when is the best timing to consume Folic Acid?Is it too late to replenish it when you are pregnant?Meet this condition

Folic acid, also known as vitamin B9, is a water -soluble B vitamin consisting of residues composed of butteridine, aminophenyl acid and glutamic acid. Because it was first extracted from spinach leaves, it was named "Folic acid"" ".

Folic acid is a substance that cannot be lacking in the growth and division of human cells. It is also a key component to maintain normal development of embryo neurotoma. Therefore, it is often used for women’s prevention during pregnancy.

Below, "Ask the Medical" will tell you in detail when the folic acid starts to make up and how long.

On the 15th to 17th of the embryonic development, the nervous system began to develop, and an area called nerve plate appeared.The middle part of the area is sinking, and the edges are raised to form nerve folds.On the 22nd day, the nerve folds on both sides gradually closed to the inside.On the 27th day, neural tube was closed.Neural tube will be further differentiated into brain and spinal cord in the future.

If folic acid is lacking, the proliferation and division of cells will be affected, resulting in neural tube unable to close, that is, neural tube malformations.The fetal nerve tube deformity can easily cause diseases without brain, brain swelling, cerebral spinal membrane, spinal splitter, lip cracks, cleft palate and other diseases.

In order to avoid neurotransidal deformities in the fetus after pregnancy, it is recommended that women surround the pregnancy, that is, a small dose (0.4 mg) of folic acid supplements starts at 3 months before pregnancy.

Because the deficiency of folic acid in the body will be improved after 4 weeks of folic acid supplementing folic acid. After 12 to 14 weeks of supplementation, the concentration of folic acid plasma in the body will reach an effective level and stability.

When will it make up?The first three months of pregnancy are the most sensitive period of fetal development, and the most prone to deformity. Therefore, the first three months of pregnancy to eat folic acid, it is best to continue the entire pregnancy week.

The differentiation of the embryo nerve tube occurs 2 to 4 weeks after fertilization, that is, the 4 ~ 6 gestational week, and the pregnant mother realizes that she is usually pregnant or later after the 5th pregnancy week.It is undoubtedly too late.

Pregnant women who have not had time to supplement folic acid, if you usually have a regular diet and have no habit of picky eaters, now you have been pregnant for more than a month, and make up for folic acid in time. This baby can also.However, regular production checks are needed, and special attention should be paid to the detection of fetal malformations.

Don’t think that men do not need to supplement folic acid. Lack of folic acid may directly cause semen concentration and weaken sperm vitality.However, most men, as long as they have a balanced diet, generally do not lack folic acid, and no additional supplements are required.However, some men who love meat, fruits and vegetables, may wish to add oscoroic acid to supplement.

According to the "Fast Inspection of Dietary Nutrition of Chinese Residents": Adults over the age of 14, regardless of men and women, must ensure 400ug folic acid every day.In addition to eating more foods rich in folic acid every day, it is recommended that you also need to supplement 400Ug folic acid dietary supplements, that is, a total of 800ug folic acid per day.

Our country will issue free folic acid supplements. Women of childbearing age can take their own ID cards and go to the local maternal and child health care hospital or community health service station.

Of course, you can also buy it in a pharmacy. Ordinary folic acid tablets are not expensive, ranging from more than ten yuan to tens of yuan.Health products or composite vitamin tablets containing folic acid are more expensive. You can buy it according to your needs.

Folic acid cannot be synthesized by itself. It can only be taken in the outside world. It can be supplemented by oral folic acid preparations or food supplements.Kiwi et al. In addition, beans, dairy products, eggs, etc. are all good sources of folic acid.

However, folic acid in food is extremely unstable, and it is prone to oxidation when it comes to light and heat, losing activity.The buying vegetables for more than 2 days, folic acid will damage 50%to 70%.If you cook it with stew, 50%~ 95%of folic acid will lose activity.In addition, the content of folic acid will be greatly lost in vegetables soaked in salt water.

Suggestion: The fresh vegetables bought on the same day will be put on the same day.Mainly cold and raw eating, like fruits and vegetable salads, can retain folic acid to the greatest extent.

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