When I found that when I was pregnant, my boyfriend was holding his Baiyueguang to hold a "fake" wedding

This is a wedding in the church. The actor is my fiance, which should be our wedding.

But his first love was about to die. The only wish was to marry him before his death.

So our wedding became their wedding.

I cried and made trouble, but Lu Tao said, "This is the only wish of Yueyue. We just hold a wedding without receiving a certificate. Your status in my heart has not changed."

When Lu Tao put on a wedding ring for the bride, the audience applauded and made a pro -kiss. The bride was shy, and the gone was flying.

I watched Lu Tao hesitating and didn’t move, but the bride slammed his toes, so he kissed him, and he left, but he was kissed.

She held his hand, and he held her waist.

I felt cold hands and feet, and I didn’t think of five years of feelings before his white moonlight.

Our weddings turned into their wedding in front of such tears.

Lu Tao saw me and was a little panicked, and she wanted to come to me subconsciously. Bai Yueguang pulled him and flowed down her cheeks.Beautiful and resentful, like a harem drama.

The guests saw me along her eyes, and the audience was quiet for a moment, followed by all kinds of muttering.

"Who is this? I won’t come to grab my relatives."

"Don’t know, but not the bride is beautiful, it must be a primary three."

"Really disgusting, coming to a good day to make trouble, and I don’t know how to accumulate virtues for future generations."

My genuine girlfriend became a junior, it was ridiculous.

I begged Lu Tao, hoping that he could stand up. At least he explained a few words and told them that he was just a fake marriage. I was his genuine girlfriend and fiancee.

But Lu Tao’s hand was pulled by Bai Yueguang, and dodged to avoid me.

The muttering sound was getting louder, and some guests couldn’t help but get up and prepare to coax me.

What are you looking forward to? As long as he has Bai Yueguang, you will never choose me.

I turned and left.

That night, Lu Tao didn’t come back. Our chat page stayed on what I sent to him. "Go home, there is a great surprise waiting for you."

I want to drink coffee.

When I met Lu Tao for the first time, he invited me to drink his favorite coffee.

We have been together for five years, and I have been with him for five years. Because he liked it, I learned to bake and pull flowers.

At the moment of the coffee entrance, I suddenly realized that there was a small life in my body.Can a baby drink coffee? I don’t know, I didn’t dare to drink.

The next day Lu Tao still didn’t return, but he sent me a bunch of WeChat.

"Let you not come to you, because you, let Yueyue get sick."

"Can you understand something? I said it was nothing to do with Yueyue!"


At that time, Lu Tao’s career was frustrated. I just applied to his company and ran customers with him. The plan was changed overnight.

After his company was running normally, one day we worked overtime overnight, but when dawn arrived, he asked me to go out to me.

I like him, his gentleman, hard work, self -discipline, good -looking.But I was worried that he had misunderstood the relationship between colleagues day and night, and mistakenly thought that the companionship of all night became the feelings of men and women.

But he said, "I don’t know when it started, I am happy to see you laugh, and I want to frown when I see you frowning. Seeing you tell someone to laugh at others, you will feel sour. Just stay with you, as long as you stay with you,The whole heart has been settled. I clearly confirm that I like you, want to become a family with you, and raise future generations. "

At that moment, including the five years in the future, I thought that my dream came true. I would have a lovely child who loved my husband and a happy life.

I know he has a Baiyueguang who goes abroad.

I can accept and allow him to remember the relationship.

I used to think I was the happiest person.

I really think so.

But I did not expect that his Bai Yueguang never went far.

The sky was bright again, and the new day came again.

I packed my luggage and decided to leave him.


Hou Yue said he brought Bai Yueguang home.

Hou Yue asked me why I didn’t take out the momentum of the main palace.

He didn’t know that the so -called Main Palace’s momentum was just looking at where the man’s heart was, where the heart was, and where it was the main palace.

Refers to the deer as a horse and was scolded.I just experienced it.

Hou Yue forwarded their chat records to me. He scolded Lu Tao’s brain to get into the water and let his Bai Yueguang away quickly. Lu Tao replied to him, saying that I was understanding and understanding him. Bai Yueguang needed him.Care.

Hou Yue scolded him who was going to die at home. He could take care of the hospital. He went back to Bai Yueguang and did not like the hospital. The hospital stayed to make her easy to get sick. The doctor also suggested that he was discharged from the hospital for recuperation.He asked Hou Yue to persuade me to spend a lot.

After watching these, I opened the Weibo of Bai Yueguang on the Internet. She really had a significant effect on the "home".The latest Weibo is flowers, steaks, fried dumplings, saying: The beloved person has prepared for me by myself, thank you duck.

I zoomed in the plate of fried dumplings and recognized that Lu Tao gave me a birthday gift last week.

Before his birthday, he asked me what gifts I wanted. I said I wanted to eat dumplings and amaranth fillings. He said that I was so good to support it. I took me to buy amaranth. I didn’t let me do it throughout the process.inside.

He said that I might be too late when I was in my birthday, and I was ready in advance. At that time, I would make dumplings directly for me.We have made an appointment with each other. No one can remember my dumplings, and we have to wait until my birthday.

I saw Lu Tao’s Weibo of her.

It turns out that people with principles will become in the face of Bai Yueguang.

Going down, it was Lu Tao cut her fruit and gave her necklace, bracelets, watches.

The background map is the wedding photo of Bai Yueguang and Lu Tao. Lu Tao embraced her in her arms, and her eyes were pulled with silk.

I touched my stomach and couldn’t help asking what I was.What are you?Is it possible to imagine that the vicious female parties performed in the TV series like that.

I have jumped up and down like a jumping beam clown.

It should really give up Xu Anan.

I decided to call Lu Tao and tell his children’s existence. As the child’s father, he had the right to know the child’s existence.

If he wants this child, he will get half of the support for him. If he doesn’t want it, then I will support it alone.

The phone was connected, it was the voice of a woman, and it was her Bai Yueguang: "A Tao, your phone."

"You pick it up." The sound seemed to come from the kitchen, and the removal machine whispered.

"Pick up, no one speaks."

"Sales, hang it directly."

I heard Bai Yueguang said softly, but did not hang up the phone, but took a few steps to put the phone on the kitchen chopping board.

I was about to hang up the phone and heard Lu Tao ask her, "What’s wrong."

The breath is unstable and intermittent.

"Well, ah ~ people want it." Just listening to the sound, I can imagine how soft Bai Yueguang’s body should be pushed down.

"Be careful, your body is not good." The friction sound rose one after another, and Lu Tao obviously moved.

"Dear me."

For a while, I hung up the phone.

Baby, such a father, you don’t want it.

We don’t want him, OK?

I decided to leave the city with my baby, completely forget everything in the past five years, and re -start.


"Miss, you bleed." A female student pointed at my leg in horror.

"There is no iconic abortion, and the uterus is not harmed. Are you sure there is no obvious pain?" The doctor checked me.

I shook my head, my baby has been obedient, never making me, even now, it is like an unreal holiday.

"Your physical characteristics are very good, very lucky, maybe the child is protecting you, don’t think too much, clean up, you can be discharged from the hospital for two days. Are there any family members?

The baby is gone.

Babies who have been obedient and clever are gone like a holiday.

I can’t accept it.

"Baby, is it because he doesn’t want to come to the world?"

It must be, he has always been obedient, quiet, he heard their live spring palace.

How can I let go of this pair of dogs and women.Never.

I called Hou Yue over. I put the recording to him and told him that I would get revenge, otherwise I couldn’t live, and everyone took what they needed.

But I don’t want to dirty my own hands. Because they are gone, they will never dirty the baby’s reincarnation.

Hou Yue agreed to my plan.

I left the city overnight, and Hou Yue also posted the recording of the live spring palace with my mobile phone to some people.

How could Bai Yueguang think of me recorded, and originally wanted to talk about the child’s custody.I have given up.

One year later, Hou Yue found me in Zhongnan Mountain and told me the follow -up.

He said to Lu Tao himself according to what I said. His parents, including the company’s shareholders, sent this recording, and said that Bai Yueguang staged a live spring palace when he deliberately knew my pregnancy.

Lu Tao has weak sperm, and the baby is so difficult to come. His parents are afraid that everyone wants to tear Bai Yueguang than anyone else.

Lost is always more important than possessed, just like the Bai Yueguang in the past, just like me who could not find Lu Tao.

While they were in trouble, Hou Yue won half of Lu Tao’s shares.From the good brothers of Lu Tao’s subordinates, he jumped into a director who was sitting.

"I didn’t expect it to be so smooth. He really had a bit of affection for you, looking for you everywhere, and almost found your trace."

Fortunately, Hou Yue soothed Lu Tao, saying that I was cultivating, hoping that after Bai Yueguang died, I talked about the things between the two.

"He said that Bai Yueguang Tian Tian said that he was going to die, but every day was not like a short -lived." Hou Yue emoted Lu Tao’s blindness, "When I was fine, people went to investigate her medical history.Yes, but it ’s no problem to raise a good job for ten years and twenty years. Lu Tao was performed by her. It should be that you are going to get married. Lu Tao has a successful career and panic out.Thinking that as long as the investigation is seriously investigated, the drowsiness that will be revealed is pretty good. "

"Really, that blessing, locking." I said lightly.

"I stabbed her out of this. Lu Tao’s entire face changed, like swallowing flies. When they died of trouble, I acquired one percent of the shares again."

There was no filial son in front of the bed, not to mention that Bai Yueguang, who had died early, was trying to take care of it every day, but it was immortal.

"Do you want to help me, if you are willing to go to the company to help me, you can definitely make Lu Tao a dog of a funeral family, so that the pair of dogs and women can’t eat it." Hou Yue explained his intention and repeatedly advised me to go to the company to help.he.

I shook my head and refused, and I didn’t want to mix it to their break.

Hou Yue hesitated many times when he walked, "There is a saying that Lu Tao has always begged me to tell you, I have never said it. He said that recording is a coincidence. He never did something sorry for you."

I laughed, what is right, as long as I don’t go to bed, it is very ridiculous.

I nodded and said that he knew he had sent him away.

Baby, mother has been litting the reincarnation road for you, remember to come back to find mom in the future.

As for everyone else, I forgot.

They are not worthy, not worthy of you, and do not deserve me.

Baby, mother really miss you.

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