When does maternity leave start?

When maternity leave starts to calculate, it is a question that is more concerned about pregnant mothers in work.

"Special Regulations for Women’s Workers’ Labor Protection" (Article 7 of the State Council Order No. 619) stipulates: "Female employees can enjoy 98 days of maternity leave, of which 15 days can be taken for vacation;For each babies, you can increase maternity leave for 15 days. If the female employee has a miscarriage of less than 4 months, he can enjoy 15 days of maternity leave; if you have a miscarriage for 4 months, you can enjoy 42 -day maternity leave. "

Female employees can take 15 days before giving birth, which refers to a vacation of 15 days before the due date, including in 98 days of maternity leave.That is, the 98 -day maternity leave contains 15 days of prenatal leave and 83 -day postpartum leave.

For example, the due date of the pregnant mother Wang was March 20, 2022, and Wang had a maternity leave on March 5, 2022. Wang’s actual delivery date was March 15, 2022.With less than 15 days, the remaining 5 days merged to postpartum fake use.

In other words, the birth date of the pregnant mother Wang was March 20, 2022, but Wang was not in good health. On February 10, 2022, he began to take leave from the company and did not work. Wang’s actual delivery date was 2022 3rd.On the 15th of the 15th, Wang’s actual maternity leave date should be on March 1, 2022, and vacations between February 10 and March 1, 2022 are sick leave.

The number of national leave days in this article mentioned in this article has a reward leave for husbands and wives who have legal fertility children. In addition, the provinces also have reward leave. Take Shandong Province as an example.: "Couples that comply with laws and regulations stipulate that children and wife will increase their maternity leave for 60 days in accordance with the law and give men’s care leave for 7 days." The number of maternity leave days in Shandong female employees is 98 days + 60 days = 158 days.

In addition, in order to ensure the healthy baby’s health, the pregnant mother will conduct various prenatal inspections before childbirth. Article 6 of the "Special Regulations for Labor Protection of Female Workers" stipulates: "Pregnant female employees conduct prenatal inspections during labor time.Time is included in labor time. "

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