When a woman goes to swimming, she is pregnant. Is this a "legend" or an impossible task?

Is it a legend or a fallacy?

Recently, a domestic website reported that a young woman swims to the public swimming pool and has vomiting symptoms for some time after returning home.The woman then went to the hospital for examination, but found that she was pregnant!Facing the strange vision of family and friends, the woman felt difficult to argue.She said that she had never carried out sexual life during this time. The reason for accidental pregnancy was likely that when she was swimming in the swimming pool, the sperm left by a male sperm in the swimming pool accidentally entered her body.

This bizarre incident immediately aroused strong controversy from netizens. Some netizens said that the probability of pregnancy because of contact with the sperm left in the water during the swimming of women was almost zero; some netizens expressed their sympathy for the woman and suggested that relevant parties recommend relevant partiesCompare the technical means to help the woman find the cause of pregnancy as soon as possible to wash the humiliation of the burden.

Swimming?Probability Mars hit the earth

Will swimming in the public swimming pool really get pregnant?In this question, Mommy Baby Hui Xiaobian interviewed Director Lu Qunying, a well-known gynecological expert. Director Lu said that the normal body temperature of the human body is 36.5-37.0 ° C.3 ℃ -4 ℃ low.The temperature of the swimming pool is generally around 28 ° C.If there are men who can survive the sperm left by the swimming pool, sperm can survive in this environment for about an hour and a half. It coincides with the ovulation period in the swimming pool and the sperm is mistaken in women. Then pregnancy is possible.However, the probability of pregnancy is rare due to this method.

Why is the probability of this swimming pool pregnancy "a thousand years"?Xiaobian talks about things, and you may understand if you look at the sperm "home".

Everyone knows that sperm can be swimming, but its ability to move is very limited, about 3 mm per minute.The huge swimming pool is like the gap between the earth and the solar system than it.Moreover, liquid chlorine is generally disinfected in the pool. In this environment, sperm cannot actually live for an hour.

Furthermore, the water flow generated by people swimming will quickly and dilute sperm. Even if there are really women who just swim, some sperm are lucky to send them into the vagina, which will not have sufficient quantity as they really love and love.It is almost impossible for women to conceive for women who are lucky enough to enter women.The sperm that enters the body must go through the obstacles. First, the headless flies must be trapped in the vagina, and at the same time, it is also swallowed by the female white blood cells.

In the end, it is excluded that the sperm that is faced with the egg is not one.If you can fertilize the egg with one or two sperm, then you think it is too simple -the surface of the eggs has a thick layer of egg hill cells and transparently protects the oval inside.There is no possible sperm for the presence of sperm.A few sperm cannot be blended with the copper wall and iron wall in front.At this point, the sperm army was fascinated.

From this point of view, if you can swim in the swimming pool, you can get pregnant, which makes those couples who have worked hard to prepare for pregnancy, for a few months or even a few years.If there are women who are pregnant after swimming, it can only be a coincidence. The child’s father is also a person around him, not the unknown "hero" in the pool.Swimming causes gynecological inflammation is common

Although the probability of "swimming pregnancy" is very low, it is an indisputable fact that women swimming in the pool can easily cause gynecological inflammation.In summer, the temperature is swollen. Many women choose to go to the pool to play water to avoid summer heat, but an indisputable fact is that the swimming pools in many places at present are in a state of managing chaos: exceeding the standard of bacteria, dirty water, and swimmer infectious diseases.It became a collection of germs.Therefore, women’s swimming should choose a regular governance swimming pool, pay special attention to the quality of the pool water; it is not advisable to swim in the menstrual period, leucorrhea abnormalities, and pregnancy; shower rinse after swimming.

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