When my boyfriend’s mother knows that I am pregnant …

Introduction: After the boyfriend’s mother knows that after I am pregnant, I will not mention my marriage. I also say: We do n’t marry the daughter -in -law who wants to be a gift!

I am a southerner and my boyfriend is a northerner. The two of us met in a certain tier cities and were together. He took me back to the New Year and saw the man’s parents.

I suddenly found that my aunt was postponed, so I took the test strip and found that I was pregnant.There was no heart, so she told her boyfriend directly that her mother was very happy and told her neighbors and villagers everywhere.I also thought that everyone would be happy to put the marriage on the agenda. I did not expect that after the year after the year, the man’s parents did not mention a sentence to meet the parents of both parties.

The belly is getting bigger, I ask my boyfriend, what do you say?He said: Our family says it to 100,000 Caiti and also married a car.I believe in my mind, wait, wait, the stomach is 6 months, and their family still has not moved.My parents ca n’t get angry. Ask: What is going on, why do n’t you move?Is this a etiquette?IntersectionJust fucking a child?My parents scolded me, not fighting, stupid enough to pregnancy before unmarried, and now there is no initiative, and I don’t answer my call.

I have no way. With dual pressure on the pregnancy, my boyfriend goes home for a gift. My boyfriend’s parents said that I can help you from reading and help you marry your wife, and you solve it yourself.There was no money in her boyfriend’s pocket. Later, I gave the money to give him a gift to my parents, which is equivalent to marrying myself.

In this way, I gave birth to a child, and my boyfriend’s mother came. I asked us to make up for the wedding, and asked me: My son does not need to buy you a gold, anyway, you have given birth to a child, and then go back to our hometown casually.Eat a meal, just return the gift money, your parents will buy you a gold.

After I gave birth to a child, I also wanted to understand, and finally I raised it, saying, "There are colorful gifts and three golds, all of which are from men."

She said, "Hum, I don’t come out, I don’t marry the daughter -in -law who wants money!"

I said, "That’s the way, don’t marry if you don’t marry, you live in my house now, and now buy a ticket and roll it back now!"

She called her son angrily and cried: "Ah, you are coming back, someone rushes me back"

Her mother’s son’s son came back and looked coldly at me. He went to the drawer and turned away the only 1,000 yuan cash and the birth certificate of the child. He took his mother to the train station.Looking at this move, I understand, oh, the children and money have to be, the meaning of divorce.I immediately called my girlfriend of French majors to draft the divorce agreement and let him roll back to sign it.His mother was in a hurry at this time, so he didn’t leave, but it was too late.His mother took the child to the train, and we took the divorce certificate the next day.

I came back and threw all their things, and I had to return to the child’s custody through legal channels. In fact, they didn’t really want to raise it, or they wanted to take me.I heard that the ex -husband’s mother had a breasts at home and regretted that her strategy was wrong. Now that the son is 37 years old, he is still a bachelor. Some time ago, he asked my son to come to me to reunite.

This story tells everyone that women must not be pregnant before they are unmarried. They must be seen with eye, and they must be self -reliance.

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