When the woman was in the same room with her ex -husband, the condom was ruptured. After taking the medicine

Source: Political and Law Channel

December 20th

Ms. Yang, Changsha Yang, take oral contraceptives

Failed contraceptive

Alarm for help

It is understood that Ms. Yang did not separate from her ex -husband after divorce. The two still lived a husband and wife life. Although carefully, "accident" still came.

Ms. Yang introduced that she and her husband broke the condom during the same room on November 9, so the next day Ms. Yang went to the pharmacy to buy oral contraceptives. As a result, she learned that she learned that she was pregnant for 40 days.

During the hospital examination, the doctor told Ms. Yang that the fetus was possibly of paralysis and teratogenic fetus. Ms. Yang could only choose to give up the fetus.

"I took a contraceptive pill and I was pregnant. I was puzzled." Ms. Yang suspected that she bought a fake contraceptive and asked the pharmacy to compensate.

Ms. Yang

"I doubt it, you said that I was pregnant after taking medicine, how can I not doubt it? It is because I ca n’t have to take medicine because I ca n’t gamble because of the possibility of paralysis and teratogenic.” Ms. Yang said.

Pharmacy clerk

Ms. Yang went to the pharmacy many times to discuss, and responded to this pharmacy: it was by no means a fake medicine."There is no problem, we have a test report, there are everything." Ms. Li, a clerk, told reporters.

"I have been there many times, she just told me the process. Today, a process has gone for a few days, and a process will go for a few days tomorrow. Today, I will push tomorrow for 10 days." The two parties have never reached an agreement.The lady reported the police.

The police involved in coordination. In the end, the person in charge of the pharmacy agreed to pay 1500 yuan to condolences to Ms. Yang, and the two sides reached a reconciliation.

Doctors remind that oral emergency contraceptives cannot achieve 100 % contraception, and the most common emergency contraceptives on the market are generally a large number of progesterone.The content of oral contraceptives is equivalent.Large -dose hormones can easily cause endocrine disorders and change the menstrual cycle.Therefore, it is recommended that emergency contraceptives do not use more than three times a year, and use up to once a month.

Source: Political and Law Channel

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