When the vagina occurs, is the "accidental bleeding" of the vagina, is it a disease warning?

At this age, Papa Papa is a very common thing for everyone, but even if the experience is rich, some "accidents" appearing in the popping can still avoid the current confusion, such as such as the current chaos, such as: Bleeding, do you want to see a doctor?

Don’t panic!In this issue, the aunt’s "accidental bleeding" accident in the Papa Papa tells everyone what is going on?What should I do?Let’s take a look together.

In the first night of bleeding, this kind of thing that is too far away from us, the aunt is not analyzed. Now let’s talk about the three common causes of bleeding during popping:

There are two main cases:

1. I met my aunt

It is easy to have bleeding before or after menstruation, 1 to 2 days, because the amount of menstruation is encountered, or the amount of residual forces encountered a menstruation, or the amount of bleeding is not much, mostly brown.

2. I have encountered ovulation bleeding

One to 3 days during ovulation, women will have brief bleeding, only a trace of trace or a little bit, occasionally bleeding will occur.(Not bleeding caused by Papa)

If you calculate the time, if there are one of these two situations and there are no other discomfort, you don’t have to worry, it is normal.

There is another situation of bleeding after Papa. This is mostly because of the following behavior of the male companion: the movement is too rough, the foreplay is not incorrect …

As a result, bleeding caused by the damage to the vaginal mucosa, if the blood flows a little, it will not flow, and women do not have pain. Then, just pay attention to hygiene and wait for the vagina to slowly repair it by itself.

However, if the blood flow is endless and the pain is obvious, don’t hesitate, hurry up to see the doctor (emergency)!

This requires us to attach special attention. Common gynecological diseases, such as: vaginal inflammation, cervical lesions, etc., can cause bleeding.Usually, the amount of bleeding does not have a lot of amount, but the lesions may also cause a lot of bleeding, and the color of the blood is usually bright red.

Of course, in addition to popping bleeding, these diseases will have other symptoms, such as: abdominal pain leucorrhea abnormal menstruation

Once there is the above abnormal manifestations, no matter whether there is any bleeding, no need to say more, and quickly go to the regular hospital gynecological examination and treatment.

There is also a possibility of popping bleeding, that is, bleeding in the early pregnancy.

If a woman finds that the aunt is not delayed and does not take contraceptive measures when she is popping, she can buy a pregnancy test stick to verify whether she is pregnant.

In short, there are many reasons for popping bleeding. It may be a special period or a warning of the disease. You must first understand the cause. If it is a disease, it is best to go to a regular hospital to see a doctor in time.Don’t feel shy, after all, it is related to your own health.

Alright, today’s health knowledge will be shared here. If there is any problem, please communicate with Xiao Wei in the comment area ~

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