When I grow up, I understand the sadness of my aunt: In the 27 years when my cousin left, she had instant noodles in three meals a day.


Just after the New Year of the Lunar New Year in 2000, Minmin’s grandfather died in his sleep.

It was Min Min’s first time to see her aunt Zhou Ping committed madness.

She knelt on the Lingtang while complaining about the death of her died, crying, crying, she was like a evil.

When the outsiders saw it, they watched the lively, but their families knew their families tacitly, as if nothing happened.

Zhou Ping’s son has passed away for almost 10 years. In the past 10 years, Minmin’s impression of his aunt is:

For three meals a day, she is eating instant noodles and poached eggs.

She thought that the aunt also liked the "delicious world". Who knows that it is far less simple.

After Grandpa’s burial, the aunt stopped crying, and everything returned to the original appearance. The crazy woman at the funeral seemed to be everyone’s hallucination …

It’s just occasional, Min Min can still hear the "broken thoughts" of the gods of God:

"If Bao Bao didn’t eat that dumplings, why should I eat instant noodles for so many years …"


Min Min did not see Bao Bao’s cousin after birth. Regarding the Zhou family and cousin, she also heard from her mother.

There are 4 children in the old Zhou family. The aunt Zhou Ping ranked third. Perhaps because of the first girl in the family, Min Min’s grandfather loved her.

Grandpa is a factories director. The family conditions are much better than ordinary people. At that time, everyone in the factory knew that the head of the Zhou factory had a baby cricket.

But in 1965, the aunt’s beautiful childhood stopped abruptly.

In a reconciliation, the leader of the repair factories inexplicably discovered that the account was 2 cents and 5 cents.As the director of the factory, Grandpa naturally became a nail in his eyes.

"Director Zhou, who did this incident, I hope you will bear it first, so that you can keep the rice bowl!"

Grandpa was famous for his stubbornness, and he never admitted that he had never done it. He was forced to be fired from the pressure of public opinion.

That winter, Grandpa rushed to the carriage and left with a family.

They came to a small village under the town, and the family’s family consciousness was particularly strong, so they had to live in a small earth house around, behind the burial post.

The aunt was 6 years old and was about to go to elementary school. However, when he was so tossing, he was soaked in school.

In order to maintain the livelihood of the family, the grandfather and grandfather went down to work, and the laundry and cooking at home all fell on the aunt.

In 1969, Minmin’s mother Zhou Ya was born, and the aunt who brought her child was taken for granted.She was unwilling, but there was no way.

However, what makes the most unacceptable auntie is that when I saw Zhou Ya grow up day by day, the two elder brother who was studying abroad suddenly said that Zhou Ya would be sent to the school, and the aunt was unbalanced as soon as he heard it.

Since his grandfather left the repair factory, he rarely paid attention to his children’s lives. He also had the default attitude towards Zhou Ya’s school.

The aunt was not his brother, and he dared not violate his father’s intention, so he had to swallow it.

In 1980, the account gap in the factory was finally found out. They felt sorry for the Zhou family, and let Min Min’s grandfather continue to be the director of the factory, and also divided him to three soil houses.

Since then, there have been several strange men who have been in the same difference between the old Zhou family, and the aunt sat aside and said nothing.

At this time, the aunt was 20 years old. She had long grown into a tall girl, and her two dark and thick twisted braids dangled on her shoulders, looking very spirit.

But there are many people who talk about her gossip behind, because she hasn’t been in school, and she doesn’t know one in big characters.

Later, there was a dark -skinned man at home. He wore a blue coarse gown and smiled to his teeth.

"Zhou Ping, this is Yu Baisheng, the son of Master Yu in our factory, he was very powerful, and won the ‘Advanced Personal" award twice in a row "!

Grandpa was very satisfied with Yu Baisheng and felt that he had a future, and every time Yu Baisheng came to Zhou’s family, he would bring a few bottles of wine at hand. Between one or two, he became a frequent visitor at home.

After the Mid -Autumn Festival, the aunt was married. The other party was Yu Baisheng. She didn’t say anything. Anyway, her life was never the master, and she had no other selectivity.

Just from that, the life of the family has changed …


After the aunt got married, she moved to the employee dormitory of the repair factory with her uncle, and her life was quite happy.

However, in less than half a year, the repair factories have launched a layoffs due to poor benefits, and the employee dormitory must also pay the house on a monthly basis.

Because his uncle had just won the "Advanced Personal" award, the factory had to let him make an example and list his name directly in the layoff list.

It happened that the aunt was pregnant at this time. In order to stabilize the income, her uncle set up a repair stall at the south gate of the repair factories.

In June 1981, her aunt was pushed into the delivery room. She was tortured by pain for 18 hours because she had dystocia.Seeing this, my uncle was named "Bao Bao".

The arrival of Bao Bao added a lot of fun to this family, but no one expected that in the future, he would become a "scar" of the aunt and even the entire Zhou family.

Two years later, the repair factories were "yellow", and many workers began to set up stalls.

The eldest aunt saw that her husband’s business was not as good as before, and he became a "bottle washing worker" in the winery near home. It could make a day of washing a day.

Although the life of the family is a lot of difficulties, Bao Bao also grows healthy to 8 years old.

He has been sensible than his peers since he was a child. Sometimes his aunt was busy and went back once a day, let alone his uncle, so he often stimulated a meal.

Sometimes when you are really hungry, go to Dad ’s car repair stall and ask for money to buy a bag of vegetable instant noodles.

The yellow -green bag, which says "Beef Noodles" on it is Bao Bao’s favorite, his biggest wish is to eat bowl noodles in pain.

However, in the situation at home, he usually only eats half and leaves the rest to his parents after get off work.

In 1991, Zhou Ya was born with a serious illness and was abolished.

Later, with the help of her parents, she settled in the town and asked her family to eat dumplings together.

At that time, every household had a very difficult life. Dumplings were usually eaten only during the Spring Festival.

Zhou Ya started to shout from house to house. When she came to the aunt’s house, the convenient dregs on the ground came into her eyes, and the Baobao sitting on the ground was crying and crying.

"Auntie, I want to eat instant noodles after eating, my mother hit me."Baobao saw Zhou Ya’s nest in her arms and looked at her mother timidly.

"You have eaten, you still practice that bag of instant noodles. If you are hungry tomorrow, you have to buy it. Do you have to spend money?"The aunt was going to continue to fight with the burea.

"Sister, isn’t it just a bag of instant noodles? My family made dumplings today, and I took my child to dinner." Zhou Ya hurriedly protected Bao behind.

"Don’t bother you, his dad has no point back, and I still have a job today."

After listening to my mother, Bao Bao’s smiling face then disappeared. Poorly pulled the sleeves of the second aunt, and said nothing.

"Not troubles, I take him, your portfolio is waiting for me to send the bouring insurance."After listening, the aunt had to respond, and repeatedly told Baobao: "Your second aunt’s body is just right, you can’t add chaos."

As soon as the mother’s words fell, Punbao pulled the second aunt and ran to the house.As soon as they entered the door, the son’s son was about to go out to play with Bao Bao. Zhou Ya told them to pay attention to safety and go home early for dinner.

Who knew that after a while, Liang Liang cried and ran back by himself: "You go! Baobao was buried by the soil in the back mountain, I’m afraid …"

Before Liang Liang finished speaking, Zhou Ya and his brothers ran back to the mountains, and they climbed to the sudden extra soil dumps and dug down.

A light yellow sweater gradually leaked, and then they saw the small face of Bao Bao.

Everyone knows that in this environment, Bao Bao is basically not alive, but no one is willing to accept reality.

That day they sent Bao Bao to the best hospital in the county. The uncle sat at the door of the rescue room and rubbed his face. The aunt ran over half of the wine bottles and cried and shouted:

"Why don’t you obedient, why do you have to eat that dumplings!"

Zhou Ya was crying silently on the ground, and she didn’t raise her head for a long time …

Later, the uncle buried the bouring bour on the east side of the repair factories. It was the starting point of their family’s life, but now it has become the "end point" of Baobao.

This incident has stimulated the auntie. Since Baobao walked away, she was crazy. She often said nothing about nonsense and did something "crazy".

One day, the aunt suddenly ran to the east gate. When she was passing by a bridge, she sat directly on the fence, and her feet were hanging.

The uncle followed her, and did not dare to approach her, so she shouted Zhou Ya and her husband. It was the first time that the two sisters met after the Insurance.

As soon as the aunt saw her sister, she scolded:

"If it wasn’t for you to burea to eat dumplings, he lived well now! I won’t let you live well in my life.Just strangle you! "

The winter in the north was cold, and the cold wind screamed passed. Zhou Ya wrapped his clothes and listened to the cursing of his aunt.

After a long time, my aunt was tired, and she jumped off safely from the fence. The uncle left her, but they did not go home, but went to the mental hospital.


The aunt was treated there for half a month, and her crazy problem had never been committed, but she was like a walking dead all day long, as if nothing had happened.

In the winter of 1992, the aunt was pregnant again, and her uncle felt a long time of joy.

Through the check -up, the doctor worriedly ordered the aunt: "You are now an elderly mother, and the previous spirit has been stimulated. If you want to keep this child, be careful."

Strangely, since the child is pregnant with this child, everything is more powerful than before.Wash the sheets and clothes once every two days, and when it is snowing in winter, go to the yard to pick water.

The uncle couldn’t persuade, and the aunt didn’t listen, and her body seemed to have endless energy.

Until one day, the thick ice was ended outside. The aunt secretly took the burden to pick the water in the courtyard, but accidentally fell.Blood flows to the ground, and the child is gone.

My uncle asked anxiously: "You have worked hard since you were pregnant, and never thought about children."

Auntie said coldly: "I don’t want this child, he is not a bouring bour. I want Zhou Ya to live in guilt for a lifetime, so that everyone can’t forget the bouring bour."

For a moment, my uncle was creepy, and all the forbearance and grievances burst out at this time:

"Zhou Ping, you are so terrible, I don’t know you anymore, let’s divorce."

In the evening, my uncle cleaned his luggage and left the house. The honest man never appeared again.

The aunt was still the same as before, washing the bottle in the winery. Although he hated Zhou Ya in his heart, the sisters did not break the relationship.

In 1994, Zhou Ya gave birth to Min Min. The aunt ran to Minmin three days to Minmin, but she would talk about Zhou Ya from time to time:

"If the Bao Bao is still alive", "If he didn’t go to eat that dumplings" …

Zhou Ya said nothing. Every time she listened patiently, "Zhou Ya, in fact, I know that this thing can’t be blamed for you.

In Minmin’s memory, she has been very good to her since she was a child, because she could eat the favorite instant noodles and poached eggs with her aunt three meals a day.

She thought that the aunt was like herself, and she had a common "taste bud". She didn’t understand her sadness until she grew up. Perhaps it was just the "rough rice" that auntie needed herself.

As soon as the lunar calendar passed in 2000, Grandpa died in his sleep. It was Min Min’s first time that he saw a aunt who committed a madness.

One month later, the aunt left her hometown. Before leaving, she gave her 50 yuan and said, "I want to go to Beijing with that person, don’t find me."

Later, through inquiries from many parties, I knew that the person was Dong Mingshan, a technician in the winery, and divorced a long time ago.Dong Mingshan loved to drink, drunk with a wine bottle all day.

The family members were even more worried about it. Fortunately, it didn’t take long. The aunt called the small shop at the door of the house. I heard that everything was good, and everyone could rest assured.

In 2004, the Chinese economy was gradually developed. Minmin’s home was in a phone call. His mother wanted to contact the aunt several times, but every time he dialed the number, he hung up quickly.

Min Min knew that she had no courage to face her aunt, but she always had a stomach to her aunt.

Auntie once told Minmin that Beijing was about to hold a sports meeting. I heard that it was particularly big and beautiful there, and it sounded that the aunt was really good.

It wasn’t until 2016 that Minmin and his classmates were selected by the department to participate in the exchange meeting in Beijing. Only then did they know that the life in the mouth of the old aunt was not the case.


When she went to Beijing, her mother gave Min Min a letter saying that she secretly stuffed her to her aunt’s bed.

On the way to Beijing, Min Min got a phone call for the elderly aunt. The aunt was not as happy as she imagined.

"I tell you how to go, you come, your aunt can’t pick you up."

Min Min transferred to the subway according to the instructions, and took two hours of buses to come to the aunt’s house.

It was a ten -square -meter tile house. It seemed that it would collapse at any time. In July, the hot Beijing was breathless. The aunt’s home had only one fan and a general full of instant noodles.

"Min Min, the aunt’s house has nothing, you live for a day."

Later, with the aunt’s notification, Minmin learned that the aunt had changed into a rheumatism in the past few years, which was the disease that her uncle sold blood for her.

However, Uncle He hit her when he was a "alcoholic". The aunt was soft and felt that he had lost him when he left him.

That night, Auntie cried for a long time holding Min Min, as if the grievances of many years finally found the vent.

"Auntie, go home, go back at least your familiar environment."

On the next day, Min Min secretly put the letter under the aunt’s mattress, and said to his aunt "no tune".

Because she didn’t know where she was familiar with the aunt, and where she was the place where her heart was peaceful.

Unexpectedly, in 2018, Auntie and Xin uncle Guo Zhen returned to his hometown.In a place in the town, they were about to be demolished and rented a small earthen house.

I took a sketch with my aunt and could receive 500 yuan per month. The new uncle also became a security guard in a supermarket.

Because the aunt’s illness needs to be treated for a long time, the economic situation in the family is difficult to support, and I have asked people to ask people to ask for a subsidy of 40,000 yuan.

However, the joint signature of the husband and wife of the exclusive family can be handled.

Later, Yu and his mother found Yu Bai Sheng in Shanxi. He had remarried. The two saw goodbye after many years, but for that subsidy.

Afterwards, Yu Baisheng invited auntie and Dong Mingshan to eat together. The aunt decisively refused. Perhaps in her heart, she still did not let go of the resentment and pain in previous years.

In the lunar calendar in 2019, the aunt’s subsidy came down. She set up a three -star hotel in the town and said that she would ask everyone to eat it fiercely.

At the dinner table, the aunt was drunk, and the uncle was abolished before leaving her home.

I wonder if my aunt is dreaming or what, suddenly said:

"Zhou Ya, I want to go home, Bao Bao left for 27 years, and I decided to let you go."

Everyone was silent, and only the aunt grabbed Min Min’s hand and continued to mumble:

"Min Min, put a bowl of instant noodles for the aunt, and the couplet at the door also posted it with me. There was no taste of years when I went home."

There is indeed Zhang Yilian on the table, which says: "The door welcome the wealth of the blessing people, and the households are happy."

In addition, the aunt also prepared the blessing and the fighting side, which was all readily available. It seems that she was ready to go home for the New Year.

Later, according to her mother, in the 27 years of my cousin, her aunt had eaten instant noodles for 27 years, and she stopped eating after she relieved it.

After listening to the full story, Minmin knows what is convenient for the aunt.

But that mother gave a letter to the aunt, she did not know what she wrote in it until now …

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