When I was 19 -year -old, I got married and got married with true love, but I was deceived to have a child

Love yourself must always be the first.——Fu Shu girl

Recently, there is a question that has attracted much attention, which has aroused tens of thousands of answers:

"The 19 -year -old was pregnant and wanted to have a child. My parents didn’t know, what should I do?" (The man is much bigger than her, and he has worked.)

Regardless of whether the girl who has just been in her freshman year has the ability to take care of themselves and bred a child, I will say that this man, but how reliable, how can a girl get pregnant?

Girls are most afraid of being emotional when they should move their brains, and to do stupid things when making decisions.

Love can, "love brain" can’t, whether girls can live well in their lives, we must understand such a truth:

Love is never the whole of life, and in the priority of love, love must always be the first.

I am most afraid of women in love with bets

A 28 -year -old man, who has been in love for 8 years and divorced after one year of marriage.Half a year later, he met Xiaoxue, a little girl who was eight or nine years younger than herself.

It took only 3 months to get the belly of the little girl, but Xiaoxue firmly believed that she had encountered true love.Regardless of his family’s opposition, he insisted on marrying him.

Because Xiaoxue college has not graduated, and she is pregnant, the wedding photos have not been taken, the banquets are not handled, there are no gifts, no dowry, no honeymoon.It is said that it should be reissued after giving birth to a child.

After giving birth to the child’s family, she was afraid that her daughter would be wronged, and confinement was sitting in her mother’s house.

When the child had just passed the breastfeeding, the man began to divorce the demon.

The man said that he knew that the girl came to love, but now he has no love anymore, and he will not treat her as much as before.

After the divorce, the man is responsible for raising children, and the girl has no banquet.

If a girl wants a child, it is also possible to have more opportunities for a man to have a child in the future. She is a little girl who has just graduated. She can’t find a job with the child and cannot find a person.

If the girl does not want to divorce, he will soon fall in love with others. At that time, the girl is even more chicken feathers.

At this point, the woman’s family collapsed.However, thinking that although the girl was deceived by the scumbag, she was only 20 years old. In the next decades, the chickens could not be broken for children, and they divorced.

The man’s forefoot just divorced, and his back feet immediately remarried with children who had just abstained breastfeeding and their ex -wife.

Obviously, his ex -wife cannot have children.The scumbag took more than a year to cheat the girl’s belly.

The other party didn’t lose anything, and she got a biological child; and the girl missed the best time in college;

You have to bear health problems such as pelvic foundation, leakage of urine; take a child for others, and the child will also control another woman to call his mother;

Family friends and friends are pointed at the point; stretch marks on the 20 -year -old belly; I still want to get married in the future, and I have become a second marriage inexplicable …

Girls are not unable to bet, but this price cannot be gamble.

Once a person has embarked on the wrong main road, all the bifurcation roads in the future are dead roads, and there is no way back.

In the eyes of outsiders, this is a strange news, a story that has been heard.But for the little girl, the second half of her life folded in.

At the age of the most studied and accumulated, but because of the wrong bet, he lost his second half of his life.

Girls, I am most afraid of being emotional when I should move my mind. "Unclear" will eventually be the last knife to destroy the girl.

It will bring harm, never love

"When love is facing the challenge of human nature, it is instantly collapsed." This is a truth revealed by the movie "Dark Noodles".

In "Dark Noodles", the male lead is a pair of Lang Cai’s appearance. He loves each other very much and meets the white head together.

One day, when the heroine chatted with the landlord, I heard that a dark room was behind the mirror in the house. The mirror could not see the inside, but the outside could be seen.

If the hostess wants to test the man she loves deeply, she leaves a video of "falsely break up", and disappears.

The heroine thought that the man would cry for the disappointment of true love.But the result was that the man quickly brought another woman home.

The hostess looked at the man he loved deeply in front of this mirror and affection, as if she had never existed.I thought the indestructible love was so easy to lose to desire.

Women are always easy to forget the truth of 10,000 times: don’t underestimate human nature.Sometimes you think you have found a peerless true love, but in fact, human nature has not encountered a test.

What is love, there is no teaching in college, but the scumbag will let you see it clearly.

Thinking of the popularity of Qi Qingzi’s Weibo in recent years, it is not inseparable from feelings. From this, netizens commented: Obviously you can do a career, why do you have to "love your brain."

From the fire of "Dear Inn", the love of Xi Qingzi and Ji Lingchen became the "melon" after meals after meals. When Ji Lingchen was derailed and broke up.

We are too easy to indulge in people in love, called "love brain".Just like the original Xi Qingzi, if he was happy, the work was happy; if the love was unhappy, the whole world would be unhappy.

Even if it is hurt, I still feel that it is true love.

Teacher Wu Zhihong said in intimate relationships:

Love will only cause good results, not harm, and that will not cause damage.

The facts also prove that only in love, usually not having a good relationship.

The best woman who loves her own

A few days ago, my friend Rui Rui cried with me and found that he was "being primary three", but he was also considered "revenge".

When she graduated for half a year, she met this man from the Internet, and it was almost a year since realizing love.

I used to dating movies, eating, and traveling together on weekends.

However, they never had dating at night, because the scumbag said that the IT industry had to work overtime every night.

Rui didn’t think much about it. She felt that this was an interesting man, and she was also careful about her, and she was looking forward to her life after marriage.

But just a month ago, Rui Rui received a text message: "What is not good for you to do it lightly and give people a junior! Destroy others’ families! You better leave him quickly, otherwise you will never have no peace since then!"

Rui Rui and the scumbag are opposed, scum men are scumbags, he said:

"We have no feelings for a long time. I have always wanted to divorce her, but we have children. She always threatens me with a child, and I can’t bear the child again, so …"

"I love you, although I have no divorce, but it doesn’t affect I love you."

"Wait for the child to get a bigger, I immediately divorce her."

Rui Rui found that he had been filtering this man with love. Now removing the filter is really a standard scumbag.

After crying at home, Rui Rui, who had always been quiet, decided to cut the mess quickly, and also sent information to the company’s personnel department to report his style problem. As a result, the man was dismissed.

Rui Rui rented a new house and changed her mobile phone number. She told me:

After falling in love with a bastard, I realized that life is really not an idol drama.

But pain is your own, and life is your own. Even if you love, you are not worthy of everything.

For women, learning to love themselves is a lifetime.

No one deserves everything you love. Many of them are to move yourself. This is not love, nor love.

And the practice of a woman’s life is inseparable from these three points:

First, loyal physical management makes you healthy and beautiful.As in the book "Five Time": Everyone likes to be vitality and looks good, while women with tight skin, sharp eyes, and healthy and energetic women are the most attractive.

Second, internal practice."The rough and big cloth is wrapped in career, and the belly has poetry."Women with a pattern and connotation can always see the interesting side of this world, and they are also fun, happy, and shining.

Third, proper cruelty, soft heart is the common problem of most women.Just like a line in "Men’s Pop Jack":

"Girl, don’t look back, don’t always be the Virgin. For those who are not worth it, leave as soon as possible. For those who are sorry for you, he thoroughly pushes him into the abyss. There is no need to carry anything by himself."

Meyer Musk gave all the girls such a paragraph:

"If you are more unhappy when you are with him alone, then you should leave. But if you are with him, you should be happier than you, then you should continue to maintain this relationship."

You can live happily or not.

May every girl know: In fact, only one life, except herself, is a supporting role.

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