. In severe cases, it may also affect the baby’s health.Today, we will teach you a few tips for alleviating constipation during pregnancy. First of all, see why it is easy to make constipation during pregnancy?

1. Physiological changes: In the early stages of pregnancy, the appetite deteriorated and single due to changes in female estrogen hormone in the mother, which caused the gastrointestinal peristalsis and caused constipation; in the middle and late pregnancy, the fetus caused the uterus to compress the intestinal cavity, and the intestinal cavity became narrower.In the end, the poor blood circulation and poor intestinal contraction can also cause the bowel movement to slow down and constipation.

2. Differential lifestyle: due to the increase in food intake after pregnancy, especially the increased nutrients such as protein, and the increase of the basic metabolism of pregnant mothers, if the inadequate intake of water, it is easy to cause constipation.Many pregnant mothers have not exercised much since pregnancy, which has increased the incidence of constipation.

1. Daily conditioning: The staple foods should increase the intake of coarse grains to make thickness, such as making oat porridge, brown rice, and steamed buns; increase the intake of green leafy vegetables, such as spinach, celery, leek, etc.; Fruits should beTake more kiwi, dragon fruit, cooked banana, etc., which helps to alleviate constipation.Usually increase exercise, take more walks, avoid sitting for a long time when you are at home or rest at home, but you can stand up every hour and walk around every hour. Drinking plenty of water is a good choice.

2. Probiotics conditioning: For pregnant mothers with severe constipation, life conditioning should not be blindly used, and it is not recommended to excessive force during bowel movements, otherwise it will cause excessive abdominal pressure and fetus.Pregnant mothers can use probiotics reasonably under the guidance of a doctor. Pay attention to the relevant probiotic choice methods when choosing. You can refer to the previous article.Of course, we should also pay attention to the probiotic formula and pay attention to whether there are raw materials that hurt the fetus. You can choose some probiotics that add chrysanthemum powder.Because chrysanthemum powder is a natural water -soluble dietary fiber, it has a wonderful effect on the treatment of constipation. It can be used by the colon that is beneficial to the use of microorganisms, increases bowel movements, and improves the intestinal environment.

3. Do not buy the stool preparations by yourself: With the development of the Internet, there will be a lot of convenient preparation products. It is not recommended that you buy it yourself, especially the Sanwu products.Even if the person you know is recommended, it is not recommended to buy it at will. Besides, you are in pregnancy, and you should pay attention to anything. You should buy and use the doctor’s advice under the guidance of a professional doctor.Many items that help defecation have the effect of promoting intestinal peristalsis. If you don’t pay attention to it, you will cause diarrhea. This is also harmful to the fetus. It will stimulate uterine contraction. Pregnant mothers should always pay attention.

Pregnancy is the most beautiful and happiest time for each female friend. We should enjoy this process. Of course, some discomfort during pregnancy will affect our mood, but everyone should treat it rationally.Each of our choices and decisions not only affect our health, but also affect the baby in the stomach.Pregnant mothers do not need to think about it when they encounter problems. Babies are more brave than we think. We just need to take it seriously and scientifically.

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