When I am pregnant, what is going on with early pregnancy test strips?These knowledge pregnant mothers know good early

Introduction: Does the early pregnancy test paper measure the negatives?Do you really know how to use early pregnancy test strips?

Seeing that a friend consulted, "It is weakly positive for several times with early pregnancy test strips. What is the negative test this time?" Several times in a row is weakly positive.That’s not necessarily. There are many problems that need to be clear.

Several times in consecutive pregnancy test strips, do you several times a day, or have been tested for several consecutive days?What time is measured after the same room?How to use early pregnancy test paper?The situation of this series will affect the test results.

The first may be the failure of conception. If you have a fertilizedness, the pregnancy sac, fetal heart, and fetal buds have not occurred, indicating that it is a biochemical pregnancy.As long as the fertilized eggs are performed, the fertilized egg will secrete HCG, and the weak positive may be detected with early pregnancy test strips.After biochemical, HCG disappears, and early pregnancy test strips will be negative.

If it is tested around 10 days after pregnancy, it is weak after a few times a day. The next day or the next few days is negative, which means that the possibility of failure in conception is very high.If it is tested for a long time after menstruation is delayed, it may be other reasons.

1. The concentration of urine concentration affects the detection results

The highest time of HCG concentration is no morning urine before drinking water, and it is mid -range urine.If you drink water when you pick up the urine, you will dilute the urine. The concentration of HCG will be reduced, and the trial note of early pregnancy will prone to negative results.The sensitivity of early pregnancy test strips is very low. In the early stages of pregnancy, it is easy to be affected by urine specimens.

2. More than MAX cables

When using early pregnancy test strips, the urine cannot exceed the MAX line. If this line exceeds this line, the urine cannot be combined with the glue gold pad with antibodies.Wire.Use early pregnancy test strips, dip some urine, do not throw the entire test strip into the urine cup.

3. Too much detection time

The concentration of HCG has doubled very fast. After a long period of menstruation, the early pregnancy test strip was detected. The HCG concentration is too high, which will cause the hook effect and the result of false negatives.Generally, the test is ideal about one week after the delay of menstruation. The detection is too early, the HCG concentration is too low, the detection is too late, and the HCG concentration is too high to have false negatives.

1. Early pregnancy test strip is uneven

When the early pregnancy test strips are produced, there are many procedures, and step by step, adhesion and drying, basically rely on manual production, which will inevitably occur in batch differences. Some have high sensitivity and low sensitivity.

2. Early pregnancy test strip fails

Early pregnancy test strip is also a biological reagent. It is suitable for 4-30 degrees of light protection, and the validity period is generally 2 years.If high temperature or low -temperature freezing, moisture, etc. will affect biological activity, exceeding the period of validity, activity will decrease, and natural detection failures will occur.So pay attention to check the validity period and pay attention to the preservation conditions to ensure that the quality of early pregnancy test strips is within the controllable range.

In short, it is weakly positive for several consecutive times of test strips. This time is negative. There are too many reasons. You should find the cause from many aspects such as testing time and test strip quality.The new second child Bao Ma, senior childcare teacher, personalized training instructor, Qingyun plan winner, was invited by multiple platforms.Follow me with thousands of mothers to follow me and get more parenting knowledge.

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