When I saw my husband derailed during pregnancy, I bleed my bleeding. In a coma, he heard him say: Take the opportunity to kill her


She doesn’t know who she is.

When you open your eyes, you can see the white ceiling, accompanied by a pungent disinfection water smell.

There was a man sitting next to him, his hair was messy, his wrinkled clothes were a little messy, and even the chin and the newly emerged huh scum. The original eye -catching eyebrows were red at this time, with blood in the eyes, and a soul -lost soul.gas.

Seeing that she woke up, the man said with a slightly dumb voice: "You wake up clearly, I heard Yuzhou said, Gu Yan died to save you."

"Who is Gu Yan?" She heard a little tender voice with a little shock.

The man frowned and looked at her: "What happened to you, did you hurt your mind?"

"Gu Yan, it’s your best friend."

She was checked by a doctor who was called by a man, and the white two puppets seemed to show his authority: "It may be too frightened and short -term amnesia."

"How long does it take to recover?" The man frowned.

"This … it’s hard to say, it depends on her personal recovery."

The man nodded at him: "I know, thank you."

Then the group of doctors left the ward.

She looked at the man blankly, and she didn’t even know who he was.

The man took a deep breath and introduced it to her: "I am Ji Zixiao, your brother. You are Ji Qingqing. He was rescued from a car accident, but Gu Yan, who had a car accident with you, died."

The voice of a man was a bit low, his eyes were red, and his hands were trembling slightly.

"What happened that car accident?"

After listening to him, her heart was slightly sour, as if the accident happened in front of her.

"I don’t know, but I just listened to Gu Yan’s husband Yu Zhou said that the three of you were in the car when the incident happened. Gu Yan asked him to save you first, but after he rescued you, the car was already because ofThe oil leak was severely exploded. "

He described slowly and calmly, but his hands on his knees faintly emerged.

"What is your relationship with Gu Yan?"

He froze, and then shook his head: "It’s just because of your relationship."

She looked at his pale face and was silent after thinking about it.

For a long time, he said again: "After two days, Gu Yan’s funeral is, and you will participate with me when you get better when you get better."


She responded lowly, her palms were stirred together in the quilt, and she could not help but feel a little bit disturbed.


She has imagined many kinds of Gu Yan, either tender and cute, or bright and touching.

Because she once looked at her face with a mirror, she was the kind of beautiful and charming look, then Gu Yan, who was with her, should also be a glorious person.

But she never thought she was so gentle and beautiful, and the black and white statue revealed a beautiful and dignified taste.

So she couldn’t imagine how she and Gu Yan were a good friend who was a good friend.

There are many people who come to the funeral. It seems that she is very popular during her lifetime.

Ji Zixiao led her to see Gu Yan’s parents. It was a pair of gentle temperament. At this moment, she also revealed her face.

She listened to Ji Zixiao. Since Gu Yan’s marriage, their companies have handed over the hands of Gu Yan’s husband Yu Zhou.Gu Yan’s funeral, they couldn’t even see her last.

When the two old people saw her, they didn’t blame more. Instead, they comforted: "You don’t have to blame yourself too much. We all listened to Yuzhou. After all, the situation at that time was more dangerous.It is better to come down than three people. The words have always been so big. "

Talking, the two old people couldn’t help but sorrow from it, and couldn’t help crying and wept.

Listening to the gentle voice of the elderly, her confusion and gaps for many days seemed to have found a vent at this moment. There was a panic acid in her heart, and her eyes couldn’t help red.

The two elderly people can see that they have been well -maintained well, but at this moment, they seem to be much older, full of whiteness and faltering.

She couldn’t help but feel a feeling of guilt. Although she couldn’t remember her feelings for Gu Yan, the daughter cultivated by such a well -known elderly must be excellent.

She stretched out her hand silently and hugged them, as if silently passeding their strength to them, and the intimacy of the old man made her feel very sad and sentimental.

The funeral began.

Under the mourning mourning of the church, the atmosphere on the field became thicker, and many people were whispering.

After the funeral, everyone went to the banquet of the hotel according to the arrangement. The people at the same table always mentioned her and Gu Yan from time to time.Her amnesia is not easy to mention to everyone. After she was busy handling her hands, she simply excused her toilet.

After waiting for a long time, it was estimated that it was almost about to end the toilet.

As a result, I didn’t take two steps. The door of the corridor suddenly opened, and one hand stretched out and dragged her in.

She was so scared that she wanted to call someone, but the man quickly reached out and covered her mouth quickly: "Baby, don’t call me, it’s me."

"Who are you?"

She stared at the blurred figure in the darkness, and dared to come up with her?

But listening to the tone, why is it so like a lover?She didn’t listen to Ji Zixiao that she still has a boyfriend, and is it necessary to sneak like it?


The lamp in the room was shined, and a man with a clear -looking man looked at her with a smile, and slowly let go of her hand covering her hand.

She turned around and thought about it. It was better not to reveal her amnesia.

But I didn’t expect the man to hug her directly and kissed her directly.

Her face pushed him away white, and she didn’t know what to say: "No, don’t."

"What’s wrong?" The man was puzzled.

"This is still on the banquet of other people’s funerals." She forced herself to calm down.

"Oh," the man laughed, "Are you afraid?"

She didn’t know how to get back for a while, so she had to bow her head and silent.

"What’s so scared? Everyone is dead."

She looked up at him "", and her lips trembled a little. What did this person say?

"Come on, let me kiss, I haven’t touched you for a long time." The man had to kiss her again regardless of her struggle.

"Don’t come! Who are you? I don’t know you!" She finally shouted at his chest.

At first glance, this man had a close relationship with her, but since she woke up, she had never seen him, and she hadn’t even listened to Ji Zixiao. People who had such a relationship with her reasoned that she should not come after her accident.The hospital looked at her, unless the person’s identity was wrong.

She wanted to observe the person again, but now he is going to look up to her, and she has to expose her amnesia.

The man stopped, stared at her for a few seconds, and then laughed again: "Your way to pretend to have amnesia is good, it saves a lot of trouble."


She frowned and looked at a self -righteous look. He thought she was pretending?Why is he so confident?Also, what does he mean?

Before she argued, Ji Zixiao’s voice came from outside the door, and she immediately looked at the man who was blocking the door nervously.

The man didn’t say anything, shrugged, and moved away: "It seems wrong, you go out first."

She glanced inexplicably, no matter why he suddenly put her, she hurried out when she opened the door.

When she came to Ji Zixiao, she felt so relieved.

"Where have you just gone? So long?" Ji Zixiao looked at the door she ran out.

She also looked back. The man didn’t come out, and it should be hiding behind the door.

"Uh, a little tired, I found a room to rest." She lied subconsciously.

He frowned: "Don’t run blindly, you don’t know the people here, what should I do if something goes wrong."

"Well, I know," she nodded obediently and quickly shifted the topic. "Are you all over?"

"Almost, let’s go with Gu Yan’s parents."


She followed him and walked into the hall. The people in the hall were almost gone before they went to Gu Yan’s parents to say goodbye.

In the greetings, a man came over, and nodded towards them. To be precise, it was Ji Jizi nodded: "I will send the second old to go back first, and you are slower."

"Okay." Ji Zi, Xiao Xiao.

The man Swen said goodbye to them politely, and helped the old man to leave.

She stiff her legs and stared at their back.

"Who is this person? Why didn’t you hear you mentioned?" Her voice had a hint of shaking.

"Didn’t I mention it to you?" Ji Zixiao frowned, "He is Gu Yan’s husband, Yuzhou."


Ji Qingqing has always believed that she and Gu Yan are the best girlfriends and closest friends.

Everyone told her like this.

Ji Zixiao told her that Gu Yan and her had known each other since she was a child. As well as her parents regarded them as their relatives and sisters, she provoked Gu Yan and covered her in front of her parents.Back in the pan, they are like comrades -in -arms who have tacit understanding. They fought again and again in front of their parents.

At the dinner table a few days ago, those students who had told her before that when they were at school, they were so unable to distinguish them.When she took the exam, Gu Yan gave her a small copy. When Gu Yan was harassed by the boy, she came forward to drive her away. When others mentioned one of them, they would think of another, as if they were integrated.

So, so so good, why would she have a leg with Gu Yan’s husband …?

Even … she didn’t dare to think down, what kind of person she couldn’t think of the previous Ji Qingqing, and what kind of attitude did Gu Yan hold?Is it fake in the eyes of others?

"What are you thinking? Recently, his expression was so embarrassed?" On the dining table, Ji Zixiao shook his hand in front of her.

She returned to God, looked at him, and stopped talking.

"What’s wrong?"

"You know, Gu Yanhe … how did her husband know?"

Ji Zixiao’s hand was meal, and then answered casually: "I heard that he was the senior of your you. Gu Yan fell in love with him at first sight, and you helped her chase him."

She "oh", lowered her head, and didn’t know if it was food.

"Well, Gu Yan is a pity. He is so young, so talented, well -behaved, how can you say it is gone." The parents on the opposite side also talked.

"Dad, mom, I’m full." She put down her chopsticks and got up to the upstairs.

"Two days later, Gu Yan’s parents returned to China and told us to go to their house for a meal." Ji Zixiao said in the back.

She paused her feet upstairs, and then said, "I know."

Back to the room to close the door, she was a little bit up and always felt something happened.

At night, she couldn’t sleep, got up to drink water downstairs, and saw Ji Zixiao’s right downstairs, bare up her body, a long scar stunned in her waist, looking a little scary.

"elder brother……"

Ji Zixiao saw her a little embarrassing, and her face was slightly embarrassed: "Go down to drink water?"


"Go to bed quickly after drinking, I go up first."


She looked at the back of his escape, and didn’t ask much.

When she returned to the room, she suddenly heard someone calling her. She swept the dim room again without seeing anyone.

But that voice became clearer in the room: "Qingqing, Qingqing …"

She looked away, and saw herself standing in front of the dressing mirror, her hair was scattered and her face was pale.

Suddenly, the charming face in front of her eyes turned into Gu Yan’s face.She stared at the beads, her red lips opened, and she was no longer her gentle and gentle look, and her voice was stern: "Ji Qingqing! You return me to my child! Give me back my child!"

She took a step back in fright: "You, who are you, no, no, I don’t know you!"

"Hahahahaha," her voice was sharp, "I’m here to find you! I want your blood debt!"

"No, no, I don’t know anything! You go away!" She waved her hands and tried to throw away the figure in the mirror.

Suddenly, the sound stopped, and the room was a bit quiet.

She looked up at the mirror carefully.In the mirror, her face was pale.

She exhaled.But the next second, she found that the face in the mirror suddenly became embarrassing, and her lips started to speak one by one: "Why are you not dead! The person who should die is you, you!"

"Ah!" She screamed, her lips trembled, "No, don’t say, stay, stay, stay!"

She smashed on the mirror with one hand, the mirror was broken, and the blood flowed slowly from the top, stained her face.



"Ah?" She came back and found that Gu Yan’s mother was looking at her whispered, "What’s wrong?"

"Why did this child be so embarrassed for so long? I asked you what to drink?"

"Ah, thank you Auntie, just come myself."

"Okay, you are free, I’ll go to the kitchen to see."


She raised her head and saw Ji Zixiao next to her.She called a few times before he responded: "What’s wrong?"

"What are you drinking? I’ll give you down."


She got up and poured him a glass of water, added a piece of lemon inside, handed it to him, and then sat down opposite him.

Ji Zixiao held the water in her hand for a while, looking at her a little silent.

"What’s wrong?" She looked inexplicably.

He lowered his eyes: "Every time I come here, Gu Yan just soakes me with such a glass of lemonade, and then sit on your current seat."

After listening, she froze and suddenly felt like a needle felt.

Fortunately, at this time Gu’s doubts rescued her: "Well, where did this spoon put? How can I find …"

"Aunt I know where I know, I’ll find it for you." She said, and then ran away.

I found the spoon and handed it to Mother Gu.

"Uh, uh." She froze for a moment, then nodded vaguely.

How can a amnesia answer this question?She just knew where she was subconscious, was she left by her previous memories?

She went out of the hall and sat next to Ji Zixiao, and saw that he looked strangely: "What’s wrong?"

Ji Zi Xiao shook his head: "After Gu Yan got married, you almost didn’t come to her house to find her. Almost all of them were outside. You haven’t been here a few times. How can you have an impression of here?"

The expression on her face was unable to solidify, and her hands were trembling with a hint of not detecting.

"Click …"

At this time, the door was open by the door, and everyone’s eyes were attracted to the past. When she was fortunate, she looked up at the figure at the door suddenly.

"Yuzhou is back, just happen to have a meal." Gu’s mother greeted.

Yuzhou glanced at her without a trace, and then responded gently: "Okay, come right away."

Several people sat down by the dining table. She deliberately picked a position far from Yuzhou, minimized the sense of existence, and lowered her head to eat silently.

"Well, when did Qingqing not eat celery as before?" Gu mother looked at the celery picked by her bowl and puzzled.

After hearing, she was stiff at the celery’s hand, and she was so nervous that she couldn’t know how to answer.

For a while, the atmosphere of the dining table was a little cold.

In the end, Yu Zhou made a sound for her: "Mom, they have been with each other for a long time, and they have been infecting each other’s habit of each other. There is nothing strange."

"Oh, too." Gu mother nodded, and didn’t say anything.

She looked at Yuzhou’s eyes handed to her with peace of mind. For a while, there was a mixed taste. I don’t know how to face him. I turned her head to avoid his eyes, but she saw Ji Zi Xiao Wang’s eyes, which meant.Unknown, she immediately bowed her head and chopped the rice immediately, and the taste was chewing wax.

After a meal, she found an excuse to slip upstairs and avoid everyone.

She came to the room of Gu Yan’s life, and there were many photos of her everywhere here. It seemed that she was a person who liked to take care of it.

Just as she looked at her wedding photos on the wall, there was a noise from the door.

She turned her head, saw Yuzhou’s door opening, and locked the door backhand.She couldn’t help but startle: "What are you going to do?"

He smiled and walked towards her: "What do you say I want to do?"

She watched his getting closer and closer, and couldn’t help but feel: "Don’t mess around, everyone is still downstairs."

"What are you afraid of, they won’t come up. Besides, it’s not more exciting here." He stood in front of her, looking at her with a smile.

She was shocked: "How can Gu Yan like someone like you?"

"Oh, but she misunderstood me to save her, so she has been dead to me. This kind of rich lady of the rich people is too stupid. I heard that the person who really saved her was still lying in the hospital for half a year."

She looked at him with a serious answer, and could not help but be caught in his arms as soon as he didn’t pay attention: "Come, don’t mention her! We might as well do something more interesting …"

Speaking of her hands, she touched her chest.

"What are you doing? Don’t forget that you are Gu Yan’s husband!" She yelled struggling.

"Oh?" He laughed, as if he heard something big joke. "You don’t say that when she was not dead, now I died, but reminded me of this identity?"

She looked at his teasing face, and suddenly a little panicked: "What are you talking about? I don’t understand!"

"Don’t act, just play again."

"Who played it?"

He loosened her, frowned, and looked at her up and down, and then smiled suddenly: "The performance is really like, I almost believe it."

"I really don’t remember anything!" She collapsed.

"Oh, is it?" He looked at her suddenly with a smile, "Then let’s remembers the scene that day."

Speaking of him to push her to the bed, he was going to take off her clothes.

"What do you want to do! You are scum! Beast!" She struggled in horror.

"People? Beasts? Well, it didn’t say that when you climbed into my bed that year."

"You are nonsense! I don’t!" She was shocked, so angry that he slapped him.

"His, you woman!"

She pushed him away while he was in pain and was far away from him.

Yuzhou was also angry with her: "How? Now that people are dead, they start turning their face? Don’t forget how you were discovered in this bed with me that day!"

"You stop your mouth! It’s not me!" She was shivering, and she smashed him at him.

Yu Zhou was unable to dodge, was hit her forehead, and she was also hot now. She laughed at her: "I want to shirk the responsibility now? No door! Don’t forget, the accident of the car, it was you planned in one hand!"

"The person who killed Gu Yan is you!"


In the evening, she had a nightmare.

In the dream, she saw Ji Qingqing, who had been hiding in Gu Yan’s huge halo.

"Look at the people Gu Yan, which grade is not the first grade? Look at you again, you will count the countdown all day long, you don’t know how to learn from others!"

"Who is the one who follows Gu Yan’s ass all -day? Seeing her sticking to Gu Yan."

"It seems to be … what is called clear? I do n’t know! It is estimated that when the family Gu Yan achieved good and beautiful, it was sticking to him, and Gu Yan was so good -beings."

"Yu, senior … I, I like …"

"Are you the girl who has always followed Gu Yan? Does this love letter told you to give me? Tell her, I accepted it, she would be my girlfriend in the future."

Numerous people’s face appeared in her dream.Parents, classmates, Yuzhou … everyone’s words pierced into her mind like a needle, and then the picture turned, she saw Gu Yan’s face.

She stood in their bedrooms and looked at her and Yuzhou, her face was painful and unbelievable.

Then she saw that her lower body was lying under the stairs with blood, her eyes closed, her face was desperate.

In the end, she hated the face in the car full of fireworks, and her words: "Ji Qingqing! I will not let you go! I cursed you, lived a life, forever and forever!"

"Life life, eternal life and life, you must not die!"

Her words are always reincarnation in her dreams.

Then she woke up.

She knows who she is.

She is Gu Yan.

That’s right, the one in the dream, Gu Yan who was dead.

She remembered everything, about Gu Yan’s memory.

That day, she watched her parents return home in advance from abroad, and then found Ji Qingqing and Yuzhou, who had a secret family in her house.She was anxious for a while, and fell down the stairs with her entanglement and fainted on the spot.

Then she was in the car when she woke up, and her lower body continued to flow.She knew that the children in the belly could not be kept, but did not expect to hear that the two of them had a vicious plan to design a car accident, causing the illusion that she died unexpectedly, and then swallowed their industry!

But she couldn’t help it, watching them leave her on the bottom of the car, and then fled, leaving only her despair and resentment in the rolling smoke, and was eventually swallowed by the fire.

Although she didn’t know why her soul was attached to Ji Qingqing, where the real Ji Qingqing went … but these are not important. It is important that she is now back. God gave her such an opportunity and revenge.

Now that Ji Qingqing has disappeared, there is only one Yuzhou, and she will definitely let her taste the pain, and return it to him a hundred and thousands of times!


The next day, she was cold when she went downstairs, and the temperament of the whole person changed, as if the revenge messenger returned from hell, the parents on the side were shocked.

When she passed by the living room, she couldn’t help but turn around and looked at Ji Zixiao, who was sitting on the sofa.

He was holding a delicate porcelain doll in his hand, and looked at her with a closer look like her.

"What are you doing?"

"Huh?" He came back and looked up at the various porcelain dolls on the table, and his eyes could not help but softly. "Gu Yan used to like this kind of porcelain doll.Now that she is gone, a person must be lonely there. I want to put these to her tomb and accompany her. "

After hearing it, she couldn’t help but be stunned. It turned out that from the past to the present, only him has always been concerned about herself.

He didn’t send it out.He gave her a few, and she confiscated it after receiving a few times.

At that time, she already knew his heart, but was blinded by Yuzhou at that time, and dared not accept his goodness, and even kept hiding in him.

Think about it now, and still feel guilty to him.

Ji Zixiao also ignored her with a complicated face behind her, stood up and leaned down to clean up the things on the table, and inadvertently exposed the scar on her waist that could not help but think of anything.

"Listen to your parents, do you live in the hospital for half a year before? Is it related to the scars on this waist?"

"Ah," he packed his hand, then straightened up, turned his head to look at her, "Actually, there is nothing, she is gone anyway, telling you that it is left by the rescue of Gu’s words."

With a shock in her heart, she dragged his hand: "When is it?"

"Hmm … she will be in her freshman year."

"Then why don’t you say? She didn’t know anything, and even thought …"

He didn’t wait for her to finish, and he smiled and interrupted her: "What is good to say? She is fine."

She looked at his gentle smile, her eyes couldn’t help but flushed, grabbing his hand, and she didn’t say a word.

It turned out that she had been looking for the wrong person.The savior she thought she had been with her silently with her.It is ridiculous that she also recognizes the person who has always been having her property as him.

Thinking of this, her eyes could not help but be fierce.The bastard of Yuzhou was lied to her from beginning to end, and she wanted him to pay for it!

"What’s wrong?" Ji Zixiao looked at the expression on her face was unpredictable and could not help but worry. "Is it uncomfortable?"

"It’s okay," she loosened his hand and looked at her with clear eyes, "Ji Zixiao, you come with me, I have something to tell you."

Relying on her strength alone is not enough to bring down to the continent, she also needs a helper -a powerful helper.Ji Zixiao is the best choice.

Moreover, she believes that he will believe her and help her.

He has always been a special existence in her heart.

Ji Zixiao followed her to the room, and she was strange about her behavior. She always felt that she had something different, but she couldn’t say.

"I think of everything." She spoke first.

"Really? Great."

"Don’t worry, I remember who I am, and how did I die."

"Huh?" Her words made him feel a little confused.

She took a deep breath: "Ji Zixiao, I’m Gu Yan. Yes, Gu Yan died in a car accident."

"What are you talking nonsense?" He frowned and looked at her.

"You listen to me, maybe you feel incredible, but this is the fact. My soul, my memory, in this body of Ji Qingqing."

He did not immediately refute her, but frowned and looked at her carefully: "How do you let me believe you?"

"When I was in high school, you secretly took me to travel to the province next door. When I graduated from college, I was drunk and fell into the river. You rescued me. And the night before I got married, you fell asleep and followed me.Say goodbye to stealing me by the way, you took me to the hottest dance and watched the most beautiful bonfire to drink the strongest wine … These are only what we know. "

He glanced at her with wide eyes, unbelievable.

"Now, can you believe me?"

He blinked, seemed to have light in his eyes, so excited that his hands trembled, and then stretched his arms with a long arms, holding her tightly in his arms: "Gu Yan, is you …"

She sighed and stroked his back: "It’s me."

When his mood finally calmed down, she let go of her, and there was still a touch of red on his face: "I’m sorry, I’m too excited."

"It’s okay," she shook her head with a smile, and then started to say something. "I tell you that I want you to help me."


"The car accident that harmed me accident was not an accident."

After she made clear the ins and outs of that day, Ji Zixiao’s expression could not be described as shocked, but then it was a strong distress.

"So, will you help me? Help me take it back and let Yuzhou’ s scumbag be defeated.

"Okay, I will help you." He lowered his head and kept his eyebrows gently.


Ji Zixiao was fast. With his huge corporate background, he slowly acquired Gu’s shares in his back.And she will start to act.

Because of the quarrel a few days ago, Yuzhou had been alert to her.He is suspicious. She has been monitoring her when she goes out in the past few days, but it is just right, but it makes her more convenient.

She looked at the face in the mirror, her skin was condensed, and she was like a peach. It was this fox’s face to hook Yuzhou to bed.

In the evening, she followed Ji Zixiao to a dinner and suddenly became the focus of the audience.

A slimming red -back long skirt, almost a high fork to the waist skirt, looming long legs, gully breast milk, and its own eyebrows … such sexy and noble, everywhere, everywhere attracts the wholeThe gaze of the field.

Of course, including Yuzhou.

So she was blocked in the corridor outside the toilet without surprise.

"Oh, baby, you are so beautiful today, I am drunk at my heart." His hand touched her waist and looked at her with saliva.

She looked at his movements without changing her face, her tone, but her eyes had a little hooking taste: "Oh, right?"

"Doo, of course." He was gone by her eyes.

She looked at him with a lameness, suddenly gathered beside his ear, and breathed a sigh of relief: "A few days ago I was in a bad mood, I just said a few words, you wouldn’t blame me.Bar?"

"No, no, how can I blame you …" He was numb by her half of her, and immediately pulled her upstairs in a hurry, "Go, let’s go upstairs."

She sang and didn’t refuse, but she didn’t take two steps. Ji Zixiao appeared in front of them and said calmly: "Mr. Yu, get drunk? Then I’ll take her back."

Yu Zhou’s face sank suddenly, but because of his identity, he was not easy to say anything, and he did not want to make people out.

After that, Yuzhou wanted to make an appointment for her, but she always had a way to push off, and at the same time, she seduced him from time to time on the phone or text message, which was stunned.

Then two months after her accident, she went to the hospital -obstetrics and gynecology department.

When she left, she looked at the person who looked at behind him.She thought that the news of her two months of pregnancy should be passed to Yuzhou’s ear soon.

After that, she began to be indifferent to him and turned a blind eye to his phone information.After half a month, she went to the bar he often gone.

Just as she was just talking about a man, Yu Zhouguo appeared unexpectedly.

He grabbed her in a hurry: "What are you doing!"

"Chat, don’t you see?" She glanced at him.

"You woman! With my child, dare to catch other men!"

"Oh," she laughed and glanced at a few women who wiped the makeup next to him. "You can find flowers and Liu here, and I can’t find a man?"

"You!" He stared at his eyes, looking at his heart.

"Let’s talk about it," she suddenly got into his ear, and only the voice that only two people could hear. "I have been fighting the child, you can get it off by Gu Yan’s children.","

"You …" He turned his face at all at once, as if he was in his throat.

"This is just right.

At this time, Yuzhou’s face was gray, and she looked at her without saying a word.

She looked at his look and drank the wine in the cup.Hum, this was just the beginning. Tomorrow, she also prepared a gift for him.


The next day, the major websites and entertainment headlines were overwhelming the brilliant photos of Gu’s CEO and various women.For a moment, the uproar was full, setting off a storm of public opinion.

As the negative news of Gu’s Group is endless, the people’s hearts are angry, and its stocks have fallen again and again. At this time, Ji Zixiao also accelerated the acquisition of Gu’s.

"Next, what do you want to do?"

"This line is almost placed, and it should be closed next." She leaned against the sofa and shook the red wine glass in her hand.

"He should be burnt by these news these days, and exhausted physically and mentally. He can’t care about others, so this," she took out a U disk and handed it to Ji Zixiao. "You can find a way to advance the tax bureau, and after handing it in, you can go to the tax bureau., Immediately release the Taxation Bureau to check his wind. "

"This is this?" Ji Zixiao frowned.

"This is the evidence of tax evasion of Yuzhou for many years. Otherwise, do you think that his ability is so easy to convince the board of directors? But my eyes were blind that year, and I opened my eyes and closed one eye."

Ji Zixiao looked inexplicably, but nodded at her.

"The rest is waiting for the fish to hook it." She raised a smile, and the ruthlessness in her eyes became stronger.

Sure enough, in a few days, the Taxation Bureau’s investigation of Gu’s affairs had been full of storms.So when the tax bureau really came, Yuzhou disappeared.

After waiting a few days, she sent a message to Yuzhou: "I know who the one who hurts you."

It almost returned over there: "Who is it?"

"Old factories in the west of the city, where you have the answer you want."

After sending the news, she turned around and said to Ji Zixiao aside, "Act as planned."


A few hours later, Yuzhou’s figure appeared in the factory as scheduled.

"Who is the person who is going to harm me?" He looked anxious.

"Don’t worry, sit down and say slowly." She pulled a stool and sat down.

"I don’t have time to talk to you here now. You just tell me, who is that person?"

"Oh? Maybe you think about it first, who would you like to hurt you?"

"If I want to know what you want to do!" He seemed a little crazy.

"Why don’t you know, who have you killed, don’t you know?" Her eyes stared at him tightly, saying slowly.

"I can hurt–" He said halfway, and then suddenly stopped as if he had lost his voice. He looked at her unbelievably, "What do you mean?"

"What do I mean, don’t you know? You said, will it be that Gu Yan came back to get revenge?" She stood up and slowly walked in front of him.

"How is it possible!" He shouted almost categorically, "She was clearly buried in the sea of fire, and you saw it with his own eyes!"

"Yeah …" She stretched out her hand and slowly stroked his trembling face. "Then you said, will it be her ghost back?"

"What ghosts are you talking about? Don’t be nonsense here!" He pushed her away, panicked.

"Am I nonsense, you will know if you go down." She suddenly raised a smile, making people shudder.

"What …" He glanced at her widely, and then realized, "It’s you! The person who wants me is you! Ji Qingqing!"

"No," her red lips opened slightly, "Gu Yan, I was Gu Yan, and came back to you to collect debts … Ji Qing died in the early morning, and at the moment of my death, she had given me his life. Now it’s my turn.You! I want to return the pain I have tasted a hundred and thousands of times, and give it to you! "Her voice said ruthless, and her eyes were mad.

Yu Zhou was frightened by her fiercely, and trembled her lips and couldn’t believe it: "You …"

"Tomorrow, the headlines outside will be: the president of Gu’s president is overwhelmed, he committed suicide, and he was buried in the sea of fire."

"What, what? You actually designed me?"

He was shocked, and then he was rushing towards her, but he ran a step, and fell softly.

Behind him, Ji Zixiao stood there with an expressionless face.

"What do you … do you hit me?" He fell to the ground and was weak.

"It’s just an ordinary anesthesia needle, rest assured, I will let you feel the pain of burning by fire."

"You!" He opened his eyes suddenly, his eyes were full of fear.

The fire in the factory has slowly risen, and the heavy smoke smell spreads the entire area.

Yu Zhou stared at her for a long time, her eyes suddenly became weird, and finally laughed like she was crazy: "Ji Qingqing! You cheated everyone, but you couldn’t deceive me.And you! You are the beginning of everything! "

"You just want to pretend to be Gu Yan to get rid of me, do you think you can be at ease? I tell you, impossible! You will never be her! Hahahaha!"

She is full of pleasure of revenge now, just when he is doing the last struggle, ignoring it at all, just Ji Zi Xiao Dao, "Let’s go."

The two walked out of the factory and had a fire behind them.

"In the future, I will be with you."

Ji Zixiao looked at her, his look slightly moved: "Okay, I will protect you."


In the mental hospital.

"Mr. Ji, the situation of your sister is already a very serious schizophrenia. Such frequent illusion and strong delusion, I am afraid that it will be difficult to recover in the future. She will never know who she is."

Ji Zixiao looked up at the sky outside the window and sighed: "There is a maze in her heart, which is a prison that trapped her. She probably never come out … This is good, just give her a sin!The crime will always be repaid. "

Outside the window, a group of birds flew over and had no trace.

(Work name: "She knows who she is, he doesn’t know who she is", author: 1st life Changan.)

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