When does folic acid start to make up and which foods are high?Moms and family members need to understand

Introduction: Many expectant mothers know that they should supplement folic acid when they are pregnant to prevent fetal nerve tube deformities. There are many questions about folic acid, such as: when to start, how to make up, or have there any problems.

Eating folic acid is also particular about. Specific mothers should not eat casually, and prospective dads and family members also learn more about breeding knowledge.

Folic acid, also known as vitamin B9, is a water -soluble vitamin.Because it was originally separated from spinach leaves, it was named "folic acid".

Early pregnancy is a critical period for system differentiation and placenta formation of fetal organs. At this time, if folic acid lacks folic acid in the expectant mothers, it may cause defects in the development of fetal nervous system and even deformities.Therefore, doctors usually recommend that expectant mothers start supplement folic acid from the first three months of pregnancy until they are pregnant for three months.After that, expectant mothers can continue to eat composite vitamins containing folic acid until the end of pregnancy.

If the expectant mothers do not have folic acid before pregnancy, don’t worry too much. Many foods also contain folic acid. As long as the expectant mothers are not too partially picky, they generally have no effect on the baby.

If expectant mothers are serious and picky, they usually do not eat foods rich in folic acid, then they may be in a state of folic acid deficiency.You can go to the hospital to evaluate the level of folic acid in the body and supplement it according to the inspection.

It is generally recommended that expectant mothers supplement folic acid in these two ways: eating folic acid supplements+food rich in folic acid.

1. Folic acid supplement

For most expectant mothers with high risk factors without neurotoma, it is generally recommended that the amount of folic acid intake from the supplement is at least 0.4 mg and no more than 1.0 mg.

Common folic acid supplements include simple folic acid tablets and composite vitamins containing folic acid: there are generally two types of domestic folic acid tablets: 0.4mg and 5mg.It is generally recommended that expectant mothers eat 0.4mg of folic acid every day.If expectant mothers have high risk factors (generally referring to neurotic defects or history of neural tube defects, etc.), it is recommended to eat 5mg of folic acid a day.Composite vitamin refers to a supplement containing folic acid and other nutrients. Generally, there are supplements with 0.4 to 0.8mg of folic acid content to choose from.

Generally speaking, the price of simple folic acid tablets is low, and the price of composite vitamins is high. Which one can be selected by itself.Eat folic acid and composite vitamins, do not eat at the same time.

If the partial eclipse is severe, or because of the worries about the insufficient nutritional intake, you can consider eating composite vitamins.For most expectant mothers, the cost -effective approach is to eat ordinary folic acid tablets from the first three months of pregnancy to pregnancy, and eat composite vitamins after 3 months of pregnancy.

2. Eat foods rich in folic acid

In fact, folic acid exists in various fresh fruits and vegetables and animal liver, such as tomatoes, shiitake mushrooms, spinach and other vegetables that are rich in folic acid, and the content of folic acid in snacks such as peanuts, oats, walnuts, and walnuts cannot be underestimated.Essence

Therefore, as long as the daily diet structure of expectant mothers is reasonable, the cooking is not too much to cook, and the nutritional content of the ingredients is kept, so even if there is no additional folic acid when preparing for pregnancy, it does not need to be too nervous.

The Chinese Nutrition Society recommends daily folic acid intake of 0.6mg during pregnancy. Generally, it can be obtained by eating about 0.2 mg of food rich in folic acid.

Summary some food watches with high folic acid content, I hope to help you expectant mothers.

The expectant mothers who have bought folic acid should have such confusion: the price of folic acid is from a few dollars, dozens to hundreds of dollars. What is the difference between them?How to buy to be the safest and most money?

1. The difference between medicine and health products

There is a small white folic acid, as long as it takes a few dollars, and even community hospitals will distribute this kind of folic acid for free.Because the packaging is simple and too cheap, some expectant mothers will worry about whether this folic acid is not effective.

In fact, this worry is superfluous, because this cheap folic acid is a drug -like product.It is necessary to know that the listing of medicines is very strict. It needs to be tested by animal and clinical layers, and the requirements for production workshops are also very high.The reason why it is so cheap is because the state is controlled by drug prices, especially this drug that can effectively prevent birth defects. The price is too high to be conducive to its popularity.

In contrast, many of the expensive folic acid are health products.The listing standards for health products are not as high as drugs. It does not need to have clear treatment purposes. The main role is to assist and regulate health.

Moreover, because the advertising of health products is much easier than drugs, general health products merchants will invest a lot of costs. In addition, it is not strictly controlled by strict prices, and the price is naturally high.

Therefore, as long as it is a folic acid produced by regular manufacturers, it is supplemented with sufficient amount, and the role of prevention of fetal nerve tube deformity is the same, which has nothing to do with the price.When purchasing, you must recognize the following two signs. "Blue Hat" is a regular health product approved by the State Administration of Market Supervision and Management. The "OTC" logo is a drug -like product approved by the State Drug Administration.

2. The difference between single folic acid tablets and composite folic acid tablets

The cheap folic acid tablets on the market are generally simply supplemented with folic acid, and expensive folic acid products are generally composite vitamins.In addition to folic acid in composite vitamins, there are various vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

It should be clear that only folic acid requires additional supplementation during pregnancy, because there is no way to consume enough folic acid by food supplement, and other nutrients can be supplemented by diet.

Therefore, although composite vitamins are a choice, it is not necessary.If the expectant mother feels that she usually eats a balanced diet, then only a single folic acid tablets can be eaten; if there are not many vegetables and fruits they usually eat, the economic conditions are allowed, and they can be eaten after three months of pregnancy, even from the beginning of pregnancy.Vitamin.

3. The difference between active folic acid and ordinary folic acid

Some expectant mothers will do a folic acid metabolic genetic test during pregnancy. It can diagnose whether folic acid absorbs the metabolism normal, and the active folic acid on the market is a expectant mother who is specifically targeted at folic acid metabolism.

Active folic acid is also called 5-methyl hydrogen folic acid, which is the ultimate form of folic acid absorbed in the human body.Generally, folic acid needs to go through several steps in the human body to eventually become 5-methyl hydrogen folic acid.Active folic acid saves the metabolic steps in the middle, and it can be directly absorbed and used by the body to eat.

However, there are currently no authoritative information that the expectant mothers who have problems with folic acid metabolism must eat active folic acid. According to the suggestions in the "China Clinical Reasonable Supplement of Folic acid Multi -disciplinary Experts", the prospective mothers who have problems with folic acid metabolism can be guided by a doctor to guide the guidance of a doctor.Below, increase the dose of folic acid as appropriate, or extend the time to eat folic acid during pregnancy.

I believe that after reading this article, everyone has a clear understanding of how to save money during pregnancy and save money. If you want to spend money on the blade, you can eat a few cheap folic acid from pregnancy to eat.It can achieve prevention effect; if conditions permit, the diet is uneven, and the vegetables and fruits are eaten less. You can choose to eat composite vitamins from the beginning.

From the perspective of cost -effective, we can choose to eat single folic acid tablets in the first three months of pregnancy to pregnancy, and then change to composite vitamins for 3 months of pregnancy.As for how much you eat, a form of reference for everyone will be sorted by everyone. Specific mothers can choose the appropriate amount to supplement according to their own situation.

In the end, I hope that the prospective dad and family can also understand the breeding knowledge to avoid being stupid when the quasi -mother buy folic acid.

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