When women are pregnant, they are very sensitive to these three physiological needs. Doctors: No need to bear it

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Women also have physiological needs after pregnancy.But for the safety of the baby, many pregnant women are forbearing.But proper satisfaction in the eyes of a doctor is not only good for the mother, but also for the fetus.

Li Fang used test strips to test her pregnancy. After going to the hospital to determine, she was very excited.

After going home and sleeping with her husband, the excited couple rolled the sheets again.

However, the next day, Li Fang saw the red, and the panic Li Fang ran to the hospital for examination.

The doctor told her: The first three months of pregnancy could not be in the same room, and physical needs must be held back.

Slowly, Li Fang began to urinate frequently. When he thought of the doctor, Li Fang began to hold.

After the due date, Li Fang had postpartum urine, and Li Fang found the doctor to ask.

When the doctor asked the pregnant woman’s pregnancy habit, Li Fang said that he was urinating during pregnancy.

The doctor was helpless, and then said to Li Fang: It was to let you hold back the different houses in the first three months, not to let you urinate. Fortunately, the fetus is fine.

Li Fang was stunned after hearing the doctor’s explanation.In fact, pregnant women will definitely encounter physiological needs during pregnancy. In addition to the physiological needs of the same room, there are actually two physiological needs that do not need to bear it, and properly meet the favors and pregnant women.

What is common during pregnancy is the problem of frequent urination.Why does this happen?

With the increase of pregnancy, the fetus is getting bigger and bigger in the place where the belly occupies.The fetal variation conference is compressed to the bladder. When the site of the bladder becomes smaller, the urine will be unbearable.

If pregnant women have frequent urination during pregnancy, there is no need to tolerate, because once tolerance may cause the following damage.

1) Postpatin urine

During pregnancy, if pregnant women always urinate, it is easy to stain cystitis, and at the same time, enuresis will occur after childbirth.

2) Bacterial infection

Due to long -term urination, urine cannot be discharged from the body. When the urine is left to the underwear, bacteria will breed, causing the urinary tract bacteria infection in pregnant women and affecting the health of the fetus.

2. Constipation

Constipation is a very uncomfortable thing. Women without pregnancy can also use medication, and women who are pregnant can only spend themselves.

However, the constipation of women during pregnancy is caused by the development of the fetus in the uterus after pregnancy.

In the process of fetal development, it will slowly squeeze into the stomach and intestines, affect gastrointestinal motility, and eventually lead to constipation.

During pregnancy, if women encounter this situation, go more, eat more fruits, and do some aerobic exercise under the arrangement of professionals.

3. Demand in the same room

Generally speaking, the first three months and last 3 months of pregnancy can be performed in the same room during pregnancy.It’s just that the movement should be relaxed. At the same time, it is mainly pregnant women, not too intense.

In the face of the needs of the same room, the husband must pay attention not to frequent or forced the same room.This is not conducive to the growth and development of the fetus.

The above three physiological needs are usually difficult to bear, and they are even more sensitive during women’s pregnancy. Therefore, do n’t bear it. Just pay attention and appropriate and reasonable satisfaction.

During the pregnancy of women, due to the imbalance of hormones in the body, the mood of pregnant women can be gently touched.

In the face of this situation, the husband must understand and dredge to prevent maternity from depression after gardening.When pregnant women are in a bad mood, the husband can do this.

1. Send a little gift

When the pregnant woman is in a bad mood, the husband can send a small gift to comfort the pregnant woman.In addition, he also understands his wife’s emotional changes.

2. Consolation of the emotions of pregnant women

When pregnant women have emotions, they should relieve the mood of pregnant women, and do not impatient pregnant women.

3. Pay attention to the safety of pregnant women

When pregnant women have sadness, we must pay attention to the safety of pregnant women.When the pregnant belly is getting larger and larger, the pregnant woman may not see the road under her big belly. Therefore, the husband must pay attention to the safety of pregnant women.

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