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Wednesday, June 30th

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Yu Wei girl

A few months ago, I have been worried about whether the child will be deforming, which is not normal.

The inspection is also done, but still worried.

Although the stomach is not big, he still dreams at night. The child suddenly disappears in the dream. It is very uncomfortable in his heart. It is very uncomfortable. If the child’s affairs are not worried, they start to want to produce money.

After all, there is no job, no income, and owing money.

The hair is getting white, but the work income does not fall. Unlike those who have the ability and ability, you can find a design, creation and the like on the Internet, but you have nothing.

Just look at her husband’s mood.

Some people say that pregnancy is happy.

The same is true.

But the same is true of anxiety.

In other words, the money is not in place.

Someone tells you that this cannot be eaten. That cannot be drinking is the boiling water of cabbage.

The mobile phone cannot be seen, there is radiation.

Yu Wei girl

I was very irritable, and suddenly I added something.

This is a pregnancy, and it is easy to do four dimensions. Children are normal.

However, it is normal for doctors to be standard children.

It was difficult to cook until the next three months to the production period.

Sure enough, the husband didn’t have money.


The head is a good thing. Obviously I know, but without finding a way, I relied on my parents to help.

A better parent is okay. If you do n’t do it, you start to abandon the child to have a lot of birth. There is no need to have a girl. There is no need to have a second child, but that rural people can say that they do n’t have a boy.

Some boys say that men and women are like men and women.

Good words, bad things say it alone.

Therefore, I have always told my husband not to spend his parents’ money.

But the man thought you were provoked, instead of advising him to be independent and become a small home.

I don’t think it is the same place in the countryside, but some people are like that. I can’t wait for children to not show up. As if they had suffered before, I must suffer it again.

Anxiety can only act.

So I made a video and live broadcast at night. Although no one, a penny a day, but I feel that I have income. However, I ca n’t do it for a long time. It ’s not possible to sit for a few hours.

After pregnancy, the physical fitness is too poor and easy to get sick.

During this period, I had a few diseases, and it was not enough to earn it during this time.

But, still can’t be calm.

Some people say that marriage is a practice, and I see pregnancy.

No one helps you share fear, anxiety, and you can’t tell others, you will only get the words of arrogance.

There will be depression, where I cry in an inexplicable night, I do n’t know why, I feel like a fragile doll, and it will break when it touches.

I always feel hungry every day. I ca n’t eat snacks. I ca n’t eat rice. I wake up in the middle of the night and can only drink water.

Inexplicable was edema.

The word happiness does not know where to come from.

When I was anxious, I saw some information. It turned out that some people had no children for a few years or even ten years. Think about it. I am lucky and happy. Although I have no money than others, I do n’t have so much desire.Compared with cars, more than rooms, and income.

There is no more mind again, only children are healthy and joyful.

When I was pregnant, I saw something, and it was impossible to see something.

I used to see a lot of news in the news that pregnant women couldn’t think of it. I didn’t understand it before. I couldn’t think of it, but I suddenly cried yesterday. Suddenly dreamed that she was holding the newborn child, sitting on the window, watching the high downstairs crying, and she was crying downstairs.It was startled and woke up.

The mood is too fragile.

Those who often say that you often say that you often say that you are not good, far away, you won’t think much when you are well, but the pregnancy is too fragile during pregnancy, and you ca n’t think about it at all.

So I insisted on writing. When the child was born on that day, I would see it. It turned out that I would be so fragile, and I couldn’t control to have nightmares in a word.

Some people think he is not bad, but the most vicious words are also said from his mouth. Some people think he is bad, but you won’t say ugly words when you are fragile.

The evil language is cold.

To those "I am not interested, I just speak straight, don’t mind you"

I want to say, I mind, can you shut up and disappear.

Yu Wei girl

Yu Wei girl

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