When I came to my aunt, there was a "meat piece" in it. Is it sick?

The aunt is normal and abnormal. It is a problem that every woman will care about. Many people will worry about the "indicators" of the aunt’s time and color.

Sister Sister often meets the abnormal sisters of her aunt. For example, when she came to the aunt, she found that there was a "meat piece" inside. I felt very scared. Is it sick?

In fact, this "meat" is not the "meat" in our understanding. In most cases, it should be the endometrium of the uterine, but it is just a big piece.

How did my aunt come?

Everyone on the earth knows that without pregnancy, the endometrium will be updated and shed once a month. The bleeding that occurs during endometrial necrosis is the aunt.

Under normal circumstances, the endometrium is broken and can be absorbed by sanitary napkins or cotton strips, but at some times, there will be some large endometrium blocks, staying on the surface of the aunt towel, or the surface of the cotton strip.As a result, you found it.

If there is no uncomfortable feeling, there is no need to be too nervous. This "meat piece" generally does not affect anything. Pay attention to maintaining good menstrual hygiene and replace the sanitary napkin.

Similarly, "meat blocks" or "blood blocks", none of them can represent "Gong Han".

Auntie’s blood clot, Sister Sister has said many times, in fact, because of the laxylasm in our body, it is not enough.

When the lymphaust is enough, the menstrual blood is not solidified, but if the menstrual flow is large and the lack of laxylasm is not enough, then the aunt’s blood will coagulate and form a blood clot.

Blood blocks generally appear in the first three days of the aunt’s aunt, and the amount will disappear by itself when the amount is less, but one thing needs to pay attention to: that is:

If a lot of blood clots appear every time, you need to consider whether there is too much "menstrual flow", it is best to go to a regular hospital for related examinations.

After all, too much menstrual flow will also affect our health!

There is also a "meat piece" under special circumstances, and Sister Sister wants to remind:

If there is a same room and no reliable contraceptive measures, then when the aunt suddenly changes, you must remember to exclude accidental pregnancy!

For example, the regular aunt suddenly appeared to be postponed. The original amount was small, and suddenly a significant amount was significantly large. It was normal. Suddenly, after the pregnancy test stick was tested, the bleeding accompanied by the occurrence of bleeding accompanied by occurred again."Meat pieces", be careful if you are naturally aborted. For the sake of steady, you still need to go to the hospital to take a look.

After all, some people have no feeling of pregnancy, nor is it as if they are pregnant, just like on TV, and they start to be nausea and vomiting the next day. It is not uncommon to have a natural abortion in the case of pregnancy.

After reading so many "aunt troubles", some are really unnecessary. Although it is concerned about the health consciousness that every woman should have, but sister still wants to say:

Do not have a "excessive law" for your aunt.

After all, the aunt is not a mobile phone alarm. It is related to many factors such as our usual hormonal level, daily life, mood and emotional fluctuations.

For example, suddenly experienced violent emotional fluctuations, quarreled, angry, or in responding to some more stressful situations, such as preparation of exams, high work pressure, etc.Inside, it is also common.

Sometimes, a geographical change suddenly occurs. For example, suddenly going abroad, suddenly from the south to the north to live in the north. The aunt is not very suitable for the time being, and it may become irregular.

Most people’s aunts cycle is basically about 28 ~ 35 days. As long as the overall is maintained in a relatively stable range, there is no need to pursue "come to the point".

Some sisters saw that the aunt was postponed for a day or two, or the premise one day or two, immediately suspected that she was sick, and then pushed the fear of premature ovarian failure, the menopause came in advance, the more I wanted to be overly anxious, the more anxious the auntie auntie, the more anxious Auntie auntie became more anxious.The more you don’t come, it is simply a "vicious circle"!

One day, two days later, it generally does not have any impact on health, nor does it mean that the ovary premature failure. Even a few days in advance in advance, it will not affect the advancement of menopause.When is a person’s menopause coming? The relationship that has been known is related to heredity, not that aunt can be left or right in a few days.

Many non -pathological aunts change often, often temporarily, relax emotional adjustment, maybe next time I will return to normal state.

Another point of note is the color of the aunt.

Some sisters see their aunt’s dark colors and darkness, and they are very scared, especially some micro -quotients in the circle of friends."Posts" are actually IQ taxes.

There are many colors of aunt’s blood. If the amount of blood is relatively small, the color will be darker, the blood volume is more, and the color will be reddish.

Even in the cycle of an aunt, the color that has just begun and is about to end is constantly changing. It may be darker at the beginning and soon.It’s better than dark red!

We should really care about the aunt, but don’t be too anxious because of a little wind blowing. Auntie does not have an absolute "static". You must understand the floating in the normal range, or it can be a normal aunt.

If you really have obvious discomfort, don’t search on the Internet blindly, or go to various beauty salons to "condition", because if it is a disease factors, you must go to a regular hospital for treatment.

Finally, Sister Sister said another sentence:

No matter how many days I have come, no matter what the aunt is, it does not "detoxify"!

No matter how advanced the auntie is, there is no detoxification function. I want to make my aunt healthier, eat well for a good nutrition, and exercise a reasonable regular work, maintain a relaxed and happy mood, than to spend a lot of money to go to all kinds of "conditioning" that is fascinating.It is much more reliable!

I hope that every sister can bid farewell to excessive anxiety and have a healthy aunt. Don’t forget to help Sister Sister watching and praise. Welcome to share it with the needs of the sisters in need!

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