When is the pregnancy sac, fetal buds, and fetal hearts?Will fetal buds and fetal heart stop?Growing knowledge

Ms. Zhang and her husband have been together for more than 3 years, but have never conceived their children.Seeing that the age of pregnant women has reached the age of the elderly, the two of them plan to check for a comprehensive inspection in order to ensure more.

Except for Ms. Zhang’s fallopian tube blocking, the basic indicators of the two were qualified, so the two were actively prepared for pregnancy when they returned. Huang Tian lived up to the people. Four months later, Ms. Zhang successfully conceived.

At the beginning, the couple were very happy, thinking that they could finally usher in their own children, and they gradually discovered the fetal buds and fetal hearts in the subsequent examination.But not long before, Ms. Zhang’s early pregnancy response suddenly disappeared like a steam overnight.

When I was pregnant, I would be disgusting even if I smelled a bit of oil fume, and suddenly it was the same as normal people.And when she went to the toilet in the morning, she found that she seemed to have bleed privately, and there were some abdominal pain.

At this point Ms. Zhang had a sense of crisis, so she pulled her husband to the hospital.Under the comprehensive examination of the doctor, she unfortunately told Ms. Zhang that she had stopped the fetus. This pregnancy had failed, and the abyss of the palace was undergoing the fetus.

Ms. Zhang didn’t understand, why did she obviously detect the fetal buds and fetal hearts, or will there be fetal stops?The doctor told her that this is possible. Although the probability of occurring is not high, there is indeed such possibilities. As for the reason, it is necessary to start with the evolution of life.

The birth of a small life should start with sperm and eggs. After the combination of the two, the fertilized eggs are successfully formed.After a short time in the fallopian tube, it will gradually move to the uterus and eventually bed in the uterus.

When you are pregnant for 30 to 40 days, a white object, that is, a gestational sac, also called the fetal sac, is a faint object that looks round.Under normal circumstances, there is a fetus in the pregnancy sac after pregnancy.When you go to the hospital to check the ultrasound around 50 days of pregnancy, you can use it to confirm whether you are pregnant. The pregnancy sac is one of the important signs of early pregnancy. Of course, it is also the first form of conception.

At about 40 to 50 days of pregnancy, fetal buds will appear in the gestational sac, which looks like hippocampus.The fetal buds gradually became embryo with the increase of the pregnancy cycle.That is, the pregnancy sac is also an increased time with the increase in pregnancy, and a amniotic sac wrapped in amniotic fluid and fetus is gradually formed.

When the pregnancy experience is 50 to 60 days, the fetal heart will gradually form, that is, the fetal heartbeat.Therefore, many people choose to do a B -ultrasound in two months of pregnancy.

However, there will also be relatively special situations, that is, the gestational sac is growing without detecting changes in fetal buds. At this time, we must care about whether it is a factor that causes this phenomenon.Under normal circumstances, the occurrence of this situation is too late, the male sperm quality is too poor, the examination time is too early, and the fetal stopping is inseparable.

The first case is because everyone’s ovulation time is different, so there is no difference at the time of conception.

Patients in this situation may be delayed by menstruation due to anxiety, and the ovulation period is lagging behind, which leads to shorter conception time, resulting in the small development of pregnancy sac.

For this situation, we don’t have to have any anxiety, relax, and adjust the pace of life.After trying in this way, check for a week or so, you will find that the progesterone increases significantly. When you test it in depth at about 60 days of pregnancy, you can find normal fetal hearts and fetal buds.

When it comes to inspection, time is also very important. We said earlier that there is a fixed time for gestational sac, fetal heart, and fetal buds.If you are too anxious, you will be checked before the fetal bud fetal heart is not differentiated.

If it doesn’t work, in fact, the quality of male sperm must be considered.After all, conception is a matter of two people. Poor sperm quality and poor egg quality are unable to ensure the healthy growth of the embryo!Therefore, as a male friend, you can usually eat more trace elements such as zinc, arginine, which is very helpful for protecting sperm.

The last one is relatively complicated tires.

The fetal stopping refers to the development of embryos in the uterus of the woman to a stage, and the phenomenon of death occur, and therefore stops continuing to develop.Fetal stopping usually occurs before 8 weeks of conception, that is, women in the early days of pregnancy.

After pregnancy, most expectant mothers will have some obvious early pregnancy reactions. Nausea, vomiting, etc. are the most common. Of course, some friends also cause breast swelling due to the stimulation of estrogen and progesterone.

The most obvious sign of fetal stopping is the disappearance of early pregnancy reactions. Patients will suddenly no longer feel nausea and vomiting, and breasts will gradually shrink back.There are also some expectant mothers who have vaginal bleeding and abdominal pain. They mistakenly think that they have come to menstruation.In addition, some fetuses stop even flowing out.

Therefore, once you find that you have these symptoms, you should go to the hospital for examination in time.If the fetal stop is really unfortunate and the gestational sac does not flow out of itself, then the way of abortion such as suction is performed in time, so as not to store infection in the uterine cavity for a long time.

At present, the judgment of the cause of fetal stopping clinical is relatively complicated, and there are many common ones.

The first is genetic factors.If the husband and wife or unilateral chromosomes occur abnormal, or because the female eggs are aging and the quality of men’s sperm quality will cause fertilized eggs, dysplasia, and cause fetal stopping.

There is also the dragon king’s temple that was flushed off, and the mother’s own immune system was abnormal.Our body’s immune system is very "smart". It will be identified for any foreign objects. If it is determined that it is harmful, there will be no different attack. This is also the basic guarantee of our health.

However, after some mothers have problems with the immune system, they will mistakenly regard the baby in the belly as a pathogen to attack, which will cause a strong rejection reaction, which will cause fetal stops.

In addition, the mother is really attacked by foreign pathogenic microorganisms, such as viruses and chlamydia.These pathogenic bacteria enter the female uterine cavity, which will cause a series of organic diseases such as cervicitis and pelvic inflammatory disease, and will also reduce the immunity of women.This is a huge blow to the fetus that has just begun to develop, and it will also cause fetal stopping.

In theory, many fetuses stop developing before the fetal heart and fetal buds are completely formed, but there are also some patients, such as Ms. Zhang, what is this?

Generally speaking, when the embryo develops to the occurrence of fetal hearts and fetal buds, it means that the fetus has been stable, and it is basically impossible to occur.However, in recent years, it is not uncommon for pregnant mothers to stop after checking obvious fetal hearts and fetal buds. This is actually a reason.

The first reason to consider is whether the value of human chorionic gonad hormone is low.

After the appearance of fetal hearts and fetal buds, if the fluff of the embryo does not grow strong, it is actually easy to stop the fetal stopping, because the pills are scarce to reflect the fetal dysplasia.Looking at the growth of fluff, the most intuitive thing is to look at the value of human choricular gonad hormone.

Before 70 days of pregnancy, pregnant women should be at least 100,000.In recent years, the cases have stated that the tire stop after the advent of fetal fetal tires occur, and many of them are only about one to 20,000.For these patients, it is recommended to monitor more chorionic gonadotropins during pregnancy.

If the fetal heart buds appear, the value of human choricular gonad hormone is also fully met. At this time, it is necessary to consider the problem of uterine arterial blood flow supply.If the supply of uterine arterial blood flow is poor and the blood flow supply is insufficient, it will cause environmental ischemia and hypoxia in the uterine, accelerate blood flow, is not conducive to the development of the fetus, and will cause slow growth or even directly stop.

There are many causes of this situation. We should go to the hospital for examination in time, find the cause, and treat them in time.

There is also the poor quality of the embryo, which is related to genetic factors, such as sperm egg quality problems, chromosomal abnormalities.For these fetuses, stop breeding is actually the survival of the fittest. Even if there is no fetal stop, the probability of abortion in the future is very high.

In the end, it is an elderly pregnant woman. After the age of 40, women have a serious decline in ovarian function. The probability of providing high -quality follicles is very small, the quality of eggs is poor, and the quality of the embryo will not be too good.If you have a clear fertility and successful pregnancy, special attention should be paid to pre -maternity screening and prenatal diagnosis.

There is also an elderly pregnant woman. With the increase of age, hypertension, diabetes, and immune coagulation will have a greater probability of pregnancy, which may cause fetal stopping.

Of course, it is very happy to have a baby to bred life.But on the one hand, pregnant mothers are also a matter of complicated physiological mechanisms, cumbersome processes, and need to invest a lot of energy.

Therefore, we must not only do the outside world, but also do a good job of learning and understanding theoretical knowledge.


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